Bradford Riley: Norse Mythology Esoterically Delivered

Bradford Riley is a very old friend. He looks at the world through a very unique and cosmic lens. It is always worth reading what he is doing, regardless of your cosmology. Mine has evolved a bit since Riley and I became friends. However, I honour his work utterly and find it to be true and pure of heart and intent.  This is from his blog…

“The ancient Norse mythology beheld this path of evolution. It saw the human god hang crucified for nine days long on the cosmic ash-tree, whose ninefold branches are indeed the nine spheres of the cosmos, Yggrasilland it gives the tree its true name: `YGGDRASILL’ – ego-bearer.”




Freyja reveals a very potent mystery for us in the story of THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS. The Nordic seers foreshadowed the transformation of the endocrine system and Freyja’s new position within our biology. How were the reproductive forces latent in Speech to be sketched? What were the problems involved with her transformation? Why was it necessary to cultivate a school of Bards or Skalds?

A training of nearly twenty years as a Bard was needed before one could be initiated as a Druid. We can easily discern that the word seer and the other word sear are related. In this way, the fire involved with perception links itself to the higher faculties of the human spirit. To see and to know is like being branded with a hot iron, a deep impression is made into the etheric body.

Shakespeare was our English language equivalent to a well-trained Bard. Bardic training was the long road that could eventually lead to Bodhisattva and Buddhahood. This was not expected to be a single lifetime achievement but the work we were expected to do to earn our membership in the divine. The would agree with everything I have brought thus far including, and above all, the reality of Ariel and the higher magnetic field of light and love that brings the I.D. code of our ego and word together.

All of Nordic mythology confirms the connection made between Ariel, Freyja and the warmth ethers. Representing the head and thinking faculty, guarding the great tree of , the Tree of Life, was an eagle. The guardian of the entire esoteric map of MAN was “an eagle who sits in the topmost branches, with a hawk perched between its eyes. The tree, moreover, drips dew so sweet that bees use it for the making of honey.”

“The snake Nicfhbggr lies below, by Hvergelmir, gnawing at the root.
The squirrel Ratatoskr 1 runs up and down, trying to sow discord
between the snake and the eagle who is perched aloft. The
eagle’s name is not given, he is a bird of great knowledge and
sagacity; betwixt his eyes sits a HAWK Ve&rfolnir?”

Why in heaven’s name would a hawk be sitting right between the eyes of a giant eagle? For the same reason Prospero had Ariel and for the same reason I outlined the difference between the relation of the dog to that of the loyal astral servant who begins assisting our upward quests. Under the fig tree is where Buddha received his enlightenment and that is the same spot where our own Ariel lives `under the blossom that hangs on the bough’. What information the hawk brings back must still be deciphered by the great wisdom of the eagle. What information Ariel retrieves must be comprehended and ordered by the higher spiritual faculty of the I.

Freyja, who lives in the endocrine system of our hormones and the secretions of prolactin from our pituitary glands, also has at her disposal “a falcon skin ( ) which enabled her spirit to take the form of a bird, travel to the underworld, and come back with prophecies and knowledge of destinies.” To us this simply means that Ariel is able to travel in the world of light and astral planes that are hidden from our clumsy human forms and certainly impossible for an earthly dog to navigate.

The secret of Cerberus, the three-headed dog who guards the gates of hell gives us three more reasons why we should lift our development upwards instead of letting it crash downwards below the dog. Devachanic regions of light are truer than E-mail and satellite long distance interchanges. The falcon/hawk tells us that the character of Freyja was linked to these higher mysteries when she wasn’t using her forces to get laid. Which brings us to the complications of the warmth-ethers, when raised to a vertical direction, and the story of:


“The Gods already believe she embodies at least half the heart of a whore. But for all that she needs to transform herself anatomically, biologically and strategically into the future uterus, the reproductive center for the new Human Word.”

uterous and Eustaschio and Fallopio“Freyja found the string-thin path that led in and down. Her eyes streamed from the cold and her tears fell as a small shower of gold in front of her.”

THE NECKLACE OF THE BRISINGS was part of the schooling of the Skalds and Bards. In this story, the Nordic Initiates revealed that Freyja, our endocrine system, would not be satisfied just serving our hormonal system. The endocrine system is placed in our anatomy with a desire to possess a greater treasure. Freyja has heard of this greater treasure, knows of it, it is hidden in our biology and she has a desire to attain it. These unquenchable desires that feed our love life have a supreme goal, which is why they appear unquenchable.

