Part Three: Space age biology and medicine, the launchpad for a new paradigm

Space age biology and medicine, the launchpad for a new paradigm

Annotated and expanded notes on the basis of a personal visit by the author and an interview conducted by Prof. Michael Vogt of QuerdenkenTv with Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger, the director of Inakarb Wellness Centre near Bonn, Germany

Joska Ramelow

part three

In previous sections Professor Edinger took the reader through the paradigmatic change in outlook for biology and human medicine as regards free radicals, stress and the role in chronic illness. He also presented examples of what is possible with the new medicine as opposed to conventional medical practise. Here, he delves a little deeper into the subject of resonance fields and electron spin and what they have to do with meridians of the body and ley lines on our planet earth. Can these be responsible for good health?

The holy grail of Anti-ageing?

‘As was alluded to earlier the new understanding of the practical technicalities in the application of energetic medicine allows us to apply Resonance field harmonics that can beneficially inform our DNA to execute health promoting energies again’ as is stated by Professor Edinger and he goes on

‘ When applied with our wellness equipment it sets the stage for the bodies tissues and organs to actively re-program and condition health into cellular DNA again. It thus offers a real possibility to turn eventually turn around the ageing process, as Professor Edinger explains. These methods have already shown beyond doubt that functional and material deteriorations of our systemic functions are reversible in significant ways. It actually rings a bell with very old concepts of energetic medicine where the ‘Material’ and ‘functional’ are represented as the ‘YIN’ and ‘YANG’ aspects of the body systems. The Chinese/oriental way of preventing diseases and maintaining glowing health has always formed the foundation of it’s philosophy and ethics and always included material and functional aspects of the body to be brought back into harmony. Thus, the very modern

medical concepts of space biology and medicine have begun utilizing and further developing concepts of human health that are ‘as old as the hills’.

What about food supplements?

The question often arises whether one should take high dose, or lower dose, food supplementation as in Vitamins and Minerals, and should that have to be done all ones life? Dr. Edinger says half jokingly: ”Ideally no, given one lives in the East of Brazil where the activity of the sun is more intense and the soils are more fertile. This means the plants really absorb Zinc and Selenium, the trace elements which are responsible for the proper workings of important enzyme groups. These trace elements are being leached out of our farming soils, since the advent of the green revolution with it’s intensive agro-industrial farming technologies. Our regular food does not contain these substances any longer. Organically grown produce may have the edge here as is proven by numerous trials’, however ,even there it is often a matter of choice since EU regulations have been able to water down a lot of the quality standards that used to be voluntarily imposed by organisations such as the soil association or the biodynamic farming practises of the Camphill movement.

A sideways glance at the world of farming may be appropriate at this juncture, since it provides the very fuel that is supposed to run our complex cellular metabolism that is capable of synthesizing 100 000 proteins per second

A quick glance at a ‘problem-solution’ process capable of providing the remedy to the farming crisis

  1. Chemical Based Farming Systems Robbing Us of Nutrients

Government data from both America and the United Kingdom have shown that the concentration of a range of essential nutrients in the food supply has declined in the last few decades, with double digit percentage declines of iron, zinc, calcium, selenium and other essential nutrients across a wide range of common foods. As a consequence, the same-size serving of sweet corn or potatoes, or a slice of whole wheat bread, delivers less iron, zinc and calcium.

  1. Moving Past Organic Food Into Nutrient Density

Purchase a refractometer and use is profusely. A refractometer is a hand held tool that can be taken anywhere that will show the nutrient density in food. This is called a brix reading. Any brix reading above 15 means the plant is going to be high in nutrients, thus making higher quality food. The good news is that this cannot be faked and shows a true reading of how much nutrition is in the food.

Prof. Edinger maintains that given the parlous state of our lack of nutrient density in our regular food, we may have to take extra food supplements for a long periods of time.

The perversity of food manipulation has already reached the stage that some staple foods such as cornflakes from genetically engineered sweet corn can lead to auto-toxin producing bacteria in the digestive tract, also known as ‘Cray syndrome’.

