Robot Catamites, Open Borders AND Programming your Subconscious.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

One of the things I noticed about being in India when I was there, not all that long ago, was that life was cheap. I was in one of the poorest parts of India, although there are other locations that are even more extreme. There were a lot of things I was not prepared for, given that everything I knew about India was based on things I had heard or read. The reality of it was a great deal more overwhelming.

One of the things that I became aware of is just how brutal people can be in these far off locations . These days you might say that is most places, with, in my view, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand being the least brutal overall and the most northern European countries being even more civilized yet…/ Poverty; general want, religious insanity, centuries of calcified tradition and sundry all combine to create an atmosphere where things like this happen. Of course, this happened in Pakistan but that’s just around the corner. When I was in India, brutal rapes were very much in the headlines.

It was difficult being there; seeing how dogs were treated, seeing the incredible poverty. I felt compelled to be generous wherever I went and I got yelled at by certain locals for ruining the status quo. The worst of it was my treating my rickshaw driver as an equal. A lot of weird things happened, mostly to show me that my continuing presence there was not a good career move and that my idealized ideas of The East were just that.

I want to focus less today on the superficial changes in the government of The Last Empire. The same creatures are still running the show, or think they are, regardless of the robot catamites who occupy the position. What I’d like to comment on is Kali Yuga. Regardless of the political, cultural or economic climate in any particular place, the Kali Yuga sets the overall atmosphere. It is a time that, by definition is devoted to discord and conflict, war and the celebration of ignorance as a fashion accessory. Just as the Satya Yuga represents the preeminence of truth, Kali Yuga represents the preeminence of lies. Because most people at all times are controlled by their reactive minds they are also controlled by the atmosphere of the times they live in.

The Vishnu Purana and Linga Puranas say;

“Thieves will become kings and kings will be thieves. Corrupt men will be looked upon as sages. No one will trust anyone. Children will die young and many will be killed in the womb by their mothers. Hunger and fear will drive people underground. Virtue; things like virginity will be traded as a commodity. The pursuit of money will be the supreme ambition. There will be many beggars and people without jobs. Water will be a real problem. There will be many refugees wandering from country to country. People will prefer the false over the true and wild animals will become more violent and wild.”

That was written thousands of years ago and it is all there to be seen in the moment. How did they know all of this so accurately so long ago? Ponder that.

One of the things I most notice is the lack of gratitude everywhere. I’ve read a lot recently about immigrants who have come to prosperous countries from abysmal places like Somalia and parts of Central America, who turn their noses up at the food provided and their accommodations. Was it better where they came from? Absolutely not, but people are developing attitudes of privilege in an instantaneous fashion, just add water. It stuns me that people can become so grasping and demanding. Speaking only for myself, were I a captive in metaphorical Egypt and I were delivered out of the heart of darkness I would be overjoyed and flooded with gratitude; not so across the board from what I see. Here’s an example of this. Here’s another strange circumstance. What is most odd is the continuing indifference to the poor and homeless who are citizens of these countries, especially in the USA. It gets worse; now an awful respiratory ailment is running loose in America and killing children. This was brought up from the southern countries through Howdy Doody’s open borders policy.

What I want to get around to is, ‘the proper attitude’ for surviving in this latter stage of the Kali Yuga. Look around you. The general population is exhibiting all of the behavior traits that were mentioned in those puranas. Self interest and a general indifference to the plight of others is everywhere to be seen. Do you go with the flow in this regard or do you aspire to something greater within yourself? Not only will most people ignore any opportunity to act differently but their hearts and ears will be closed to any admonition or advice to do otherwise. You cannot force people to act in their own best interest.

Given how things are, it is a certainty that large portions of the population will destroy themselves individually and collectively. If you carefully read this article, you get an insight into the workings of the minds of many in these times. Note especially the things this man says and ponder their meaning. Note most especially where it says “The average Olive Garden pasta bowl with toppings is 500-600 calories, of which he usually eats half.” That means that at every meal he throws half of that portion away. There’s no telling about the rest of what he gets but one can assume the worst.

