Brain-attacks A three part series exclusive to Vortex magazine.


A three part series exclusive to Vortex magazine.

By Joska Ramelow

Annotated and expanded notes by Dr. Doepp, a Swiss Medical doctor and specialist for radiation pollution, e-smog and hazards of technical electromagnetic fields on safety questions in our digital age.

Presentation and interview on Swiss 5, Time to do program, 19.9.2014

part one

The brain and CNS works with a capacity of 10%, contemporary science postulates that the ‘ yield of the harvest of intelligent thought’ could be raised by unleashing more of the power of our brains.

This remains a very one sided consideration when we do not factor in the emerging field of Epigenetics, as Dr. Doepp makes it clear form the outset.

The cells of our body show the same working capacity whereby we only utilise 10% of our DNA too. The remainder has been dismissively called ‘junk’ DNA, a denomination that might be far too short a description representing our limited understanding to date. Dr. Doepp maintains that the supposedly ‘unused’ 90% of DNA in body and brain communicates with the 96% of space surrounding our body that is present in the form of a resonance field. This field naturally resonates at various cycles such as the known Schuhman resonances that pulse at an average of 7.5-7.8 Hertz per second. There are a number of resonant fields measured by wave pulses per second. Our brain resonates with a steady 14Hz field per second, as a reliable constant. All the other fields vary greatly and some maybe more harmful than others to ou health. When looking at the breakthrough discoveries of the electrophysicist Professor Konstantin Meyl’s discoveries we are faced with the cutting edge of our most modern scientific knowledge today regarding the positive and negative influences of resonant electrodynamic fields. The field carries information which Professor Meyl has used to change the malignancy of cancer cells in conjunction with the Cancer research centre at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. These are the tastes of things to come and are intricately connected to an emerging field of scientific study called Epigenetics. The fields maintain our well-being, health and vitality by resonating with our DNA structures. It was even found that DNA can change in time and the famous DNA sampling to replace the old fashioned fingerprints of criminals has already proven to be unreliable in this respect by the standards of what we know about the nature of DNA via epigentic research.

There are traditional versions of it’s application having comne through to us via older cultures. We know, for instance, that in the Hindu tradition farmers utilize a traditional method knows as Agnihotra to massively improve their yield and crop resistance to disease. However, this only works precisely at the point when the disc of the sun has exactly risen above the horizon and the rays travel horizontally across the fields of the farmer burning some dried organic cow patties in the copper pyramid as an offering. The rays of the sun affect the DNA of all living structures to trigger off corresponding growth hormones to enhance vitality and resilience or organisms in it’s trajectory. It strongly resonates with bio-photons inside our DNA. These are not light photons but invisible to the eye but can be measured by corresponding devices as active fields. This example contains many points of discussion which will become relevant later in this piece.

Epigenetics is therefore the totality of phenomena connected to the production and expression of life and what materialises it. We marvel at the thought that water can rise against gravity inside a tree at the beginning of the growth cycle, that trout can swim against the currents with no discenrable muscle movement. Epigenetic techniques of a mental nature were shown to be successfully used to re-program our body fluids and chemistry for when metabolic problems like chronic type II diabetes was present. Within 4-6 weeks a bunch of 60+ year old subjects recently were able to reverse the diagnosis to the point where diabetes could not be diagnosed any longer.

So, the understanding of Epigenetics provides a new dimension in medical thinking too, and might help to overcome a few of our modern challenges that are growing to rather grave proportions.

Dr. Marti in his busy Madrid clinic has developed a protocol for reversing metastasised cancer with patients who simply sit in between two columns containing scalar wave generators and transmit a message of dying cancer cells to the patient. We are looking at the first fruits of Professor Meyl’s

research of which this just represents the tip of a breth taking iceberg.

Meet the challenged parts and their stress potentials

The brain is made up of many clusters of fatty cells surrounded by a connective tissue, the holding structure, formed by glial cells. As we have heard it constantly resonates with a field of 10 Hertz per second. At the base of this structure just above neck, where the blood enters the brain via the jugular arteries, we find a rather remarkable filtering system. This system has come to be known as the blood brain barrier. It’s intelligence lets in all the nutrient and energy rich substances the brain requires and screens toxic materials that would harm the fatty tissues. The biochemists can explain this in terms of chemical reactions, it would not be amiss to think of another transmitter-receiver communication of cells that might be at the root of this marvellous mechanism. I this way the volume of certain nutrients could be precisely calibrated, faster than a normal chemical reaction would allow for. When we factor in that the cells operate with 1015 reactions per second, we get an idea how difficult it would be for normal chemistry to monitor all this complexity at an instant.

This leads us on to understand something about the nature of the toxic impacts on our brains.

