…by Christy Angelle Tietjie





In the initial three articles we spoke about the concepts, physics, geometries and methods to get to Zero-Point Energy Meditation, but what system of order is revealed once the infinite is accessible? How is the infinite (Zero Point Energy) ordered?! How does this order make sense to life? To consciousness?

The way that Omni-Consciousness intelligently organizes the infinite is by way of an archetype of soul-psychological process from Alpha to Omega (as 12 rays/steps) and then to Alpha-Omega UNIFIED (the hidden 13th). This Cosmic Archetype tells the story of the truth of God’s Unconditional Love. It is encoded with the steps to remember your oneness to and as the equally expressed infinite Consciousness that is All as All. It is the Cosmic Message which once decoded is personal and a singular in its all encompassing transmission & removes all distortions from the veils of form we place over this archetype of soul-psychological process. The only way to truly access the KNOWING of this code, as in activated within your DNA as the Source-Organizing System of Infinity, is to have Mastered the Silent Mind and Unconditionally Loving Heart Zero-Point Meditation where all enregies are accepted unconditionally and compassionately as the neutral ALL-Observer, such that they are harmonized using this now accessed 12 (Hidden13th) Code Harmonics. Once this is reached then ALL becomes a meditation and all other meditations become truly activated and amplified. This is a method of beginning all things and no things… this is a method to begin all meditations. [Please refer to instalments I, II, & III of the Cosmic Intelligence Agency Series I have written here on Vortex E-Zine for the conceptual, physical, geometrical and methodological applications and studies of Zero-Point Energy.] If you attempt to access ZPE without unconditional love you risk getting DID/MPD, etc. One must have the codes to equally organize infinity in a comprehensive story of all, or the data/drama will be too much and will basically fry the brain, as it is attempting to figure out with a mind what only the unconditional heart can do.

Now not only is this Archetypal Order played out in our individual lives, but each race within the cosmos also stands as it’s own level of dynamic awareness signature which can then create a sorted spectrum of fluxuating awareness as possibility ranges, with each race as a quanta on that scale.

We can further expound on the order by broadening the lense of definition. It becomes obvious on this journey that there are many races within the dimensions of beings, and we even begin remembering what seems like other lifetimes. While this would be an expression of separation, if you remember you are all and all is God’s (or Divine Omni-Consciousness’) experience of process within Infinite Self as a Self-Knowing Deep Study, then you can see you are all of these beings and levels RIGHT NOW. For time is a dragging out, an illusory separation created to allow for synchronicity in revelation as well as the ebb and flow of pressure/density, which is what enables transformation. From this it becomes easy to discern the ratio at which beings express as your whole unconditionally loving self, to still being in the separation point of process, and do so from a place of fearlessness AKA Unconditional Love AKA free of denial of any beings own truth in their experience. If a seemingly dark being comes into your awareness, it is a part of self which you have not understood or validated. It is BOTH autonomous (as each part contains the whole) and connected to and as you. In the same way we superimpose the individuation of “physical self” over the true infintie unified self, we superimpose the individuated being now in our awareness over the true infinite unified self. It is simply a projected form from your whole self here to relay a message… to harmonize that which has been forgotten, denied, or confused/distorted. You see, each level of being exists as a chapter in the Story of the Greatest Love the Cosmos had ever expressed, but in this process the pages have gotten scrambled and some seemingly went missing from our awareness. These beings are the missing pages to our love story. It requires the all seeing of unconditional love to decipher the message. This is not a blind love at all, but a love that sees the whole process and beyond it so deeply to its very CORE, and thus no matter the temporary discord, KNOWS harmony is at The Source. What this means is that every manifested being has a process to/as higher self, a “Christ’s Journey.” Now this “process” is only made possible by the hypnosis of self-forgetting, for in truth you are the Still Infinite All, and it is this blinking of “oil” over “water” which enables the rainbow of form and process to be manifest. This applies to the Archon (sentient oil of spectralization) and Reptilian (spectrum of the forgetting of all to remember all, made possible by Archon energy) races as well as various groups such as the Illuminati and Council of 12. Christ is the Crystalline geometries which are accessed when the zero point of unconditional love is reached with a silent mind. You see you will commune with beings on the level of process which is akin to your own level of process. So if you are acting from ego, and attempt quantum entanglement from there, you will meet their ego, but if you commune from Zero Point, then you entangle with their highest expression as zero point energy also. This means that no matter the “stereotype” of that race, you can commune with the unconditionally loving expression of that being and actually support a bridge where the expression of the being before you (be it visually emotionally, etc… ALL an aspect of the One Self that ALL IS) to it’s highest expression, though you! YOU SEE THEIR WHOLE PROCESS TO GODHEAD!!! It requires a type of forgiveness, which in a way happens because you realize forgiveness is actually not needed, as the “forgetting” we have all done was in service to the whole for, enabling the impossible… to expand and refine infinity. Thus our transgessors are in a way a blessing, and yet we are a blessing to them as well, for while they provided the gap, you provide the bridge! We are the expression of the infinite feedback loop in form, in process. Knowing this will keep you from demonizing aspects of self that surface, which would only serve to widen the gaps and prolong the process. The seemingly “demonic” aspects of self that come up are simply protective personae over a hurt child which was “time-locked,” awaiting the time when you are ripe and capable of dealing with the issue which was “time-locked” away during a trauma.