Should you have the opportunity, I suggest you study the amounts of food people leave on their plates. This isn’t just in restaurants, this is in their homes as well. Somewhere between 30 and 50% of the food they purchase gets thrown out. Imagine that!!! In many cities there are a considerable amount of people living out of restaurant and supermarket dumpsters and.. of course, many of these places are locking their dumpsters. This same mendacity is appearing in many municipalities, where 90 year old pastors and other folk are being threatened with jail for feeding the homeless.

It is a crime to waste food. I state this as an unequivocal cosmic law. It is a cosmic offense to eschew gratitude. I’m sure we’ve all heard, “Waste not, want not.” Personally I live by that. I live by my code. No doubt there are any number of people out there who never met me, know nothing about me but what they have projected and sundry. It is the nature of the times that flawed individuals make flawed projections based on their own limitations. It’s that mirror thing. It doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters is what is true. Anyone can believe the worst of any of us but… is what they believe true? If it is not is comes to no account at all.

How do you survive in the Kali Yuga? I imagine there are a number of ways, from being a hermit to an industrious prepper, to whatever else may work. I am not a prepper, other than keeping a weather eye out because I don’t buy into lack and limitation. I KNOW I will be taken care of and despite what some may believe I walk what I talk 24/7. Such was not always the case but it most certainly is now. I have come to see the magnificent good fortune that can come when you are in righteous accord with yourself and where you do not deviate from what is good and true.

I could list any number of things that ‘I’ consider to be important; location, associations, aspirations and so on but I have come to believe, to viscerally believe that everything which happens is the result of your internal schematic. Improve the alignment of your schematic with the cosmic blueprint of yourself and the cornucopia appears over your head. Every trial becomes a joy and a demonstration of that. Things work out. Your magnetics become true and that accounts for everyone you meet and everywhere you go. The bottom line is a positive attitude. There are many books about this; “The Power of Positive Thinking”, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, “The Science of Mind”. These are all versions of prosperity thinking. This is a non denominational reality and even materialists exercise this. BUT… all the positive thinking in the world isn’t going to amount to much until you reprogram your subconscious. In your subconscious are all the thoughts and beliefs you embraced in former times. Many of these are erroneous. How did they get there? Your parents, your environment, Karma and how you have adjusted to conditions in your life; what you make of them, all of these play a part.

Listen up! This is the MOST important thing; you CAN reprogram your subconscious and there are ancient techniques and modern techniques. Some of the latter are bullshit but you’ll spot that. So… don’t just sit there nodding your head, like “yeah”; “this much is true”, cue Spandau Ballet. Do it! Become proactive. Every time negative thoughts come into your head, gently snort them out. Become the guardian at the gateway to your mind. Let in no thoughts that you know are not of a positively furthering aspect. It might take some time. Here is where diligence, consistency and determination come in. If you simply tell yourself that you WILL do this and nothing is going to stop you, all the inertia goes out of the process.

You are either driving or you are driven. Pay attention to the world around you, as you go through the days of your life. You will see that many people are ‘driven’. If they are driven then they are NOT driving. That is a losing proposition. Put yourself in the drivers seat of your life and everything else will fall into place. It does not matter what your life has been like up to this point. It does not matter what you have done or what you imagine about how deeply wrong any of these things might be; truth is, you don’t know. Toss all of that to the side. Today really is the beginning of the rest of your life. Subconscious patterning is responsible for your lack of industry in correcting it. Do this one thing first. Surely you can find a method? We ARE the new age, the golden age. We are the positive future and whatever else is going on, that’s them. That’s not you; doesn’t have to be you. A golden age exists right now for those whose mindset is compatible with the construct. Study yourself. Make it happen. Help is readily available to those engaged in this pursuit.

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