When the warmth ethers ascend from below they become the gold of compassion and are transformed to golden dew. A change is made from very understandable climates of sentimentality, warmth and earthly sympathies to cooler regions of thought and spirit. A polarity of climate and comfort are always briefly experienced by the developing soul. This condenses as rain or mist and falls into the region of the heart. Higher altitudes differ from low-lying swamps on the equator. A different passion, a different fire is felt on the wings of immortality. Freyja’s eyes stream from the cold and her tears fall as gold.

“The goddess sidled through the dismal cave. The sound of the tapping, insistent yet fitful, grew stronger and stronger. Freyja stopped, listened again, moved on; at last she stopped, eased her way down a narrow groin, and stepped into the sweltering smithy of the four dwarfs, Alfrigg and Dvalin, Berling and Grerr.”

The use of the word groin, narrow ledge and the relation of sexuality, puberty and the change of voice places Freyja at the scene of the four parathyroid glands, above the pounding forge of the heart. Brilliantly the seers of Nordic mythology outline a road map to the place where Speech and the mighty warmth-ethers meet. A place where four roads meet. A crossroads and an anatomical intersection. Here something is to happen to Freyja that will shape the future of the human WORD. The Nordic initiates knew this, which makes works like these so startling. Here anatomy meets the gods. What brings Freyja here, trickling through a narrow bottleneck at the forge of the throat, the forge of the living WORD?

“For a moment Freyja was dazzled by the brilliance of the furnace. She rubbed her eyes, and then she gasped as she saw the breathtaking work of the dwarfs – a necklace, a choker of gold incised with wondrous patterns, a marvel of fluid metal twisting and weaving and writhing. She had never seen anything so beautiful nor so desired anything before.”

It takes your breath away. Something that would fit round the throat. A choker. The transformation of the entire Nordic image of Yggdrasill can be overlaid with the seventh seal of Steiner’s Occult Signs & Symbols. The four dwarfs are hammering out the strange `twisting and weaving and writhing’ form of the lower endocrine system and kundalini that will finally become the great reproductive forces of speech that lifts the sign of Scorpio back up to the eagle and finally to the dove.

Freyja might just become the gateway that leads to the dove, to Sophia. Earth love and earth girls might be easy, but cosmic love and Sophia require the entire transformation of our endocrine system and what we hold most dear. In their workshop at the parathyroid base of the throat, the blueprints and designs have already been reshaped for the WORD’S future metamorphosis and Freyja has never seen anything so incredibly marvelous. The larynx is to become the new uterus and Freyja knows full well that she deserves to be apart of that mystery. She is that mystery and she recognizes her own transformation in the work that the dwarfs are doing.

Freyja understands when she looks at this necklace that the entire reproductive forces have been changed and the new center of sexuality and love will be centered in the Speech possibilities latent in the development of the larynx. She is just the girl to wear this piece of mystery art as part of her intimate apparel. This necklace must adorn her; it was made for her. She wants it at any price.Endocrine Freya Norse Speech Seal transformation by Arild Rosenkrantz It must be a part of her destiny to be wherever the transition from hormonal sexual energy moves upwards to the magnificent swirling forces round the new cosmic reproductive center based now in the throat and the heart.

What does she have to do to get it from these gnarly Vulcan dwarfs who are always technologically crafting magnificently beautiful and profound trinkets that foreshadow the future forces of humanity? How is it that nerds like these are always attached to beauty? How is it that over developed brains are always tied to lush physical beauty?

“The four dwarfs, meanwhile, stared at the goddess – she shimmered in the warm light of the forge. Where her cloak had fallen apart, the gold brooches and jewels on her dress gleamed and winked. They had never seen anyone so beautiful nor so desired anyone before.

Freyja smiled at Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr. `I will buy that necklace from you,’ she said.

The four dwarfs looked at each other. Three shook their heads and the fourth said, `It’s not for sale.’

`I want it,’ said Freyja.

The dwarfs grimaced.

`I want it. I’ll pay you with silver and gold – a fair price and more than a fair price,’ said Freyja, her voice rising. She moved closer to the bench where the necklace was lying. `I’ll bring you other rewards.’

`We have enough silver,’ said one dwarf.

`And we have enough gold,’ said another.”

The entire mystery of incarnation, the Devachan and the atomic table of number and weights are known by the dwarf or gnome community. They are the number crunchers of the cosmos. Genetics, in order to incarnate living human individualities must first of all, through computer chip technology and liquid crystal technology harness the silicon world of the gnomes into our computer systems.