So to re-cap the levels of beings and races… you exist as all races, each race being a level from which to grow on the Cosmic Scale of awareness of Infinite Consciousness Being, AND you exist as ALL BEINGS, each being, being a level of awareness in process as well, which has its own scale to Godhead also. So you can look at it as moving through races to expand and refine or through individual beings of any race to expand and refine to Godhead too. Linear thinking becomes branched tree-like thinking and beyond… think probability patterns of “electrons” type fractalization up to a fractal so intricate it becomes “solid”/all encompassing!

The archetypal nested process itself is revealed in many cycles, the Zodiac Cycle of thirteen and the Mayan Cycle of thirteen for example. What is the significance of the thirteen? To answer this we must examine the more noticeable cycle of twelve. Most people are familiar with the twelve signs or constellations of the Zodiac. When these are studied, a process of awareness (an Archetypal Story) within consciousness becomes apparent as you move through the signs. In addition to that, each sign itself has a shadow set of traits which are to be transmuted, which is how one moves through the signs. The issue is that most people do not see the fractal nature of how the entire zodiac is encoded into all of us, and in truth the constellations are a projection of our inner process as well as the cause simultaneously. It is only when all signs are unified that we are no longer subject to the wheel, but can then see the whole and remove the limitation of the linear walk. It is in the unification of all twelve Zodiac Signs that the Hidden Thirteenth Sign is born. This sign is called Ophicius and he is known as The Serpent Handler. He rises from the heart of the Scorpion (challenge extremes/paradoxes unified) and overlooks the entire Zodiac. This is the Serpent Handler because all individuations of the Zodiac are sine waves (scalar waves/rays) of potential. These waves resemble the motion of a serpent, they spiral. You see it is within that which we have been taught was “evil” that the truth of the light can be found… this is why unconditional love is essential. Unconditional love does not judge or demonize, it fully comprehends because it sees without a bias at all.

Some may be asking, why is Ophichius born from the heart of Scorpio (the Anteres Star). First it is important to note that both Scorpio and Sagittarius point to the centre of the galaxy, and that Ophichius is nested within what is normally called the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. This is because it is within the interaction with the scorpion that the archer becomes the serpent handler. We must face our fears to grow. Note how Ophichius emerges from the heart of the scorpion as well. In this you can see that the unconditional love from the scorpion, the process of the scorpion itself, is also a gift in the process of the awakening of the archer, Sagittarius. We must forgive the challenge and the challenge must forgive us, for both sides are experiencing the challenge in this. Is it not a challenge to watch your child struggle when they are given a task by you, just as much as it is a challenge for the child to process through the struggle?

