A Short Rant: This Guy Exposes Factory Farms Using a Drone. This Is What He Found So Far!

Mark Devries is a man on a mission. Since making “Speciesism: The Movie” in 2012, the director and activist has continued to expose cruel and shocking factory farming techniques by using spy drones to film secret ‘farms’ where animals are kept in horrific circumstances and never see the light of day. In this video, the drones capture shocking aerial footage of the massive facilities that supply pigs for Smithfield Foods. The pigs will never see sunlight, living and dying in dark warehouses with no space to move around. Their waste fills an outdoor cesspit as big as four football fields, and it is what the companies do with this that makes the footage truly shocking: it is sprayed over local communities as a way of emptying the pit.

This liquid waste is transformed into fine mist, which affects surrounding neighbors in many ways. They say it’s just like rain, but the stink is unbearable. They can’t hang their washing out, open their windows, go outside, or invite friends for lunch. But these are only the small inconveniences. One woman describes the stench giving her headaches, and around facilities like this one childhood asthma and other respiratory diseases and blood pressure problems are on the rise.

Prof Steve Wing from Colombia University describes the horror of these so-called ‘farms’ and uses the term “Environmental racism” to describe how “people of color and low income people bear the brunt of these practices.”

This is despicable, and yet another reason to stop eating meat (or at least supermarket meat).

Find out more at FactoryFarmDrones.com

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