The four dwarfs that Freyja encounters in the structure of the parathyroid know exactly how much they need, and how much they have in quantities of gold, silver and all the elements of the atomic table. Their type of nerdy accuracy depends on being exactly right in the mirroring of the material composition of matter against the blueprints of the spirit. It is especially their job and becoming our job as well to concern ourselves with a form of robbery and abduction being engineered by the human community against the higher devachan that stands behind the mystery of magnetism, electricity, vibratory physics, genetics and reproductive technology all under the guise of silicon technologies. Technological human cunning is beginning to lean dangerously close to the sacred music of the spheres. The gnome community is in serious danger.

In the music of the spheres, the planets and stars, assist the human soul in the ordering and collecting of the blueprints of the atomic table of elements around their soul spiritual being. Each individual body has a unique atomic weight and distribution of substance that cannot yet be standardized. Bodily organs are designed solely for the intended user. Electricity, intensified by computer graphics and laser technology, has surrounded our culture with stolen and intellectualized light, fragmented it; divorced it and parceled it down into commodities, from its lofty cosmic basis as wisdom. To enable humanity to do this, the dwarfs and gnomes had to be forced into human technological slavery.

The gnomes formerly used this higher spiritualized light in a legitimate distribution of cosmic effects and nourishment through the crystal strata of the earth, the plant roots etc. Humans have sucked this divine technology downward or deeper into profound dimensions of light and Devachan activity for the service of shameless egotistic and technological ends. Could we collapse the system, the finished work of the gods, into sub-natural virtual worlds? Are the gnomes being forced into this form of silicon chip slavery? If the functioning of the heavens and our incarnations are based on the harmony of the music of the spheres, could we interrupt the tonal system of nature and super nature with our disharmonies?

If just the tiniest amount of iodine in the thyroid gland is lacking or, in over abundance, an enormous change in temperament and force can impact the human being. “Make Goethe poor in iodine, and the eternally creative Olympian becomes a lazy Sybarite. If Napoleon had carried in his body two milligrams less of iodine, he would not have stormed in the ceaseless drive of deeds from battle to battle; he would not have crossed the Alps in demonic appetite for conquest, conquered the Pyramids and passed the icy steppes of Russia. He might, perhaps, have become the city commandant of Ajaccio, and the whole history of Europe would have been different. The whole history of Europe – a granule of iodine!” The gnomes and dwarfs responsible for the first teeth of the newly incarnated soul are at work with the higher blue prints that the individual has brought with them. In payment, in gratitude, we offer them the first tooth as a token of our thankfulness for assisting in the complex organization of our individual atomic, chemical and material forces.

” -Whether we draw from such phenomena the conclusion that the history of Napoleon and of the world is the result of the presence or the absence of one gram of iodine in the thyroid gland of Napoleon, of Goethe, etc., or, while admitting the significance of the presence of one gram of iodine, can say on the basis of a research into the rest of the phenomena that the presence of one gram of iodine in the thyroid gland of Goethe or Napoleon is the result of the individual history of Goethe, Napoleon, etc. This same thing is true, of course, for every single human being. The spirit of Goethe is not the product of the action of one gram of iodine, but the action of one gram of iodine results from the total spiritual-psychic evolution and the individual inner dynamics, structural forces and substances in this individual being, Goethe, determined by that spiritual-psychic evolution. The spiritual human being seeks and develops for himself the appropriate corporeality, not vice versa. …When a typical materialist observes the phenomenon `Goethe’, he ought not to forget by the side of the gram of iodine that this same Goethe came to the knowledge: `The perseverance of the individual, and the fact that a person shakes off what is not suitable to him, is a proof for me that some such thing as the entelechy exists.’”

This is the key argument involved with reproductive technology. Freyja, Speech and our cultural development are directly in the middle of these fermenting issues. The immortal individuality is not looked upon as real. Health and consensus issues of perfection with narrow egotistic motives believe fully that they can standardize and develop healthier `types’ of human beings. With liquid crystal technology and laser computer accuracy humanity expects to side step the issue of individual spiritual development of conscience and identity. This is why the dwarfs know exactly what the precious weights and metals are and more matter is not what they need. They need something else from Freyja. Analytical science needs something else to de-mystify matter and individuality.

“`We have enough silver,’ said one dwarf.

`And we have enough gold,’ said another.”

“Freyja gazed at the necklace. She felt a great longing for it, a painful hunger.

“Alfrigg and Dvalin and Berling and Grerr huddled in one corner of the forge. They whispered and murmured and nodded.

“`What is your price?’ asked the goddess.

” `It belongs to us all,’ said one dwarf. `So what each has must be had by the others,’ said the second, leering. `There is only one price, ‘ said the third, `that will satisfy us.’ The fourth dwarf looked at Freyja. `YOU,’ he said.

