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Is it all ‘set in stone’, or what we are up against.

Leo Tolstoy once said that, ‘the dictatorship of the proletariat still remains a dictatorship’, a clear understanding that, to paraphrase, that by replacing one bad bunch of cooks with another you cannot achieve wholesome and healthy meals either, since they would still work to the same limited recipe of ingredients. Although, one would hope otherwise, but ‘the very mindset that led to the problems in the first place cannot provide the ideas to it’s solutions’ as Einstein’s words echo loudly when asking the question, ‘what has this all got to do with the question of health?’ when the BBC reports on October 6th 2014 that the National Health Service (NHS) is in deepest crisis and will be short of 30 billion pounds by 2020, that the dedicated and hard working staff are all at breaking point and very frustrated, then the public gets a whiff that ‘things are left to burn on the stove in the kitchen’. In one of my previous pieces I invoked Ivan Illich’s work of 40 years ago whose comments on the future of medicine in a society relentlessly driven by marketing interests where he comment on ‘ the impotence of medical services to change life expectancy, and examines the clinical and social reality of personal health, and argues for individuals to regain the integrity of their bodies and lives’. Today we look directly into the face of the conundrum and understand why ideas for a new integrated medicine do not find favour with the ‘movers and shakers’ in a climate driven by the self interest of giant pharmaceutical companies chasing for shareholder value as their prime directive. It is high time we took the hot burning dishes off the stove again and re-ordered the kitchen itself.

Clay tablets crumbling or welcome to the world of changes

A much used buzzword of the day, however, is ‘shift of paradigm’. That represents our operating key to finding and understanding the answers to many of our present day problems, whether financial, physical and cultural. This is particularly felt with regard to health in the public arena as one of it’s current day manifestations. The financial aspects with ever more spiralling costs and ever more complicated drug developments with less and less actual services being on offer is one side of the coin. The other has to do with our individually accepted sets of notions of human health. They are beginning to wear ever thinner as a lot of those had depended on the classic Pavlovian ‘operant response conditioning’ that started the enquiry for our personal well being with the famous question in the back of our minds, ‘Doctor , will I live’? When no diagnosis is substantiated we sigh and tend to say, ‘good, how lucky this time, I got a clean bill of health!’ This might be a moment where a person is sticking his head deeply into a bucket and leaves the rest to the medical professionals. He might actually still have the symptoms, but the doctor gave a clean bill of health and that is what counts, ok? Is this a balanced way of weighing up the pros and cons between the signals that have not stopped coming from inside and prompted us to pay a visit to a doctors surgery in first place? A stretch between being genuinely concerned about inner well being or simply being a ‘paranoid-histrionic-attention-seeking-Munchausen-syndrom-cultivating-feeble-minded-imbecile’? This is the classic trap of saying to ourselves we know nothing and doctor knows it all.

Although a doctor represents the medical profession in a capacity to comprehend and understand the anatomy of pain and suffering on the basis of accepted medical curricula and science , however, the parameters of these are of late increasingly made to conform to the latest chemical treatments available in the market place. Often a case was being made that another newfangled drug is chasing yet another disease. When reading the latest version of the handbook of psychiatry that grew from a a mere 40 page booklet during the 1950’s to a tome prescribing drug treatments for over 300 conditions, we can imagine that there is something to suit any condition of mind and soul. We can chose a different condition for almost every day of the year now. These conditions and accompanying drugs, of course, are generated by a huge pharmaceutical industrial Leviathan that forces many doctors to question whether they themselves are ethically fully meeting the needs of their numerous patients whose stories often tend to overwhelm their own human capacity for compassion and empathy. So, prescribing some nostrum, that the patient can take home provides at least a physical proof to family, peers and employers that the disease the patient is suffering from is for ‘real’! This scenario, in short, throws a spotlight on the allegorical points alluded to above. The recipe for the ‘dish of health’ had not changed in many years and is speedily running out of nutritious value. The medical establishment is in crisis and we, the ordinary takers of the services have not taken much notice of this, which is why the shift has to happen with us first since we are legally positioned to be the sole makers of any decision to do with ingesting any nostrums, i.e. medicines prescribed to us. It is illegal for a doctor to force us to take or inject anything for that matter without our express consent. However, take for example the revolving door treatments surrounding the increasingly inefficient antibiotics. This has led for many to an impasse in their search for health and makes them increasingly subject to a plethora of side effects that furnish the grounds for new medications and diseases and the revolving door keeps spinning, in and out of the doctors surgery. In our often erroneous belief that we cannot live without the inconveniences of the side effects since the thrust of the main medication addresses my arthritic joints, or blood pressure or whatever, it can easily turn into a self inflicted dictatorial rule of our own making since we bought into it in the first place. When our conditioned responses fail to see that we can take some responsibility in the search for our own health, we find ourselves stranded between the famous rock and a hard place and are often so overwhelmed that we end up saying ‘but what do I know, poor little me?’

