Brain-attacks: Part Three Exclusive to Vortex magazine.


A three part series exclusive to Vortex magazine.

By Joska Ramelow

Dr. Doepp, a Swiss Medical doctor and specialist for radiation pollution, e-smog and hazards of technical electromagnetic fields on safety questions in our digital age.

Annotated and expanded notes to his presentation and interview on the private online channel Swiss 5, of Time to do program, 19.9.2014

part three

Final thoughts on the interaction between electromagnetic fields, radiation from nuclear power stations, technical metals in our bodies, interactions with it’s chemistry and wave spectra.

What are the technical systems and candidates that trigger these challenges?

We have now at least half a dozen systems such as Tetranet, LFT, UMTS, and a more military system known as HAARP and other ever more advanced, over horizon, radar systems.

Professor Konstantin Meyl, a very distinguished electro-physicist of the University Klagenfurt, austria, voiced a stern warning that UMTS and cordless DECT technology should immediately be

banned so dangerous are they. The key lies in their damaging effects and impacts on our own biological window that is the resonant fields with which our cellular network is activated and communicates with it’s enzyme functions. One known biological frequency is the 150Megahertz wavelength and it’s harmonic modulations.

Every modern car is now standard fitted with a GPS system that constantly interacts with satellites in space. The signal travels up to the satellite and returns in fractions of seconds. This sets off a constant pulse that could interfere with the workings of our our pineal gland, since that is the master gland embedded in the centre of the cranium which beats out a certain rhythm to which all other functions are atuned. The Pineal gland has been found to be in touch with hyperspace and it’s electronic charges with it’s currents of photons. IT downloads the information from the field surroundign us for this. Military Installations such as HAARP and the civilian GPS can dramatically affect the normal biological clockwork. The radar systems of dozens of military satellites constantly beam their wave spectra on to the surface of the planet. (Filingdales an earth bound over the horizon super radar in Yorkshire is apparently able to scan almost 60% of the planets’ surface at present)

Just like with the operation of nuclear power stations, we earth bound humans are the first in a huge experiment with radiation and electromagnetic field frequencies, that has never happened since the beginning of our time. Some estimates consider the electromagnetic fields having increased over a million times since the 1970’s.

These frequency resonance fields are absorbed by our glands and neurological tissues of the brain. The effects of which could temporarily trigger off the hearing of sounds in the ear (tinnitus) by us with an attendant lack of energy, lethargy and motor drive which could suddenly lift, as if by magic. It goes to show clearly how the neutrotransmitter hormones Dopamine, Serotonin and Adrenalin are temporarily being suppressed, a telling sign why it sets in so quickly and lifts all of a sudden too. But interfering with hormonal functions on such deep levels should set all our alarm bells ringing.

In addition to the basic e-smog we now have a new generation of devices in operation that are known under the acronym HAARP for short (High Altitude Aurora Research Project). This pieces of technology allegedly exerts very specific effects affecting our weather and the state of plate tectonics. By now there are over 20 installations world wide. They send a strong pulse into the ionosphere which then bounces it back to earth and jo-jo’s the messages along to any wanted location around the planet. This is due to the creation of a resonance field with billions of Watt electric power operating this system. One always needs a resonance field or chamber to send wave spectra on it’s journey. In this case it is the surface of the earht and the ionosphere. Between 60 and 400 km above the surface of our planet. One of it’s research projects for instance is it’s applications in geo-engineering research. It has been observed beaming at particular wave length in cycles with which certain psychological states can be triggered in people too. This is part of research into military applications and crowd control for instance and possible as it affects the states of our moods, emotions and feelings

Anybody not familiar with this system should look up the movie:

  1. Angels Don’t Play This HAARP & Tesla Technology w/ Dr. Nick Begich

Do frequency bands influence human activity?

Just like many other human being who has wondered about effects on television and video games on us, I came to suddenly wake up with a jolt when it dawned on me that these systems have been known and researched for decades. Dr. Delgado and his famous bull experiments from the 1960’s give ample witness to the fact that these factors have been known and researched for a long time.

José Delgado, implants, and electromagnetic mind control

What is shown in this little one minute clip has today become a serious reality, since this resech has made great strides.

HAARP frequency bands in Hertz and human reaction patterns:

20-30 Hz activating the human brain

30-40 Hz hyperactivates the human brain (nervousness-hyperactivity-irritability-fanaticism)

and, at the opposite end of the spectrum:

5-10 Hz emotional balance and serenity

3-5 Hz lethargy and depression

HAARP is not only capable of affecting vast areas, as in covering whole countries, but it is quite capable of beaming it’s signals into very specific locations with apparently pinpoint accuracy, such as battlefields of late as in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Humans and animals suffer wherever this technology is in use.