“The goddess flushed, and her breasts began to rise and fall.

“`Only if you will lie one night with each of us will this necklace ever lie round your throat,’ said the dwarfs.

“Freyja’s distaste for the dwarfs – their ugly faces, their pale noses, their misshapen bodies and their small greedy eyes – was great,”

What’s a girl to do? This is a very peculiar situation to be in. Should she sleep with all four Beatles or just one? Will her reputation be ruined if this ever gets out? Will she be considered for eternity a dwarf groupie? Norse mythology freya and endocrine systemThe Gods already believe she embodies at least half the heart of a whore. But for all that she needs to transform herself anatomically, biologically and strategically into the future uterus, the reproductive center for the new human word.

How is it that something as powerful and as beautiful as Aphrodite gets hitched to Hephaestus in Greek mythology? Hephaestus was the blacksmith of the gods. In the evolution of the earth, Venus and Vulcan as well as Jupiter, Earth; Moon; Sun and Saturn play significant roles. Vulcan is just another name for Hephaestus the limping, clever nerd of the gods. Gnomes and dwarfs declare their lineage from old Hephaestus. In my MESSAGE OF THE WHITE BUFFALO the relation of prolactin and milk to the Egyptian culture was made under the linkage between Apis and Ptah. Ptah was for the Egyptians the same as Vulcan or Hephaestus. But those myths centered around one dwarf, one ugly little soot caked forge ferret. Now we are dealing with four.

I have always suspected that the whole patterning of four could be traced to the Ark of the Covenant. Why isn’t it possible that the four chambers of the human heart; the four stomachs of the cow; the four seasons; the four directions in space, and the mighty cube are all interfaced with the parathyroid glands?

Here is a mystery that Empedocles and Aristotle were very hot about. E.C. Merry, when writing about King Arthur, described how Empedocles, “was the first philosopher – in the fifth century B.C. – who spoke of the four elements fire, water, earth and air, and taught that everything that takes place in matter is caused by the mingling and commingling of these four elements in accordance with the principles of love and hatred ruling in them.” Not only Aristotle but the poet Holderlin also drew attention to the mystery of Empedocles. In 1994/95 a great stage revival of Holderlin’s work on Empedocles took place on the german stage.

E.C. Merry says, that Steiner drew attention to Empedocles by saying that, “it is he who by his wisdom specially worked to bring about important conditions of the state of Sicily, and who went about trying to lead people into a spiritual life. It is an adventurous as well as a deeply spiritual life, which we look back upon in Empedocles. Perhaps the truth of what is to be related may be doubted by some, but Spiritual Science knows that Empedocles moved in Sicily as a statesman, while at the same time he was both a magician and an Initiate, just as Hector in Troy was depicted by Homer. And in order to characterize the remarkable attitude of Empedocles to the world, we have the fact, which is true and no invention, that in order, as it were, to unite himself with all existence around him, he ended by throwing himself into Etna, and was consumed by its fire.”

To throw himself into the mighty forge of nature, to offer his bodily forces of fire, air, water and earth in the immense throat altar of a volcano is a deed that has carried a clear impact through-out history[]. He proved his point and in the long run the point he was trying to prove inspired Goethe to write his Faust and Holderlin to research Empedocles. Both poets were looking into the same spiritual question of how wisdom could merge with all the elements of nature in an ethical alchemy. Both poets were laying the foundations for the Romantics and their science of humanity before spiritual science came on the scene. Empedocles was certainly a guiding star for the Romantics that spread its wings to America, inspiring Nathaniel Hawthorne in his story of ETHAN BRAND.

It would not have been difficult for Empedocles to comprehend the four dwarfs that Freyja meets. He would know instantly the meaning of their four-foldness. Empedocles and Aristotle would also completely understand the medical factors of four in biology. Anatomy and biology indicate the place where four roads meet, four forces. These forces can be understood from the powerful contribution Empedocles indicated.

“The reptilian heart has four chambers, but they are not fully separated. Whereas a mammal has a single aorta, reptiles have two aortas, which are supplied with mostly arterial, oxygen-rich blood. The pulmonary artery receives mostly venous, oxygen-poor blood, but there is some mixing in all vessels. In only one group of reptiles, the crocodiles, is the division of the heart into four separate chambers almost complete.”

The study of the four temperaments is also a division of and combination of etheric forces that make up the quality of personality we encounter in an earthly incarnation. Dominating qualities clearly allow us to observe the invisible field of etheric forces. Medical science cannot disprove that these temperaments exist; instead they have stolen the knowledge Empedocles introduced and by use of very cleverly disguised testing questions, determine how corporate human resource personnel managers can graph and chart these four etheric, temperamental forces.

