WOW!!! Exopolitics v. Kevin Annett?


One response to “WOW!!! Exopolitics v. Kevin Annett?

  1. this thing with itccs and kevin annett is getting crazier by the minute.but in todays world filled with true evil, insanity and much much worse there are many questions to be asked. is the pope innocent of the evils that were brought up against him?? Is and now an elite and others disinformation site. and there are more many more. i have read many reports concerning the pope and the vatican. there is indeed a jesuit ninth circle which holds satanic child sacrificing. the denver 12 was exposed having child sacrificing at a church in denver with a person caught trying to steal a child for that purpose. there are now thousands of articles exposing all royalty & the vatican to much evil. exopolitics has indeed exposed much evil too. recently veteranstoday exposed alex jones as having an agenda and an cia ect. asset and he to has exposed much to the world. it is getting harder and harder to find the real truth. but one thing is clear to me.vortex and cara ramelow and will always be a source for truth and integrity.


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