Also, Prof. Edinger mentions that since 2001 adjuvant substances are permitted in medication such as vaccines that can cause damage to the nervous system and other parts of the body which can very well be measured. He had to write expert reports for cases of three and five year old children that developed autism after vaccinations. He further elaborates that in the US on average 5% of children react with autism after vaccinations, but that as far as officially reported cases goes seems just the tip of an iceberg. This does not seem to come as a coincidence when we speak about the concurrent progressive lack of essential nutrients in our daily food. The greed for profit urge seems to drive these developments at ever faster speeds to the detriment of the mass of consumers, who are often oblivious to these problems. So we all should consider using supplements unless we have a source for organic farming right next door to us. Even the laws on organic farming passed by the EU are under intense pressures to cut all sorts of corners for profit.

Energy based repair

According to the system of Quantum physics, it’s particles, whether Photons, Bosons or Quarks all carry information. Niels Bohr’s rather dated model of the atom, has the nucleus in the centre with it’s electrons swirling around it on their seemingly fixed trajectories, like a miniature solar system. However, today’s’ nuclear physicists work with much more advanced and sophisticated models now, but of utmost interest here is actually the the electron, the electron as carrier of information, whatever the model.

This information is carried inside the electron the form of photons. It is these very photons that carry the energy to make our entire biological system work optimally. Food supplements contain these in a concentrated form too. Homoeopathic information would be inside these conditioned electrons too, but when we need the substances in physical form the informational imprint of energy patterns as in Homoeopathic medicine will not be sufficient on it’s own, says Prof. Edinger.

So, we may ask the question why do we need matter, when we have all the information imprinted into the photons?

It has been found that all information needs to resonate like musical notes or radio waves before it can be caught and translated into meaningful portions of data. Thus it requires a resonance chamber where this can take place like a condenser I a radio device that catches the waveband the tuner has been set to. Humans have that too and this is why we are designed with layers of skin for instance. This is where the photons enter and resonate between the layers, imparting it’s information. This is the rule for all substances applied whether it is an acupuncture needle, an essential oil preparation, or a medical resonance device, the photon information has to travel through the outer layer into the inner gap and then rebounds off the inner layer creating a wave pattern. The particular resonance frequency determines the information that reaches the cells. This is the primary stage where information and energy is being released to the tissues including the vital organ systems of the body. This process requires both, the frequency pattern and the material input too. The whole body is structured as a resonance chamber with many such layered arrangement where the electron and photon charges affects chemical changes in manifold ways. The information can only be deployed via a material input, the digestive system providing a route for specially adapted processes in this regard. It forms a basic primaeval structure that reminds us of this fundamental arrangements by our watch makers in the evolutionary process. But mankind would not be mankind if there were not stories of cases where some people who were famously able to do without food or drink for long periods of time.

It is just to show the range of avenues that can be chosen to feed the system given the right application of focus and intent. It is, however, an act of joy and love to be able to eat and digest good quality food and drink, particularly in the company of others.

The body, a 12 dimensional repair factory

When talking of Quantum physics of the second part of the 20th century the name Burkhard Heim comes to mind as mentioned by Prof. Edinger. The Chemist Physicist and researcher always played in an extra league due to a grave accident that took away the use of his hands and 90% of his eyesight which forced him to stop operating his laboratory experiments. The cognitive capacities he developed as a result allowed him to calculate 15-digit fractions behind, and thus, became a leader for mathematically creating the foundations for our current understanding of subatomic particles as they are being investigated at CERN, in Geneva. Switzerland. He basically blazed a new trail were Einstein had finished in some puzzlement. Based on Heim’s work we understand today that man and his cosmos is made up of super small particles that we now understand to actually operate within 12 dimensions. Max Planck already postulated this possibility in 1918 and received the Nobel Prize in Physics for this theoretical work.

It means that we are living and experiencing 4 dimensions corresponding to our well known world of matter which is understood as space-time in physics . But the other dimensions, connected as they may be, are not found in matter as we know it. Even matter in itself is a very short lived phenomenon of constantly self realising potentials.

