Stonehenge…Super Henge Discovered

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  1. It is almost impossible for modem man, abused as he is by ideological virus infection, to understand the role of the suppressed psyche. Further, it is more than impossible for him to consider that this role played a direct, and valued role in the contribution to human society.
    Nietzsche was wrong, there are indeed facts, but the meaning of such facts are elusive to a mind numbed by stupefying violence, and criminal concerns that are given a false legitimacy.
    The Earth is not a machine, and Stonehenge, both the great and the small were never churches, where the minions would come to grovel before the priests of Lord Archon.
    The time is late, so late. The edifices of ignorance and abuse fear their own end, which is arriving on the next express. It is for those who can remove themselves from indoctrination, for those who can stand without an identity within the psychopathy to grasp this disclosure.

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