By side-stepping the issue of powerful etheric forces resonating as music, as imprinted cosmic tones, into the atomic table of the individual being, current physics and medical sciences have buried the knowledge of the four etheric fields that sustain the material world. It was the Norns, the Skalds, the Bards and the Druids who heard and saw, like Empedocles, the music that sustained matter. Scientists like Keely, Tesla, Walter Russell, Dale Pond and Richard Knutson have cracked the code of this music that orders the sub-atomic structure of matter.

Freyja’s meeting with the four dwarfs, inwardly, within the anatomical hieroglyph of the human endocrine system, at the ring knot of the throat, keys four streams that meet outwardly on a line of east, west, north, and south. four seasons zodiac

“Galahad, with Bors, Percivale and Percivale’s sister, was riding through a waste forest when `they saw afore them a white hart which four lions led.’ These they followed to a chapel, where a hermit sang mass.

“`And at the secrets of the mass they saw the hart become a man and set him upon the altar in a rich siege; and saw, the four lions were changed, the one to the form of a man, the other to the form of a lion, the third to an eagle and the fourth to an ox.

“` Then took they their siege where the hart sat and went out through a glass window, and there was nothing perished or broken… When they `were come to theirself again,’ the hermit explained to them that by the four lions were to be understood the four Evangelists, and that `ofttimes or this Our Lord showed Him unto good men in likeness of an hart;…”

Bull lion eagle and angelLight ether, Chemical ether, Life ether and Warmth ether are the building forces of the cosmos. The four streams of history, which assist the cultural goals that bring about the transformation of Frejya, are needed to set the future development of Earth evolution on the right road. Parsifal or Percivale unites two of these streams into himself. Parsifal unites the Arthurian and the Grail streams, meaning that two of the powerfully streaming ether forces find in him the fuel to begin to glow. But long before there was a Grail or Arthurian stream, Freyja was already leading the human endocrine system to its new home.

Four Parathyroid seeds of the cosmic ethers rooted in the Word as the new Uterus

These four little mustard seeds around the throat are the key to transforming the sexual reproduction process into the speech reproduction forces. The second half of Earth evolution, the future Jupiter evolution, Venus evolution and Vulcan evolution are needed to integrate the ethers of tone, light, warmth and chemical life back into the Tree of Life. Instead of being kicked out of Paradise, we earn our reinstatement and membership and bring the fallen body of nature, renewed and raised, with us, as a present to the Gods. Since the Angels, Archangels, and Archai have had their human phase, to become a member of the tenth hierarchy means coming through the filter process that this human phase entails.

Freyja is asked to sleep, to merge her forces fully, intimately and completely, with all four dwarfs, in order to conceive the future of her own metamorphosis. Humans will have to unfold in stages, through immense cosmic periods of time, in order to fully absorb each of the higher cosmic ethers back into their newly minted spiritual systems. The mastering of these higher forces is latent in the future of Speech development. That is the reason why Aphrodite had an affair with Mars in the first place.

Strong Mars-Speech forces are linked with hormonal forces. Vulcan, the husband of Aphrodite, catches a glimpse of how the endocrine system of Freyja/Aphrodite, is in secret, having an affair with iron Mars. Vulcan sets up a trap and lifts up this affair to the gods, they have a good laugh. Why? Because the future of the WORD is linked both to Mars and Eros (cupid/mercury/hermes) and Vulcan. The Initiates knew that Vulcan was the place of the forge, where dwarfs crafted cunning secrets for the future, from the handsomely wrought work of the jewelled micrologos, man. To the gods, a human being is a finely crafted anatomical, biological and spiritual marvel. The gods laugh, because mysterious and humorous cosmic forces unite and combine to steer humanity towards the divine. They laugh because it is a Menage a trois in which Freyja is the key player between Mars and Vulcan.

‎”Thor is the son of Odin. Whilst the power of Odin is present in respiration and language, Thor works in the blood, in the rhythmic pulse-beat. Blood is the physical expression of the ego in the metabolic system. Thor is portrayed in the sagas as a choleric with red blood, quick to anger, ever ready to wield his hammer Mjolnir and endowed with a powerful will. Odin’s sphere of activity is the astral body, that of Thor the etheric body.”The alliterative verse of Old Norse (the poetic Edda), Old English (Beowulf), Old Saxon (Heliand) and Old High German (Hildebrandslied) is based on two rhythmic laws — the rhythm of respiration and the rhythm of blood. A single breath corresponds to four pulse beats (eighteen and seventy-two to the minute respectively). This ratio of 1:4 is found in the long line which consisted of two half verses separated by a caesura. Each hemistich had two strongly accented syllables. Thus in the form and law of alliterative verse is reflected the relationship of Odin and Thor. The Voluspa was written in this metre known as Fornyrthislag.”