However, these dimensions do exist as spaces one of which is really important for regrowing organs known as the organisational space surrounding the body known as X5 and X6 space. Then follows a gigantic magnetic field surrounding every human being which is his magnetic field, It represents the same ratio as the atomic nucleus to the electron trajectory. This could be likened to a tennis ball on the ground underneath the cupola dome of St. Paul’s cathedral in London. The English researcher Rupert Sheldrake in his experimentations came to term these the morphogenetic fields. These fields are characterised by containing all the information of us humans and indeed our entire animate and inanimate world. Surrounding this is another vast pulsating space known as ‘hyperspace’. It could be characterized by emotion. The emotion decides what type of informational particles are allowed into our body day and night. If we consider that 95% genetic activity is nothing other than the exchange of information, in other words the communication, within these spaces, then we have taken the big step alluded to by one of the Apollo astronauts. These theories of spaces are based on the observations of Dr. Volkamer, Burkhard Heim or Prof. Konstantin Meyl in the vanguard of physics today. Prof. Konstantin Meyl observed that all hexagonal ring structures act like antennae with a perfect resonant chamber for information storage and utilisation. Prof. Edinger goes on to explain that the double helix of our 6 feet genetic strands bundled into the cellular nucleus are arranged in hexagonal, six cornered spatial structures as it’s base configuration of carbonic elements. Just like the benzene ring structure these structures are able to conduct currents of electricity. And the baffling thing is that they exactly match the currents required to absorb and shed information into the magnetic space and hyperspace surrounding each and every one of us.

Thus, we can read the electrical properties of DNA as operating with a frequency of 150mgHz, very much in line with that of the carbon atom.

Resonance fields in health and sickness

Everyone has it, but hardly anybody realises that the genetic strands play an inordinately important role in health and sickness. They are tightly coiled inside the nucleus of each cell resembling X and Y shapes and are surprisingly long measuring about 6 feet each when stretched out in one line. The coiling and twisted double helix strands have been found to act as antennae receiving energy and information from our surrounding fields. As such they function as expansive resonance chambers to facilitate information exchange, just like the layers of our skin and other body structures. This activity is based on the resonances of photons brought into the body via electrons, and, if occurring unobstructed we enjoy long runs of good health. The constant regeneration and replacement of worn out material is the result of this activity and could be termed ‘auto-upgrade’, if using modern computer speak. Stress and long standing periods of sickness can lower our vital resistance and consequently leads to a shortening of DNA strands (Telomer activity) which literally shaves years off our lives, as one ‘upgrade’ after another has been missed out on.

Long periods of stress effect the working capacity of the DNA sited on the surface of our skin, in reducing it by about 95% . As mentioned in the discussion of the fields, a layer of DNA rings hover at the surface of our bodies and receive cosmobiological electrical charges that basically provide the data and information for our health upgrades. This would be akin to a radio condenser not correctly receiving and transducing the wavebands of radio stations with a faulty audio message produced. In turn. Stress, thus, plays one of the major parts in this scenario. Today, it is understood that these information exchange functions play a much bigger role in medical work, than have hitherto ever been comprehended via biology and physiology. They affect the state of health of all our inner organs significantly more than had ever been thought possible.

The data parcels are also known as ‘Planck bodies’, named after the nuclear physicist Max Planck. They are tiny particles which were actively been researched by the contemporary German physicist Dr. Volkamer, who famously measured the weight of ‘life force’, or ‘spirit’ in space. He is the very one with a most curious hobby, as Prof. Edinger jokingly explained, he re-calculated all mathematical formulae of most Nobel laureates in Natural Sciences who won their awards on the basis of these…. He found numerous errors where he was able to correct the results. Dr. Volkamer is probably the first one to have developed experiments with weighing equipment capable of detecting the flux of these Planck bodies. In other words, he developed a method to measure ‘ether’, the informational substances communicating within hyperspace and our 4-dimensional space. This is of profound significance for a number of applications, and the new medicine based on information and resonance fields in particular. Dr. Volkamer was able bring proof positive that the negatively or positively charged particles from the cosmos are representing the entire matrix of life including the illumination of our conscience. Thus, when we look at the cosmos we are looking at about 4% electro-magnetic waves which is what represents the physical aspects of the human body for instance.