Contrast of wave spectra for emotions with other resonant fields

3 Hz Gamma waves

3-7Hz Theta waves

7.5– 14 Hz Alpha waves

7.5 – 7.8 Schumann resonances (between Ionosphere and surface of earth)

10 – 12 Hz Earth resonances according to Nicola Tesla

14 Hz Brainwaves

14 – 30 Hz Beta waves

20 -30 kHz Sound waves

20 kHz – 1 MHz Ultrasound waves

100 kHz – 300 kHz Long wave

Protection against electromagnetic stress

There are a number of systems that enhance protection from these damaging fields. The research is ongoing and some products work more efficiently than others. The protection often works by neutralising the harmful aspects of the resonant fields. This could in the form of taking out the rebound from mobile phone towers or in a number of other ways.

Some devices are more expensive and others are relatively cost effective.

Here some typical examples of companies that some quick online research can yield today :

The Fostac company in Switzerland works in association with Dr. Doepp’s research and provides a whole range of products that have been tried and tested. The devices have gone through tests that check on hormonal levels, electrolyte balance, cellular pressure in the system to name but a few. The company is busy providing a platform for many more open source researchers thinking ‘out of the box’. They cover a wide field of new future oriented holistic technology, ideas in medicine, agriculture, spirituality and many, many more topics that cry out for solutions. Today we find ourselves constantly pressed to come up with answers that tend to transcend the limits of conventional explanations given the nature of the active challenges. This company is in the forefront of such enterprises.

They supply relative reliable and cost effective solutions.

The range of applications is a wide one and one needs to select the appropriate tool for the job required. One can neutralize mobile phones, stick a chip on a router or do the whole house as some farmers have done for their cowsheds. All sorts of solutions have been developed and are ready to chose form.

What is required beyond the protection from electromagnetic fields?

The electronic cips and patches are one thing to neutralise e-smog field impacts, the other side of the coin are the repair jobs that need to be considered at the same time.

Dr. Doepp recommends GABA (Gamma-AminoButyric-Acid) in capsules, or in the form of good quality butter to harmonise and protect our brain chemistry. Vegans can take GABA in capsules he suggests. It is apparently the most important fatty acid required for good brain functions and strong brain tissues.

He also refers to Frankincense, also known as Olibanum ( botanical name: Boswellia carteri) as another healing substance or tool in the fight against eletco-smog. What is the reason for this? We know that Olibanum together with Myrrh are traditionally used in sacred ritual places such as churches.

Dr. Stewart writes in his vast book ‘The Chemistry of Essential oils’ that: Monoterpenes, of which essential oil of Olibanum contains 78%, restore and awaken the correct information in the cell’s memory.’ (pg. 292) He goes on to explain that, ‘Regardless how long it takes, once the exteior cellular miscommunication and interior misinformation has been fixed, you are healed. Furthermore, it can be a permanent healing because the root conditions in cellular memory have been corrected.’ It stands to reason, of course whether this might stand up n the court of the technical challenges posed, but Olibanum being recommended by two out of the box experenced medical professionals is a very good and reliable tool in the set that holds out great hope to repair the damage to our blood brain barrier and mitochondria with a positive epigenetic twist.

It was one of the precious gifts offered at Jesus’ manger and the cathedral of Santiago de Compostella, famous for it’s massive incense fumigators has been operating this method for hundreds of years to open the crown chakra of pilgrims at the end or their pious journey.

The next tool has to do with cleaning the brain and it’s neuronal structures from harmful impacts succh as heavy and light metals as in mercury, palladium, cadmium, platinum, and aluminium and more. Various researchers such as Prof Klinghardt in Seattle, US, have found through their researches that fresh Coriander leaf can clean the neurological tissues from metal contamination. The Klinghardt academy recommends certain protocols to use Coriander when preparing for the removal of mercury laden amalgam fillings.

Here more information on that.

Dr. Doepp inferred that Coriander has turned out to be the only natural substance capable of removing the toxic substances from the brain such as chelating heavy metals. I am running a year old experiment with reconstituted Coriander by using organic dried Coriander leaf and some essential oil of Coriander dripped into the storage jar. I regularly take a teaspoon of this each morning . I usually leave it there for a while but one can wash it down with some fresh juice or water. This can prepare ones’ brain for long tiring hours on the computer some days.

The other recommendation is to relax with classical music every now and then such as a Mozart or a Beethoven sonata or something by Bach or Rachmaninov. This is a good way of resonating with deeper feelings that are able to gently penetrate deeply into our brains which connects to the pineal glands and hippocampus to balance both hemispheres. As well as being great music it removes a great deal of tension. Dr. Emoto’s research on the carrier medium water has clearly shown that this type of music restores harmony, symmetry and calm.