How to break the mould

The positive adjustments to move away from this position of helplessness and isolation are numerous and there for everybody to make free use of and grow stronger by the day. As an example a change from a mostly acidic health depleting diet of modern times to a gradually more alkaline based one removing inflammatory processes and building our health in turn would make a good start. The use of specific supplements in one’s daily routine, taking up internal practises that cultivate the health of our cellular levels including the DNA can be another step on the way reclaiming your own sovereignty in questions of our good health. Not surprisingly, cutting edge modern research in Epigenetics has begun confirming that Tai-Qi or Yoga and other such practises can fortify our body against all sorts of maladies. Making use of essential oils can keep many germs and microbial baddies in check and at the same time calm our mind and strengthen the immune system into the bargain. Many more such measures, whether it is acupuncture , homoeopathy or herbalism are freely available, if we only start looking and gathering information and experience with these. This means we have to walk the talk.

We also need to look at fundamental errors in our own perception of health and disease. That is, the medicine we have come to know practised by our conventional health systems are largely based on definitions for illness that require broken down parts in the body system. Fractures would be the classic one, and there is no doubt that surgical measures are required as the first step in treatment. However, this definition is as short in conception as it is negligent in the cultivation of glowing radiant health that comes as a result of good quality food and the right amount of exercise. When we wait for our liver to break down before a proper diagnosis can be made, or we need the presence of a lumps to investigate how we are doing in terms of a malignancy, we have definitely missed a few signals from our insides that a doctor cannot be held responsible for, since the medical definition of health and disease only covers the drastic end of a long winded process of deterioration within us. So, the onus is squarely on us to keep in touch with our own bodies. We can do that by understanding that there is another set of therapies working in the field of alternative medicine that deal with regulatory questions of our complex systems. Li-Kao, the eminent Chinese doctor of the 11th century, rightfully said that [food is our first medicine’.

Ironically, in breaking the mould of our misconceptions we must thank the medical establishment to have confronted us with the challenges in order to move away from the well worn trodden path and begin to become more responsible for our own affairs in health and disease. Ultimately, we are the conductors and legal guardians of our own affairs and remain free to cultivate such an attitude.

Thus, once we are on the way to establish a relationship to our living insides via this new idea of regulatory medicine versus the biomedical fixing of broken down ‘bits’brings we are free to cultivate best aspect of our individual sovereignty. A Chinese saying goes;’ If a traveller begins to dig a well in the desert, onve he feels thristy, it is much too late’. So, a proper the house holding attitude would welcome the famous notion of Pasteur. ‘Where observation is concerned, chance favors only the prepared mind.’

We need to keep a free mind on the subject of our own well being and not be driven by tainted consumerist notions that only the ‘newest, most fashionable or expensive’ can bring happiness and balance in the pursuit of health and happiness. Pasteur is also quoted as having said; ‘Posterity will one day laugh at the foolishness of modern materialistic philosophers’. These two quotes taken together point the way to a state where everything becomes material and the enquiring mind is able to observe symptoms in a state of ‘non-attachment’. This offers a living two-way communication with our inner world as well as our outer environment. Our own health, thus, takes on a different dimension as was alluded to in the Alma Ata declaration of the International Conference on Primary Health Care,

‘Health, which is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, is a fundamental human right and that the attainment of

the highest possible level of health is a most important world-wide social goal whose realization requires the action of many other social and economic sectors in addition to the health sector.’