The battle of the particles

Professor Edinger goes on to explain, that there are positively charged particles found in about 25% – 30% of ‘dark matter’, which are the very particles that that can make us ill or worse. ‘We are not talking protons here’ he says, ‘ as these particles are much smaller.’ The ‘Planck bodies’, or cubes’ sides measure 10-33 m. The negatively charged particles of these, also known as negatively charged ions, give us with good robust health. They are contained in 70%+ within the cosmic field of dark matter. This is key to understanding free radicals in living systems too.’

Now, the question poses itself why are we only making it to a 100 years of age at best in such small numbers? A major task for this to happen is to optimize the transport of negatively charged ions into the body abundantly in order to quench the sickness producing positively charged ones. This an easy matter of electrodynamics bringing negative and positive charges into a working balance again. However, this requires specialised techniques and equipment developed on the basis of epigenetic research.

This brings us to the very point of this article. Professor Edinger with his clinic based on space biology and medicine demonstrates for a number of years now that this can actually be done with certain newly developed techniques and equipment derived from the knowledge of the physics in the field of space biology and medicine.

NASA’s Shoemaker satellite exploring the earth orbit during the 90’s brought back results that hinted at a correlations between the strength of the earth magnetic field and the presence of an abundance of negatively charged particles. Currently this affect parts of the Pacific Rim Countries, East Africa and the Eastern Seaboard of North America. Europe is imbued with an enormously strong magnetic field showing very strong positive charges. This, depending on ones point of view translates into qualities of the ‘very slow and lumbering’ but perhaps also ‘ponderous, meticulous and detailed’. Whereas the other places automatically shower one with light and very alive negative charges and in consequences a more naturally optimistic outlook. But as always, this is just material that must be used and can be cultivated in several ways. Not for nothing is it mentioned in the Bible that ‘love can move mountains’. In this way a certain tendency to inertia of the surrounding fields can also be converted if the mental focus is correspondingly switched on.

The example of the cress seed experiment has revealed that their germination rate accelerated during a waxing cycle of the moon, since the negative charges get more abundant, the speed of which almost dies down when the full moon has passed its peak. Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian philosopher and polymath, developed a whole set of ideas around this phenomenon within the theory and practise of bio-dynamic farming principles still extant in Maria Thun’s annual seed calendar. Dr. Volkamer was able to confirm Rudolf Steiner’s assertions in practical experiments and mathematical equations on every point of the principles expressed.

‘This brings us to the point where we can talk about the changes we can effect medically by way of ratio of charged particles. Earlier we talked about the structural space on the surface of our body which is absolutely minuscule measuring 2 micrometers, followed by our gigantic personal magnetic field of 20 kilometres (13miles!) .’ This field can now be measured too with machines called SQUID which look similar to that of a CT scanner. However, they are massively more expensive to buy. This, in effect, means that the experimental set-up is not cheap either. In this set-up, the SQUID detected the magnetic field of our hearts to be significantly stronger than that of any other system in the body, and it is at least 5000 times stronger than that of our rational thinking part in the brain Little wonder the Chinese knew this by postulating the heart providing the shelter to the mind, as is reflected in an important acupuncture point associated with the heart function called ‘Shenmen’ or ‘spirit gate’.


  1. Science of The Heart: Exploring the Role of the Heart in Human Performance

    1. An Overview of Research Conducted by the Institute of HeartMath

The Heartmath Institute in California is conducting these very cutting edge research projects.

When the heart beats we can feel all the pulsing around the body and where the blood flows through the arteries we have magnetic fields, supported by the red blood particles with it’s iron core which can be measured. All these magnetic field carry information imbued particles. The computer animations show that the heart field is easily 2-3 times the size of the field of man itself.

If we take the entire magnetic field of a human it would just be a dot in the centre and it’s entire expanse would comprise 20 km or 13 miles.

Do these fields pulsate and quiver with emotion?