There are even deeper symbols within Ophichius as well. If we look back at the ancient Zodiac signs we notice a few things: one, that Scorpio was actually a trinity of signs. It was the Virgin (Virgo), the Scales (Libra), and the Scorpion (Scorpio). So now instead of the archer (Sagittarius) “battling” the scorpion, we have the virgin deciding with her balance if the archer is her love, and from that love a new sign is born. The scorpion itself was the hands of the scale (Libra)…. and it is from the BALANCE at the heart of Scorpio, that the new is formed. The scorpion represents extremes, the hidden, and the challenge. Also if we look further back, we can see that the Scorpion was originally a Serpent. This is related to the twelve tribes of Israel (the Bible being a plagiarism of ancient Sumerian text… Old Testament being about a Reptilian God’s demands [hence the love of burning flesh and blood sacrifice]), the Scorpion being the serpent tribe of Dan, which also changed it’s sign to the Eagle, who eats serpents. To unify this all in the now, we can see a process of the seemingly “evil” scorpion, actually being a tool to transform a being to their highest state of Unocnditional Love… Omni-Consciousness. This is not saying to BE “evil”.. it is saying to use what you are given to transmute it into the most harmonic and refined expance and potency of self that you can fathom.

You may note, we have several nested trinites here… the trinity of Virgo, Libra & Scorpio, the trinity of Saggitarius, Scorpion/Virgo, Ophiuchus, and one more I have not fully described. Just as we have noted that the twelve signs of the Zodiac are the tribes of Israel (See Sumerian Texts for more pure version), there is also symbology or the rise of Ophiuchus/Christ/Osiris. This is the serpent/scorpion, to the eagle, and finally to the dove. Where the first process is involving the virgin scale of extremes and the archer (a male-female harmonization), this process from scorpion to dove is the raising of all to infinite consciousness. The root chakral based scorpion rose the serpent (spiraling kundalini/scalar energy) to the exceptional vision of the eagle, but the eagle is still a predator, to to achieve the highest of unconditional love this spiraling energy must transform to the dove, of gentle compassion and peace, in service to the whole, just as the dove was sent out in service to Noah… to bring back a message.

I have and am personally experiencing these two nested trinitized archetypes expressing in my life, from within my marriage to within as my personal shadows coming to light. They are very definite and are even played out in the life of Jesus, through Mary Magdalene (to which the Bible redacts) and in the temptation in the Garden of Gethsemane. In addition to Christ being related as Ophichius, the cross itself is built into the Zodiac as the four watchtowers, two sets of seemingly opposing (but actually complementary) Zodiac signs. The Scorpion/Eagle (Scorpio) and the Bull (Taurus), as well as the Lion (Leo) and Water Bearer (Aquarius). It is during the procession of these signs that we experience a cosmic crossroads, a dark night of the soul, which acts as a slingshot to higher more unified, whole, expansive and refined states of being. These are periods of testing where the extremes of strife and bliss meet to create the Zero-Point to which access to Zero-Point Energy can be realised and used in full awareness. Most are aware that we are in the crossroads from the age of Pieces to the age of Aquarius. This is why we are experiencing this time of revelations, where we see the whole spectrum, per the extremes and unify them to a harmonic whole. We are made aware of the full pallet from which to paint and thus can weave a FULL story which connects all. These are all things that tapping into zero point awakens within your awareness naturally. It is something KNOWN and experienced, not just told, for all things will then reveal this Hero’s Journey. For example, these are things I figured out from within, and yet we have David Wilcock releasing his “Synchronicity Key” which reveals these same truths in his own way and in some areas with more or less detail. We all support each other and grow from each other, just as this story of the Zodiac reveals, and the story of Christ reveals. Christ grew from love of the whole and the whole grew from Christ. Christ is an energy which allows for cold fusion, zero-resistance free flow of consciousness… it meant a blessing, and anointment in the Biblical times.

