Interview: Harald Kautz-Vella and Cara St.Louis on Sage of Quay Radio


One response to “Interview: Harald Kautz-Vella and Cara St.Louis on Sage of Quay Radio

  1. I paused at Harald Kautz-Vellas’ quick review of botanical processes, and the effects of Aluminum. The aluminum industry continues to operate under the convenient fiction that Aluminum is non-toxic, and this posture has made it difficult to find anything more than hints on the effects of Aluminum-especially nano-particulate Aluminum in the biosphere.
    Barium, its properties and its chameleon toxic nature also must be synergistic with Aluminum. Might Harald Kautz-Vella have any ideas regarding the connection between the two?
    We do know that Barium combines with O2 to become Barium oxide, and in this form is a desiccant, a sponge that soaks up moisture in the atmosphere, doubtless a key component in the devastating droughts experienced, well-right where I live.
    I found the holographic explanation of plant biology thoroughly consistent with an enlightened world view, and the interference with this process as fundamental as the Cosmocrater itself.
    I hope that Mr. H K-V will consider offering pointers for further research, as it would help those of us who are working in their own areas to be better prepared for the very interesting next several years.


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