Appendix in Mission/Folk-Souls by Rudolf Steiner.

Puberty and the change of voice are biologically and psychically integrated. But at this point in Freyja’s development we begin to see how Freyja felt trapped without further possibility of future evolution. Matter was frozen in the first half of earth development with the Mars and iron forces and Freyja Aphrodite could not get past this hardened material world, even though she is married to the far distant future of the Venus and Vulcan evolution of the Earth. It is the mercurial; second half of earth development that could produce a transformation of Eros. Sexual degeneration and the end of the endocrine system stood staring Freyja in the face. Hideously it stares us in the face and we feel all the desperation that is hidden in the atrophying endocrine system. Matter could prove to be the greatest prison ever devised by Heaven. You know it, I know it, and our endocrine system knows it. Freyja’s dislike for dwarfs was great indeed:

“…but her desire for the necklace was greater. Four nights were but four nights; the glorious necklace would adorn her for all time. The walls of the forge were red and flickering; the dwarf’s eyes were motionless. `As you wish,’ murmured Freyja shamelessly. `As you wish. I am in your hands.’

“Four days passed; four nights passed. Freyja kept her part of the bargain. Then the dwarfs, too, kept their word. They presented the necklace to Freyja and jostled her and fastened it around her throat.”

These were some happy dwarfs I wager. Not seven mind you, but four. The Nordic seers have a very important message to relate. The forge of the glow of the human heart is right below the throat. Four anatomical chambers of the forge connected to the workshop of the four parathyroid glands. woman with thyroid glandLike hammers, the thunder from the Speech organs pounds away at consonants and vowels, reshaping the metals into stronger and stronger, more refined, zodiacal elements. The refinement of the ethers must be done with Eurythmy and Speech. With the bellows of our lungs blaring and the Word pounded on the anvil of our Larynx we shape and wield the new necklace for our own endocrine system. Braced around this forge are the four parathyroid glands, the dwarfs that Freyja sleeps with to gain the necklace.

Sleeping, of course, are giant acts of time. In a rhythm of four phases, by sleeping with each dwarf, Freyja manages to become the owner of the new reproductive system situated in the larynx. She manages to escape the prison of matter, which is why the gods laughed in the first place. Freyja would find a way out of the iron necessity of dense birth and death that earth has locked her into. Sex is a pure hearted and clever mistress of the divine. Love must be born upwards or die.

Pralaya is the rhythm of rest or sleep between the acts of creation. Out of each Pralaya a new phased in integration and a higher development of divine creation occurs. In our times we have use of the Warmth Ether of conscience and sympathy or empathy to investigate and comprehend. This is the importance of the Matthew gospel for our times. In this relation, during the second half of earth evolution, we are bound up with Freyja in sleeping with the first dwarf. We are rounding the bend, where the Mars hammerlock on matter is beginning to dissolve and Freyja begins turning toward her true husband.

In this development we study, with privilege, the mineral, silicon basis of word production and the force blueprints and factors involved with sounds, CONSONANTS and VOWELS. Exploring as we would the ecology of a woods, a bioregion of shapes and sounds that have the architecture and tonal history of the ancient Genius of Speech already wrought in their structures.

Acronyms and computer language severs our study of these things. Eurythmy and Speech allows us to become familiar with the amazing contours and potentials that have made LANGUAGE a living reality. That is one night with one dwarf for Frejya. The age of silicon technology and the first dwarf, or mineral kingdom, is now being slept with. That is the importance of reproductive technologies and pharmaceuticals; versus Speech, Word, and Logos integrated bio-psychic systems through the end of this century. This is the battle for the preparation of Bodhisattva comprehension. Can we imprint new etheric codes into our systems of thinking and speech development alongside our passive preoccupation with silicon technology and the Pentium processors?

When Freyja and we come out of the first Pralaya we begin our next study. From the mineral we move to how plants are prepared to be spoken in the Jupiter evolution. Animals will be spoken in the Venus evolution and Humans will be spoken in the Vulcan evolution. Freyja sleeps with the four forces and unites her warmth with their dormant creative potential. This is not something that is going to happen without our intimate artistic and hormonal participation. The Romantics were living proof of this. As humans we attempt to move upwards to Angels in the Jupiter evolution; Archangels in the Venus evolution; and Archai in the Vulcan evolution and this brings us back to square one; when we were first spoken, in Saturn evolution. Four days passed and Four nights passed in the destiny of the evolution of a goddess moving from the sexual forces of procreation to the spiritual COSMIC LOGOS forces of procreation. Our bawdy Freyja might yet become, our mid-wife to the divine Sophia.