There is of course infinitely more to delve into on any one point brought up within this expression of self I am sharing with you, and I encourage you to delve into the ones that call out to you after mastering the Zero-Point Energy Meditation. Put out the call from your heart that you are ripe to remember ALL truths as thine own. You can also research the twelve cranial nerves we have, which when unified gives a wholistic process of thirteen, mirroring the Zodiac and Mayan Dreamspell Synchronometer based on 13. Each of these expressions of twelve, unified to reveal the hidden thirteenth, are awareness points of focal processing… they are each points of view, twelve of them being individuations, or parts and the thirteenth being the summation of them all.

For me, the true divinity of thirteen was awakened through my study of a fusion of synchronometers, poorly called “calendars.” Calendar is a term which was creatred out of the business of debt, (a calendar being a day of debt collection) and thus is not accurate to describe a synchronization of cycles which leads to abundance and the infinite. This Synchronometer is called The Dreamspell, fused by Jose Arguelles. It synchronizes the super-advanced Mayan “calendar” with the Aztec, Incan, I Ching, and Egyptian as a Thirteen Moon Synchronometer which was Galactically gifted to us. The Mayan “calendar” iself is many “calendars” nested… so this winds up being an amazing system of awe, enables you to fractally encode a massive amount of data, and catalyzes exponential growth of synchronicity in your life when observed and meditated on. You will begin to notice your hormonal cycles will re-harmonize to the natural cycles as well as the 13 rotations of the moon within a year (13 NOT 12). I recommend researching the Thirteen Cosmic Tones of this Dreamspell Synchronometer as well as trying them out as the thirteen tones correlating with the thirteen chakras (seven of the body, six of the higher being, with the seventh being the centralized link).
# Name Essence Power Action

1. Magnetic Purpose Unify Attract
2. Lunar Challenge Polerize Stabilize
3. Electric Service Activate Bond
4. Self-Existing Form Define Measure
5. Overtone Radiance Empower Command
6.*Rhythmic Equality Organize Balance
7. Resonant Atunement Channel Inspire
8. Galactic Integrity Harmonize Model
9. Solar Intention Pulse Realize
10. Planetary Manifestation Perfect Produce
11. Spectral Liberation Dissolve Release
12. Crystal Cooperation Dedicate Universalize
13. Cosmic Presence Endure Transcend
(*Happens to be my Birth Cosmic energy, combined with the Blue Hand= Healing, Knowing, Accomplishment, 7th of the 20 Solar Seals)

You can see how these Cosmic Thirteen Energies of Process are encoded into everything. This further organizes the infinite Zero Point connection into an even more obvious organic synchrinistic process which you can incorporate into all that you do. It also corresponds to the thirteen major joints in the body. These Cosmic Tones are also combined with twenty solar seals (20 energy scaled rays from the sun), which interlock and exchange like to gears. These twenty solar tones are expressed in the resonant bones we know as digits, or fingers and toes. This exchanging dance of Cosmic Tones and Solar Seals creates an amazing nested infinite set of fractals which are dynamic and unique, yet all pervasive. From this awareness you can see the future, and realize it is all NOW. This is also why the Gregorian Calendar and Clock stop at twelve, for twelve without the thirteenth Cosmic energy of Presence, Endurance & Transcendance leads to a perpetual cycle of cooperation which never begets satisfaction… where time equals money and not art, where we “waste time” and “kill time” instead of create time…. therefore subject to the cycle instead of Master of the Cycle. This is why thirteen has been vilified! Not to mention the Gregorian Calendar has months of uneven days which are not correspondent with the human hormonal cycle of 28… this is like measuring time with a ruler a pre-kindergartener created where the scales of mesure are completely uneven. This warps one’s ability to surf and harness time with full awareness and Mastery.