The magnetic sphere surrounding the individual is in constant interaction with it’s surrounding fields including that of other individuals. There is a torrent of information by others that keep playing our keyboard with it’s negative or positively charged quanta of information which can directly affect our shape our own state.

Centuries ago the Templars had knowledge of energy qualities of certain locations on the map that were literally either energetically dead or emitted very deleterious radiations. This has been passed on to us in the ideas of ley lines and energy points in geomantic considerations, such as detecting underground water courses and such like. Just as is found in a person, do we find meridians criss crossing our planet. When looking at a persons Chakra system, or elixir fields as is known from Taoist philosophy, we are actually looking at feedback systems of resonance loops. Within these vertically stacked system of loops we observe electrons circulating that exhibit a particular spin. Lower Chakras for instance spin in a different direction than the Chakras above. It all depends on the direction of spin of electrons. As we will see later, here by way of a quick preview, before matter actually comes into being we have to look at the part of an atom that is supposed to be empty, the 99.9%, surrounding the nucleus, the space in which we find the electron cloud. This already contains virtual, or the potential for photons. When we begin to engage with conscious activity fed from our surrounding emotional/magnetic layer this ’empty space’ in the atom suddenly begins to materialise electric waves or charges. These can definitely be measured exactly in Coulomb. If the forcefields increase to a certain threshold we suddenly reach a level at which a resonance field starts to manifest, which in turn, produces matter. Just a combination of 95% of vegetative nervous activity and 3% of the consciously directed activity can effect these materialisations. Next, it is also important to ask what is actually being created? This very much depends on what I have actually experienced in my life, what skills and story I bring to the table. These aspects together decide over how to flick the switch as for the absorption of positively charged dark matter potentially a burden to the system, or negatively charged electrons with it’s corresponding live enhancing consequences. In the course of space biology this process has been researched, and measured and thus was found to be at the root of the manifestations of mental equilibrium or stress, health or disease.

Not only does this phenomenon act inside the person, but includes it’s 13 mile field radiating in all directions. In this context we have to consider how buildings affect us, mobile phone masts, mobile phones, DECT phones and so forth, all the sources of technical radiation that are liable to have a bearing on our health, the detrimental effects of which are being more and more uncovered by contemporary research.

(See my articles on Dr. Doepp ‘brain attacks’)

The Templars had a means of understanding this grid of meridians and Chakras found within the earth. This is no other than the lines and acupuncture points of the earth where the electrons exhibit specific spin characteristics which simply represent a particular pattern of pulsing charges and information. This old knowledge actually knew how to turn the direction of electronic spin within a circuitry to obtain a more harmonious one. Stone monuments like Stonehenge and others were specifically erected for this purpose and explicitly display these properties. One of the foremost current active researchers probing these phenomena is the English author Maria Wheatley.

  1. 019 Capricorn TV – Maria Wheatley – Stonehenge ~ Dowsing ~ Leylines ~ Earth Energies

Professor Edinger mentions that this knowledge was incorporated in the landscaping of the clinic on the banks of the Rhine river. The specialist landscape architect sunk a massive T-shaped trunk of wood into the ground at a certain angle, so that a large quantity of benign charges began accumulating and transferring it into the building and the people working within it, the effects of which have been remarkable ever since.

He goes on to point out that they are even observing effects that substitutes the effects of walking barefoot on grass, the classical way of getting earthed again, since this the T-bar provides way of markedly removing an excess build up of positively charged pathogenic electrostatic charges in the building.

Here the saying that someone is ‘grounded’ or ‘down to earth’ alludes comes into it’s own since one feels oneself in the centre and at the controls of all this swirling energy again in a calm and balanced manner.

End of part three

The next article deals with the actual potentials of therapy and recovery as developed by space biology and medicine. It further explores the question of how it can influence our individual outlook for health wellbeing. This could have profound effects on the future of health care as a whole. In other words, it Professor Edinger reveals of what stepping stones await us to a healthier and more balanced understanding of, and approach to, health care, for when Epigentics comes to play it’s proper part.