“And what was the necklace of the Brisings (brisingamen)? These are unsettled questions. It is uncertain whether Brising is the name of some tribe or family or whether the word derives from the Old Norse BRISINGR, meaning fire… but a passing reference to the `Brosingamene’ in the Anglo-Saxon BEOWULF quite clearly refers to a necklace.”

Phosphate works directly with the parathyroid glands as a fire element. Precise chemical distributions of calcium are activated by the regular secretions of parathormone from the parathyroid. When the construction of Consonants and Vowels and speech warmth forces are generated strongly, a refined reaction of matter and mineral content occurs. The stimulation of parathormone or PTH is directly related to estrogen, prolactin and growth hormones. The building forces of the skeleton, the white milk of the breast, the white dove forces, are directly tied into chemical release signals that come from pregnancy, lactation and growth. The future stuff from which the world is built can either create stones in the kidneys or speech forms that carry the signature of our efforts as WORD-CRAFTERS.

Sunlight on the surface of the skin and the absorption of Vitamin D into the body are some of the outer aspects of the way our organism digests light and warmth in conjunction with the parathyroid and the parathormone it secretes. Inwardly however, something has begun to occur in the interior of the psyche, a sun-based light that our own Ariel is fed from, is now dawning for the consciousness of the human spirit. A new nourishment of refined etheric sunlight has intersected with the new position that Freyja has taken.

Our cardiac muscle, our brain and our nerves benefit from the calcium regulation of the parathyroid glands. In other words, nerves, bones, muscles, these four seemingly useless little glands all structurally condition the heart. Without their help our body goes into jerky uncontrollable spasms. A decrease of exterior sunlight must be counterbalanced by an increase of interior light. Idealism, warmth and ethics must feed into the great cosmic developments of Freyja. There is only one outer Sun and there is only one interior light that carries the entire nourishment of the human spirit upwards and inwards with the strength of the sun.

“At Whitsuntide King Arthur, holding his court at Cardoil, `looketh at the windows of the hall to right and left, and seeth two sunbeams are shining within that fill the whole hall with light. Thereof he marvelleth much and sendeth without the hall to see what it might be. The messenger cometh back and saith thereof that two suns appear to be shining, the one in the East and the other in the West. He marvelleth much thereat”

norse myth and sp sciience Parzival Graal WolpertWhat of the theory that only one of the glands, one of the Dwarfs are operative for us today, culturally, from the roots of our conscience and the empathy of our warmth? How does this theory play in the Nordic seers tradition of anatomy and physiology? “…Davlin may have enjoyed Freyja but he was destined to come to a nasty end. As we learn indirectly, Dvalin was arrested by the rising sun and turned into stone. The other three dwarfs are not heard of again.” Therefore Dvalin is the warmth-ether dwarf of the parathyroid gland that concerns us for the present. As we become infatuated with crystallized silicon technology we might harden ourselves too quickly. We already sense the desperation of the atrophy of the endocrine system. Love allows our warmth and spiritualized conscience to keep pace with our greed for speed. The Grail means, gradual development.

“Dvalin was a ruler of the dwarves and one of the most powerful dwarves, known primarily for having invented runes.”

Dvalin’s name reveals to us something of the direction we must take in our creative development with this ether field. `D’ gives us the flat planes of earth and the gravity and direction of earth DEEDS. ` V ‘ gives the powerful creative wave forces of sympathetic vibratory physics followed by the `AH’ of Venus, Freyja and green growing nature and the full love and content of our souls lifted to the ` L ‘ where the life ethers swirl upwards or swirl in behind the V and the AH. With the `IN’ sound at the end of the word we have tonal resonation lifted into higher consciousness and light and a descending power that enters into the depths of matter.

In Eurythmy the Da of leo, the V of aries, the AH of venus, the L of capricorn, the half- `i’ of mercury and the cosmic force of Pisces lifts the destiny from earth to heaven and binds the two, so that what is sown on earth is also sown in heaven, the warmth in our hearts becomes our future destinies. Two fires, cosmic love as water, earth, mercury (gemini and virgo) and Pisces a water sign and the final quarter of our age. The human breast as the lion, moves to the head in aries. Bathed in Freyja forces of love, the force of the knees indicate worship and devotion raised upwards and downwards to mother earth and father sky. This carried into the E and woven into the gigantic forces of cosmic wisdom and destiny and the selflessness we need to lift the lower kingdoms of betrayed nature upwards with us as the final act of the age of Pisces. This powerful decision must be apparent to humanity before we head for the cosmic north and the reproductive and incarnational mysteries of Aquarius.