As to harmful materials, there are a number of candidates sharing all similar characteristics. One is the property to dissolve in fat. Pesticides and herbicides based on hydrocarbon chemistry which are normally kept out can creep through when the blood brain barrier is damaged. They have a nasty habit of disrupting hormone production in the glands embedded in the brain, and thus, wreak havoc at a very central location. We might remember the campaigns surrounding lead in petrol that damaged the brains of our children with severe heavy metal poisoning, in extreme cases. Mild cases showed lack of concentration and lethargy. This opened the pandoras box of heavy metal poisoning. In our present times the brains have yet again become the dumping grounds for fat soluble toxins and heavy metals with potentially devastating effects. So what has changed since the 1970’s and 80’s? Did we not clear up the fuels after agonising debates with the motor industry? Luckily, a healthy outlook for the future of our children won the day and the mess was cleared up. But what happened in the meantime? Enter the era of electro-smog. This is the new dirty kid on the block. Electro-smog from mobile phone and Wifi technology operating in the 2.4 gigahertz range spectrum have been proven to damage the blood brain barrier and actually burns holes into it’s physical structure. Together with this we get exposed to herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals, this time in the form of platinum from catalytic converters. When looking at the back of our mobile phone for safety information the suppliers only show an SAR rating, which does only refer to the thermal effects of the radiation. Despite a vast amount of research evidence the industry is not admitting to the devastating health effects of the radiating fields by mobile phones.

  1. Live Blood & Electrosmog

Do the new technical challenges raise any eyebrows in the medical profession?

According to Dr. Doepp’s observations all the problems with lack of concentration. lethargy or hyperactivity are have returned with a vengeance, and even more worrying, symptoms of new conditions are found known as Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and Attention deficit disorder hyperactivity syndrome (ADDHD). We also see an immense rise in conditions of Parkinsonism, Epilepsy, Dementias and Alzheimers. Even the famous mad cow disease of late also known as Kreutzfeld-Jakob Disease (KJD) is often associated with hydrocarbon based insecticides that were rubbed into the necks of cows. The fat soluble substances were practically rubbed into areas very close and in direct contact to the cows brains. Little wonder organic farmers encountered very little problems with this condition sine they shun these chemicals.

E-smog can actually throw up addictive patterns in children who being taken into nature might get very nervous, angry or violent because ‘nothing is happening’ when they are not connected to their digital devices. Taking them on a forest walk can be a very strange experience for such individuals as they feel rather disoriented, since the natural pulse of silence and serenity with birdsong and the wind in the trees can feel like a threat to them.

How can that be? Dr. Doepp further explains that e-smog not only damages the structure of the blood brain barrier but at the same time it literally cuts off the neo-cortex, the big part of the brain, from the deeper and older regions such as the limbic system and brain stem. These are the areas where all the instinctive and intuitive capacity of us is at home. When muscle testing is done the testers now are increasingly faced with paradoxical results. What is supposed to be a good influence tests negative and vice versa. So, the digital age is producing a new type of split personality with digitally induced schizoid tendencies, which is rather ominous, considering that we cannot simply switch it off the offending fields easily. Luckily there are answers to this but of that later.

Are the glands in the brain protected from E-smog?

E-smog damages glandular activity too. When talking about the functions of the nervous system and glandular system together the conventional medical textbooks talk about the neuro-endocrine system. Understanding that the nervous system with it’s fast reactions relies on electrical impulses it comes as little surprise that the hormonal balance is influenced by fast acting impulses too, which are co-ordinated with the nervous system. Let’s say one falls in love at first sight, or a negative phone call conjures up a lot of stress. In both cases the balance of neuro-peptides, or brain messenger hormones, are immediately affected and the adrenal gland contributes it’s own bit to this fast paced scenario. Therefore, the emotional reaction patterns are vastly dependent on electrical currents within the nervous system and the energy generating organelles known as mitochondria in the tissues of the nervous and glandular system. Electrosmog has been shown to de-program and re-program the chemistry of the reaction patterns. An example from the world of farming to illustrate this point. It is known that when dairy farmers had begun protecting their cows with e-smog neutralising devices that the incidence of udder disease, still birth and even more devastating conditions to the herd stopped almost over night. The disease patterns were observed to develop as soon as a transmission towers for modern microwave telephone nets were set up outside the farms.

So cows do not have the confabulating capacity of man that often ends up being blamed on people with issues of electro-sensitivity. These are probably just the canaries in the coal mine and help to warn the rest of us about the destructive trajectory our modern technical life style has conjured up for us.

