Brain-attacks: part two

Brain-attacks: part two

A three part series exclusive to Vortex magazine.

By Joska Ramelow

doeppDr. Doepp, a Swiss Medical doctor and specialist for radiation pollution, e-smog and hazards of technical electromagnetic fields on safety questions in our digital age.

Annotated and expanded notes to his presentation and interview on the private online channel Swiss 5, of Time to do program, 19.9.2014

What strategies of protection from e-smog are available?

Do tinfoil hats and Faraday cages hold the answers to alleviate the damaging effects from e-smog? Some people even wear textiles with silver thread for protection woven into it’s fabric, but to that later in our investigation.

Getting to know the facts it is not surprising that some parents are considering taking their children out of school to avoid the e-smog dangers. These in turn are associated with lasting damage to cerebral structures and the development of natural intelligence in their children. Parents, and mothers in particular, may rightfully get worried when looking at their child and see themselves confronted by the question: ‘what good is a well functioning little robot zombie that perfectly operates consumerist chores programmed into it but cannot independently operate from it’s own inner core with the intelligence of the heart?’ Parents and the rest of us sense there is a sociological time bomb ticking at the root of our evolution and it is ticking ever louder, since many other chemical and physiological processes are dependent on a naturally operating coherent working relationship within the neurological system. The impact of the million times increased electro-magnetic field tensions pounding our biological cellular structure unprotected could be seen as a war against the populace. Changing foodstuffs due to modern agricultural technologies and cosmetic ingredients thrown in for good measure plus changes in our environment such as geo engineering add their bit to destabilize the health of future generations. We have never seen a magnitude of this impact in any other generation before, since it works stealthily and in silence.

Only a small band of awake researchers and medics know the actual state of our situation.

How does Dr. Doepp view this problem?

Dr. Doepp seems to think, almost joking, that it may come to a situation where we may end up having to wear helmets and protective clothing that may shield us, however, this is would not be working as long as we are not earthed, either by wearing shoes with leather soles, or dragging a solid copper cable behind us that constantly provides contact to the ground. The more mature amongst this readership may remember the time when these metallic rubber strips dangled from the back of cars scraping the road surface. Everyone laughed about it’s nerdy looks and it may have not worked, but where ever there is a story there is a grain of truth embedded. That grain has grown to unimaginable proportions today with most of us not noticing sitting in front of computer screens. Since we know that positively charged electrons are at the root of e-smog we may wonder how this surplus can be drained off properly? If this is not done regularly then the body switches on our own inner stores of negatively charged ions stored around the end of the DNA base pairs. These have to sacrifice their own balanced structure of electrons. Although, in a Samaritan move this store donates it’s own bio-electric potential, but at the same time weakens the inner structures needed for neurological and enzymatic processes amongst others. Russian space scientists found out that a supersaturation of positive electrons on the DNA strands lead to a very acidic inner state, and with it, can disintegrate connective tissues like ligaments and tendons of the large joints and other such moving parts. So it remains an urgent task for each one of us today to neutralise the charges and allow the positively charged electrons to be re-absorbed into the earth for a re-set. If we just wear metal weave fabrics and such like we are absorbing ever more ions and become sources of high voltage static electricity. So that move does not confer any lasting or practical solution. Charges of more than 200 volts have been measured in persons, the state when a person touches a metal door handle and notices a small flash of lightning as it discharges. In this state our bodies actually act as as high powered antennae for aerial e-smog. Also, all our carbon structures found in hexagonal arrangement within the twisitng strands of DNA act as cosmic antennae that not only operate the material chemical aspects of our system but it also downloads the information from our cosmic environment. When we factor in that each one of us actually has a field of information around us that extends in a 12 mile radius from our hearts, then it might begin to dawn on us what a piece of information technology the universe created by putting man and other sentient beings on this planet. The physical side only represents about 6% in this entire drama. And that is why the little biped aliens that we are to ourselves most of the times are a bit puzzled when pondering questions of sovereignty and self determination since we kind of sense somehow that the spaces we operate in a vast. Russian space scientists also found out that some far off nebulae 100 light years away have some influence on us during the moment of our birth. This is what we call hyperspace. So, when we remain ignorant to all this and freely dance around the plastic cow in the market place for a few fleeting moments, we may so de-stabilize our system that it amplifies the negative effects inside our neurological and hormonal regulatory and control system. This leads to accelerated processes of ageing, fast forward deterioration of health, chronic diseases, tumour development and cognitive behavioural problems. Practically all ills of modern times kick in with a vengeance.

The simplest and very effective method to drain off this excess e-smog for instance is, to walk barefoot on grass lawns again, preferably early in the morning when the dew is still there. Unfortunately, wooden floors act as insulators and thus, do not provide a draining effect of galvanic charges and harmful static, but walking on mineral rich grounds like stone slabs provides this effect too.

The flow of free radical positive charges and the cell membrane

The surface of the skin is actually charged with a small positive charge and the inner structures of the neurological system are negatively charged. There is a natural electrical balance between the inside and the outside of our body. With heavy charges of positive electrons this balance is upset since the body as mentioned above, sacrifices it’s own negative health giving off their balanced ions and thus a massive destabilisation of tissue integrity ensues. Consequently, the body cell membranes lose their charges and take on the positive charges which leads to a production of a sticky foam around the outer coating and at the same time interferes with the normal uptake of life enhancing nutrients and oxygen as it is grossly interrupted. At the same time the removal of toxins is not working well either. This is known as nitrosamine-oxidative stress. That leads to a gradual loss of optimally working cellular receptors as alluded to above, and gradually a loss of total organ functions due to free radicals.

The list of known points of cellular disruption due to free radicals reads as follows:

Free radicals:

  • enter the organs for respiration inside the cells, the mitochondria (energy generators)

  • damage the DNA, the blue print activating the action of respiration


  • the body increasingly sees the mitochondria as foreign and attacks them with it’s antibodies

  • it is known as autoaggressive mitochondropathy

  • according to Dr. Doepp it begins within the mitochondria of the brain first and then ripples outwards

Taken together it can develop into a Multiple Chemical Resistance/Sensitivity Syndrome (MCRS)

Typical symptoms are dizziness, lack of concentration, problems with eyes, ears, sweating, hot flushes, skin rashes and allergies.

The brain ends up not being able to fully utilise it’s normal neurotransmitter substances namely Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and GABA (Gamma amino butyric acid from Butter).

When this imbalance has started the small intestine that normally produces the happy hormone Serotonin kicks in and switches it’s production to the allergy trigger substance Histamine.

This in turn is at the root of allergies, irritability, nervousness, skin problems and turns the brain into a state of a crazy disposition and panic reactions. It thus is sensing a sabre tooth tiger when it is simply confronted by wheat or strawberries. We thus end up in a pseudo world ruled by fear.

Fear, in turn, is the biggest destroyer of negative ions in our system since it drains us, and at the same time programs information of chronic disease into our DNA. When we are in tune with our heart field, that in Chinese medicine is said to house the mind, and manage to stay in touch with a naturally optimistic and happy disposition then we avoid the memetic pressures of programmed disease dispositions. It has been found out that there is an actual chemical correlate to these events and programming mechanics on the DNA level deep inside all of our billions of living cells.

As the saying goes ‘beware what you dream off, or wish for’.

End of part two

In the last instalment:

From: What are the technical systems and candidates that trigger these challenges?

To: Protection against electromagnetic stress

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