Harald Kautz-Vella and Cara St.Louis with Dr. Michael Vogt

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  1. A most impressive interview, concise, thorough, and at times, garnished with much appreciated humor.
    Perhaps things are different in Europe, but here in the states, we have HAARP rings, high intensity microwave bursts, and ionospheric heating. Storms behave strangely, in some cases moving from East to West. Last winter, the Northeast US was colder than the North Pole. Altogether, the evidence points strongly to crazed manipulation of weather, precipitation, and large storm events. These, and other indicators lead to the inference that if not geoengineering, then weaponizing of the weather is in full swing.


  2. Hi, Mike, thanks for the nice words and for watching. Please send it out into the world! It is just as bad here in Europe but it is also different somehow. I think it may be that we are less electro-magnetically manipulated. As fare as the weather and HAARP and chemtrailing are concerned, I have never been quite as sure I might day one day than in Heidelberg just prior to the general elections in 2013 when the US was also trying to get Germany to be the point of the spear into Syria. I literally thought I might drown in what they were pouring from the sky…


  3. I do my best to publicize quality information, including that discussed herein.
    Microwaves are indeed prevalent stateside. It appears that current microwave bombardment leads to odd emotional responses, since annoyance, anger, and forgetfulness seem to arise without much, if any outside stimuli. At this point, much of this is explained away due to social and economic stresses, but it is actually sometimes possible to feel when microwave intensity is high, and it works as interference with normal states. Under such conditions, it is possible to oppose this interference.
    I am particularly thankful for the information regarding the natural world, for any true witness will observe that the planet is under vicious attack.
    This is a most critical time, and humanity is indeed facing potential extinction. It was the astounding visionary capacity of the Ancient Seers, that returns in shitstem destroying fragments, to blow the lid off the game. In this they have given humanity a priceless gift.
    I find Harald Kautz-Vellas’ fingering of the demons as explanation that follows the Ancient seers quite closely…

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