All these points taken together in ones’ own research should vastly expand ones’ control and knowledge about what to do and how to use the tools to deal with and clear up electro-smog.

There is one more thing to be considered. Modern technical gadgets are not evil or bad for us per-Se. Professor Meyl mentioned that if the whole ill conceived microwave and ELF based wave spectrum was changed utilising scalar wave technology we would not encounter any of the problems alluded to above. It reminds us of how important it is to engage with and challenge the companies that are in the business of providing a useful service to all of us, but, sadly, ruin the health of the many for their own profit margins.

They also have the means to switch production to provide a better designed technology, since most technical research is coming up with ever better solutions. Therefore, we should all remind them, along with our politicians and anybody in the media who wants to listen, that there are alternatives coming our way too. So. the power is with us, the consumers, to enforce these new directions in technology en-masse. Even mere thinking about it informs and activates the epigenetic field through our thoughts, that these changes should be implemented sooner than later, if we want to maintain the genetic integrity of the species. Maybe that bit of magic might stick for good.

Prevention from brain damage

One of the best understood and researched sources of damage to brain tissues, by now, is the use of mercury in amalgam fillings and it’s removal process. Mercury becomes even more toxic in a fluid medium since it becomes methyl mercury. It gasses out from old fillings and deposits itself in neurological tissues of the brain and tends to kill off it’s host over time. This is very detrimental to our own intellectual capacities long term.

  1. The smoking gun that turned out to be a smoking tooth.

  2. Smoking Teeth — Toxic Fillings

Dr. Klinghardt strongly recommended the use of Coriander leaf and Chlorella in a stepped process to prepare the patient several weeks before extracting the fillings form the teeth. It is well explained in the video how hot drinks and other food stuffs can affect the accelerated emission of the mercury gasses from old fillings. Every filling contains more than 50% mercury and creates a serious source of disruption to our brain functions, since the fillings are typically merely a few inches away from our brains.

Anti antiperspirant sprays contain aluminium, a light metal associated with the development of skin cancers. Although aluminium is the second most abundant metal in the crust of our earth it has no place in any of our cellular functions.

A positive example for benign metals in our body is Iron (Fe). It is one of the most natural metals that sit at the centre of every red blood corpuscle. Spirulina, an important edible micro algae, cousin of above mentioned chlorella, incidentally, displays a very similar structure to red blood corpuscles, except that it carries a magnesium atom at it’s centre and chlorophyll in it’s cells. However, the body’s finds the chemical conversion to red blood corpuscles very easy. Here we can see, what happens when benign metals come into play and how they can change places in the chain of biological transformation. The body often mistakes charges of metals from other sources and ferries it in places where for instance magnesium would be used, and thus, the neurological tissues are at the receiving end for a toxic encounter.

Therefore, according to Dr. Doepp it is a good task to avoid aluminium along with other metals such as Mercury, Titanium, Platinum, Palladium, Fluoride, Cadmium and Lead.

Another Problem is Gold in teeth he mentions, since it can never be in it’s pure form as it would be too soft. It is hardened with other, tougher, metallic substances and made to work in an amalgamated form to withstand hard chewing action. As is well known in pharmaceutical circles and in homoeopathy too, the use of gold (aurum) in it’s pure form is benign to our health as for instance as an anti-rheumatic medication.

Dental gold is only 80-90% pure and the remainder is made up from Platinum, Palladium, Iridium, Tungsten, Osmium, to name but a few. All of these metals are toxic to the health of our brain.

This brings us to the topic of colloidal silver, a strong anti-microbial, which can be made just by dipping a silver spoon into some pure water over night. The ideal therapeutic concentrations are within a bandwidth of 5-20ppm for antimicrobial activity and against germs. Recent reports related that it was of no use for bacterial infections. However it is a general healing substance that will only be fully understood within the context of further research in Epigenetics.

When commercial providers talk about ‘super strength colloidal silver’ it can only be a fraudulent statement, since it becomes useless st higher concentrations Dr. doepp reminds us, and the liver deposits any excess in our skin. The skin appears with a silver sheen when this happens. However, this is not the only thing. The more worrying aspect is tthat the hepatocytes, oru liver cells take a hit and are being destroyed by extreme concentrations of silver.

The ‘Silverado’ microbial Zapper from Orgonize Africa makes colloidal silver inside our blood stream whilst strapped to one of our limbs for a few minutes. That might be a way of achieving therapeutic value of two for the prices of one.

The Orgone Zapper El Silverado enjoys a worldwide reputation in the alternative health field.


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