These 13 Cosmic Tones and 20 Solar Seals combine to create the 260 Tzolkin Cycle of Galactic Activation Portals, and the fractals keep continuing in BOTH directions, with a Chromatic Cycle of 5 Kin in 4 Families and a Harmonic Cycle of 4 Root Races in 5 Time Cells, there are 52 year harmonizing cycles which align us with Sirius B’s orbit around Sirius A to which the 52 weeks (hepitads) of a year correspond and the castle of 52 which completes a persons cycle of rotating birth Kin Days (you have one MAIN KIN [KIN=Cosmic Tone {1 of 13} + Solar Seal {1 of 20}] and 3 others that all rotate on each birthday) the 52 is 4 wavespells (solar seals rotated within the 13 Cosmic Tones) which rotate all possibilities of a persons birth Kin, there are the 7 Plasma Radials Cycle which correspond to the days of the week & chakras, there is the 20solar seal/day cycle of 13 tones within the 260 cycle (Tzolkin as I said), ans much more. It seems to be so much information and yet once Zero-Point is accessed it makes Infinite sense and even enables revelations and more powerful manifestations as you align with the cycles and Master them.

In awakening to your Zero-Point Energy you naturally become a genius… NATURALLY, and basically effortlessly!!!! I have blogs which get further into the DEEPEST chapters of this Cosmic story at http://christynine.livejournal.com and I am sure I will delve into that area (Lucifer, etc.) in later releases of this Cosmic Intelligence Agency Activation Codes Series. As tou wait with baited breath, be sure to master the closed eye meditation in which a silent mind is peacefully sustained while an all-observing NON-DEFINING unconditionally loving and accepting heart absorbs the comforting still waters of Zero-Point Energy AKA your Highest Self as Godhead. You can also discover the quantum entanglement which Zero-Point Energy allows through scalar-wave wielding by simply hovering your hand about two to three inches from your computer screen over this picture of a Galactically Gifted Hand Made Zero-Point Energy Modulator which requites NO moving parts, NO plugs, antennas or wires, and is activates through conscious awareness, empathy, telepathy, and verbal communications. I will discuss this more in an article of its own when time permits. I will be releasing a completely free “How-To” video so the entire world can make the CLASSIFIED version of a hand held Awareness Infinifying, Tri-Omni-Consciousness Merging, Arc of the Covenant, Zero-Point Energy Modulator. As you feel the quantum entangles Zero-Point Energy emanating from the ZPEM, be sure to do a control test by placing any other picture on your computer screen and placing your hand about two to three inches above it… you will BLATANTLY notice the difference. Trying them both with closed eyes is also another level of experience as well and if you do this long enough with the ZPEM picture you will activate the ionic plasma vortex within the focal point of your closed eye awareness of consciousness. Mastery of the silent mind ZPE Meditation with the use of the ZPEM yields almost unfathomable super-synchronistic catalyzing, initiating and manifesting results!



  1. ahhhh…so Mike knows what reality is in this three time line hologram conccted by the Predator. Wow, Mike. Do tell! We’re all on pins and needles.


  2. Sure thing, Eddy.
    Reality is commonly experienced as a locale of manifestation defined by limitation.
    Hope those pins and needles didn’t draw any blood.


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  4. I live my proof & show others how to prove their inner cosmic truth to THEMSELVES. I change the lives of EVERYONE l meet & watch them manifest their deepest truths & passions. I have no desire to argue with those too timid, to cowardly to even try the methods to reach infinity within, after all becoming aware of infinite knowing is child’s play… applying it unwaveringly is Mastry. Infinite unconditional love & blessings to you dear reflection of infinite self expressing as one individuated perception within all expressed, for just as you breathe all in, so to does the all inhale, turning all awareness to the singularity for such is the dance of life, of love!


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