Within the mouth we have two teeth placements that DV aimed as earth and fire and thought forces at the teeth line, the dramatic and astral moved forward and bathed in wonder or the warmed epoch AH, breathing wonder into the dramatic action of our lives and the creative activity we do. L is water and teeth placement and so is N filled with the light of I am.

In this coded nordic name of Dvalin we have indications that the action we take in relation to the world must be filled with the wonder of creation and carry the imprint of our deeds and words through the living light of our immortal I AM. This word looks and sounds like JAVELIN. So in conclusion we must practice SPEECH and WORD mysteries and incorporate the spear or the DVALIN in our training or else learn to play the violin. The Dv or DW always has something to do with the creative mineralogy of the gnome and dwarf kingdom and our silicon technologies. Earth/Fire projected forwards and the AH sound stretched in space, outward horizontally, and finally vertically through the L and I and N sounds we have a tri-partitioned world.

Is Freyja’s role in this story correctly interpreted?

“In the GODS AND MYTHS OF NORTHERN EUROPE, H.R. Ellis Davidson writes, `A necklace is something which is associated with the mother goddess from very early times. Figurines wearing necklaces found in the Mediterranean area date back as far as 3000 BC, and small female figures wearing them have survived from the Bronze Age in Denmark and are thought to represent a fertility deity.’ And, in a footnote, she adds, `Students of Freud will recognize the significance of a necklace for a fertility goddess. It illustrates the familiar tendency to represent the sexual parts of the body by others higher up, and by ornaments worn on these.’ Perhaps we can reasonably postulate, then, that Sorla Thattr describes Freyja’s acquisition – her sexual acquisition – of the most salient symbol of her fertility. She is the goddess of love; and she is the goddess of lust.”

In viewing history that goes back beyond 5OOO B.C. we must view the mysteries of matriarchy that are still active out of the Finnish tales of the Kalevala. A matriarchal society, only vaguely reflected through history, existed once. The mysteries of this ancient matriarchal society had everything to do with the later , Arthurian and Grail mysteries. The Finnish language was made up of twelve consonants. At the Forge of the larynx the Finnish consonants echoed the great zodiacal powers. Much of the new mysteries of the Word, the Freyja mysteries, have to do with the shift from reproductive mysteries, fertility, so named, to Speech mysteries. My first Speech Teacher at the Goetheanum, Erna Grund, introduced the English Speaking Drama group to the Kalevala.

“A primal language once bound all people together. Differentiation came with the Fall. Language became the dividing factor through which people no longer understood each other. The loss of the unifying bond led to enmity amongst nations, now divided into linguistic groups. But the unifying element continued to live in the sounds. As soon as one goes back to their ground and origin they are the same in all languages – seven planetary vowel forces and, corresponding to the twelve signs of the zodiac, twelve consonantal powers. In some older languages we still find strict adherence to this arrangement, for instance in Finnish, which knows no modification of the vowels and does not divide the consonants into hard and soft ones.”

We shall explore in the course of these essays, an ancient knowledge that traces its roots to Genesis. Since we have lost the wisdom of the matriarchy, we lost in the process, the missing factor in biology and anatomy that clearly comprehends the dual role of the sexes. The matriarchal society was once the key to space, to understanding the mammal forms strewn in space. The connection between organic life and lifeless space was part of the mystery of the egg. Patriarchy has had the task of rediscovering the path from soulless space to ensouled space and that path is through the Freyja mysteries and the mystery of the uterus. Here, as we shall see, biology, physics, space and anti-space are the mystical treasures left over from the division of the sexes.

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  1. This post illustrates and illuminates more about current fascinations and obsessions than anything that might have to do with our ancestors.
    The modern mind is overrun with the need to articulate everything in a material sense. This is a mania that crosses disciplines and schools, and it is wholly unnecessary.
    I suppose it is inevitable, that living as we do in the times of the great dissolving, the same occurs via interpreters of great traditions of knowledge.
    In this time of absolute loss the reach for what appears to be material carries with it a certain sense of solidity, an anchor for us about to embark upon an entirely uncharted journey. Unfortunately, this anchor is a falsehood that will only create more issues, obstacles, and dilemmas for us to overcome. We have enough of this, no?
    I wonder if humanity is capable of comprehending this new stage we are moving into? Posts like this make me think that most of us are going to be tossed completely unprepared into the maelstrom.


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