Dr. Doepp mentions the fact that the 2.4 gigahertz wave spectrum affects the function of our pineal gland which normally balances the hemispheres of the brain to integrate left brain logical thinking with right brain artistic and creative aspects of our life. It impinges on the workings of the pituitary gland which is a conductor of the glandular orchestra. As a master gland it influences the rest of the body by being the progenitor gland for metabolic and reproductive functions it ultimately regulates. E- smog also interferes with the working of our hypothalamic tract and the limbic system, where the sense of smell and other deeply rooted instinctive functions are embedded. These functions are being re-programmed to the detriment of the person, which often reacts idiosyncratic and irritable, since there is a chronic deep seated sense of disconnection present. Only the large part of the brain, as mentioned can operate undisturbed for the time being. So a computer programmer can go on with his or her job as long as it remains a rational and logical affair with a certain amount of creative input. All the personality traits that want to grow and develop are largely suspended of made more opaque. Doepp goes on in stating that man is thus progressively removed from his intuitive capacity and creative talents. So, the reptile part of the brain acquires an ever more significant proportion in the life of persons thus affected. Every time we down a mobile phone after a conversation we put the smoking gun away. If history had not seen a Mary Shelley with her trail blazing novel Frankenstein yet, we would have to invent her with a narrative of this kind reflecting on modern man and his current woes in the ever increasing load of e-smog in the world. It has increased over a million times since the 1970’s.

How do we know the brain is increasingly fried by stress from e-smog?

We have mentioned how it affects children’s developing brains with attention problems above. The rumours about tumours are true too, since the first case for compensation for the mandatory use of a mobile phone on the job was settled in Italy in 2012. The health statistics clearly spell it out with with a significant rise of aneurysms, spontaneous rupture of blood vessel in the brain. The constant irritation leads to tinnitus, ringing in the ear, and progressive hearing problems.

With lack of concentration and a diminishing memory.

So, how does it affect 8-10 year old school children’s developing brains then? They often have their mobile phones in the class room and are surrounded by the pulsing technical e-smog field, whether the device is on or not. We all experience a full spectrum e-smog field that is synthetically generated and occupies the natural external epigenetic field which communicates with our 90% supposedly redundant DNA. When considering that growing and developing children are much more receptive to e-smog with all the consequences on it’s electrically conducting fatty cerebral tissues and glandular structures as described above. They are now been placed in front of computer terminals operating on e-smog laden WiFi technology to absorb the teaching material inside the class room with all it’s negative effects as described above. Therefore it is no great mystery to understand how ADHD can develop. Our modern answer to this is yet another drug regime that comes in the form of Ritalin. This pharmaceutical delays the re-uptake of adrenaline based neuro-peptides, and thus, acts in similar fashion to the plant based cocaine. This is the reason why some people casually call it the Cocaine for children. Of course it achieves it’s result of making the cerebral of the neo-cortex more efficient, but the deeper parts remain ever more shut off. We, as a society have to ask the question, what are we doing with our children?

So, what happens to our processing capacity under these circumstances? When signals and data from a screen enters our short term memory it it hard to behold, bounces back and has great difficulty entering our long term memory. Being exposed by these fields generates a huge amount of positively charged ions which are known as free radicals. These settle at either end of the base pairs of our DNA and prohibit the formation of resonance fields inside the double helix structures. These resonance fields are mediated by photons, the ultimate carriers of data quanta, or in common language bits of information. The bitstream inside the cognitive part of the brain, by the way, is based on cells that process only 40 bits per second whereas the tissues in the deeper parts of the brain easily process a bitstream in the order of billions per second. This is why it is so tragic that we willingly or unwillingly deny our children a significant apsect of their potential developments of talents. One could see this as a crime against humanity, if one is so inclined.

End of part one

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  1. “One could see this as a crime against humanity, if one is so inclined.”
    One could and if the species is to survive they dam well better. None of this is accidental, the human race has reached the threshold of a dream, they will either go on to become greater even than the gods they made or they will be consumed by the very tools that have been put at their disposal to achieve this. We don’t need the 90% of our brains that we don’t use? 90% of our DNA is junk? These are the very same morons who are ready to fight WW III over a couple of “be-headings” with rubber knives. Its time to put them all to work in fields where they can at least achieve something productive with their extremely limited intelligence. The only thing they should be voting on is what color their outhouses will be, if we should so chose to build them any. And those who are leading them around like farm animals with rigs through their noses? They must be dealt with with extreme prejudice, They know just what they are doing. You think they haven’t noticed that our children are walking around bumping into walls pressing buttons on a handheld idiot box? That they think music is something that is produced by over sexed prostitutes and imbeciles trying to rhyme gugu with gaga while they keep from tripping over their pants that they are wearing around their knees? ADHD is now the rule and soon autism will be too. I don’t know why Schumann ever even told them about the resonance you think their Jewish “scientists” would have found it? Its time for those that can see to act and act with extreme prejudice.


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