One cannot add much more to this reasonably comprehensive take on the subject other than that since this view was expressed in 1978, time has not stood still and and during the intervening years a wide range of technical developments have added many more challenges to our own state of health. It is high time we heard respective alarm bells ringing that call us to individual attention.

Newer challenges for regulatory medicine or another Trojan horse in town

Health is the number one aspect in our lives that falls into the range of variables with which we are confronted in our every day lives. We have to take good care of it. Today’s new challenges are numerous and many have not even appeared on the radar of our health systems yet. So, wherever something is in the process of braking down metabolically, like the beginning of a diabetes, or ongoing headaches, or tummy problems it is, however, simply good practise to involve a medical professional who can assess and correctly identify the underlying problem. So, on the one hand we have the old set of problems that are expertly dealt with in the context of surgery and otherwise. On the other hand there are presently no official definitions for many of our modern problems with far reaching consequences for the health of us and our children. These are so grave that they are definitely affecting the well being of future generations into the bargain. Take as one example, the fact that since the 1970’s the electromagnetic radiation that pollutes our environment, also known as e-smog, has increased more than a million times. Within the context of the medical mainstream we may at best find a reference to the old story of radio transmitter engineers that encountered cancer due to their work during the 1940’s at the beginning of our electronic age of the ‘wireless’,. Technical radiation is supposedly no problem today with an endless number of newfangled wireless electronic gadgetry that has now entered any nook and cranny of our modern life. We use these things without much thought being given over to how they could affect our inner more delicate such as the brain with it’s nervous tissues. Do we know that by using a mobile phone we normally trigger a blood clotting effect inside our brain? ‘Rouloux’ type structures resembling rolled up coins appeared within 2 minutes of using the device. According to medical researchers into e-smog this formation of clots takes 20 minutes to clear up again. Are we looking at a massive trojan horse of modern times, I wonder?

Is there a natural protection?

Evolution equipped us with a blood brain barrier. The reason for this lies in the fact that the brain is largely made up of fatty tissues. This barrier protects the brain from fat soluble toxins and other such nasty environmental pollutants including pesticides of unwashed farm produce to larger molecules of drugs to pass through. Therefore it makes good sense to have a blood brain barrier that normally stops this material from entering the Central Nervous System (CNS). However, if we now enter the mobile phone again and with it’s 2.4 Gigahertz electromagnetic field to boot, the bad news is, that this actually burns holes into the membranes of the blood brain barrier and the natural protection becomes riddled with holes. When the liver, our fat digesting organ number one, cannot handle toxic substances that came from plastics or other petroleum based products, it passes it on for waste disposal to the fatty tissues around our waste line. This has provided the normal waste grounds for, as of yet, undigested toxins. However, with the advent of WiFi and mobile phone towers and the telephones that go with it, the fatty membranes of the brain, with a damaged blood brain barrier, have become the new dumping grounds for fat soluble toxic molecular debris. Additionally, our daily marathon through town exposes us to levels of platinum from catalytic converters and other heavy and light metals that get stored in the neurological tissues of the brain too. So this is just one of many examples that reveal the double whammy exposed to in an ordinary day. These are the type of modern problems amongst many we have to take personal care of, since mainstream medical practise has not even taken any notice of these additional chronically deteriorating factors. We find ourselves in the workplace and offices stuffed with these machines and no one seems to be in charge of protective measures to fend off health depleting effects of these devices. There is a hell of a lot of science on offer to prove that the problems are not just in the mind but are a real threat to us and future generations. The reason you read these words has to do with solutions to protect yourself and your family with a series of articles of which this is the first one, to remove the Trojan horse on our doorstep.

329 – Dr. Doepp: Learn to “de-switch” your brain & teach others!

The brain can be conditioned by this simple method to de-switch from many stress factors of modern life..

The next part of this series of articles will take a tour of the inventory of our body tissues from the viewpoint of cavemen medicine meeting spacemen solutions. I hope to share possible solutions and provide some tips and hints that move us away from a potential state of mental, spiritual and health paralysis, we are facing up to in modern. Watch this space for more to come.

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