Ike’s Free Ride


… by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

from Veteran’s Today

It’s time we talked about Ike.  Why?  Today, the Huffington Post announced that a secret underground gas chamber was found in Poland, a leftover from the holocaust. 

Some might call this convenient timing, when Israel is assaulted around the world for genocide in Gaza.  This week, on the TV show “The Strain,” there was a depiction of the removal of human ashes from Auschwitz, insanely unrelated to the plot, just thrown in.

You see, in Europe, you can go to prison for ten years for bringing up the holocaust without getting the “factoids” straight.  Now, anyone not talking about the new “hidden gas chambers” faces jail.  How does this, and films like Winter Soldier have anything to do with Ike?

Ike, at the beginning of World War II was a minor officer with no combat experience.  He was left home when the Army went to fight in France and stayed home as well for World War II, until they took him from Lt. Col. to 4 star general.  Who is “they?”  Ike had powerful friends, powerful friends who hated the United States.

During the war, it was Ike that pushed the Allies into Italy through Sicily.  This ground down resources and held back the D Day invasion by over a year while giving nothing whatsoever to the war effort.  This was pure treason.  At the end of the war, the Germans were still handily beating the hell out of us in Italy and would still be if they wanted to.

Patton, by staff car similar to one it was killed in

Hamstringing Patton was Ike’s specialty.  Ground command after D Day went to Montgomery, someone who shared the same friends Ike had.  Monty, after the landings, failed to take any objective whatsoever, failed to coordinate with Bradley, allowed an entire German Army to escape, this act alone took the war into 1945.

He did more.  After the Allied breakout toward Paris and the Ruhr, Patton was stopped and his gas and ammunition was given to Monty.  It was spent on Operation Market Garden, a totally insane boondoggle to send armies across the endless network of canals and Rhein tributaries into Germany.

Anyone who has visited the areas knows how insane this is.  No army could move there, ours didn’t we got our tails waxed as was intended.

This was important because Hitler needed our supplies to be limited and our forces split for his Ardennes offensive in what was called The Battle of the Bulge.  Monty, commanding British forces and the US 9th Army, was “paralyzed” when the German’s broke through.  Only Patton saved the war but he would pay for it later, Ike would see to that.

Hitler, that’s another story.  At some point we will debate, genocidal monster, failed savior of Christianity or most famous “crisis actor” in history.

You see, were it not for the insane Italy campaign or Monty’s foot dragging in Normandy or Market Garden or his failures during the Battle of the Bulge, the US would have met the Russians inside Poland.  The allies would have taken Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Yugoslavia as well.

There was NO agreement in place to give the Russian’s Berlin, this came later, part of the “set up.”  With America sitting on all of Germany and half of what we call Eastern Europe, there would have been no Cold War or communist threat at all, no Greek civil war, no need for a Marshall Plan or NATO.  No one would have pushed the French back into Vietnam, taking a pro-American government under Ho Chi Minh and turning them into an enemy that would grind up American armies for a decade.

You didn’t know Ho was a US ally?

Back to recent television, the flurry of holocaust references and victimization mythology to offset a massive rise in anti-Israel feelings across Europe, continually reported in the Israeli press, in fact all they talk about anymore.

So much of our history has bee Hollywoodized

A bit ago there was a Bill Murray film where he played FDR.  According to the film, FDR had sex with anything that walked or crawled, a mindless sociopath and drunk.  Does this sound like the film version of JFK?  It should.  If you stop and think about it, every president is being trashed, all but Ike.  Let’s talk about Ike again.

At the end of the war, Ike was in charge in Europe, MacArthur in Japan.  America has some secrets.  We had decided to starve German POWs to death.  Some estimate the deaths at 1.5 million.  At least 800,000 died as POWs.

Moreover, as many as 6 million ethnic Germans, between 1945 and 1950 were murdered systematically, both “east” and “west” or systematically starved to death.  This is not reported.

Remember General Patton?  He was made Governor General of Occupied Germany.  He turned out daily dairy entries which are a horrific embarrassment.  At one point he noted that, as the Russians advanced into Germany, 3.5 million German/Jewish refugees followed them, demanding homes in Germany.

Ike ordered Patton to remove Germans from the homes still standing and to house the 3.5 million Jewish refugees, all of whom at been listed as killed in concentration camps. It is illegal to say more about this, at least from the direction the next sentence should go.

That’s ok, the Mossad assassinated Patton in late 1945, a not very well kept secret, as part of a program that included killing both American and British leaders.  This is all over the internet, different versions.  Choose one you like, everyone else does.

Ike’s job was to destroy Germany, the nation Patton pointed out would be the lynch pin of Europe, the only nation according to Patton worth saving.  To this day there is little left of Germany and yet, with what little they have, we see what they have done.  Today’s Germany, however, is still tightly controlled by Bolsheviks, a story best told by others.

Today we are talking about Ike.  Kids today are taught that growing up in America under Eisenhower, president from 1953 to 1961, was a dream.  I grew up under Eisenhower, grew up in Detroit.  It was everything but “a dream.”

For Ike’s entire presidency, America was in economic free fall.  Technology stood still, nothing was invested in education or technology.  Cars in 1953 were cars in 1961, most parts were interchangeable.  Life expectancy was flat or falling, poverty levels soared and the South literally rotted.

Poverty levels in Southern or Border states was unbelievable, a land of tenant farmers, of shacks, of barefoot children, of race hatred and segregation, of malnutrition and suffering.


"My mother and her siblings all did this in the 1930's"... Jim W. Dean


Ike returned conditions of the darkest years of the Great Depression to most of America.  Cities decayed, air and water were poisoned, human rights ignored, the door was closed on a generation that was soon to be eradicated in Vietnam, those without the right connections, that is.  Ike was all about injustice.  Ike was all about killing the US.

Let’s look at a few national security issues.  At the end of World War II, Germany had developed guided missiles, anti-gravity flight (now declassified), assault rifles and endless scientific achievements that cable TV channels are busy reporting on daily.

America went into the Vietnam War with the M 14, a rehash of the excellent Garand “heavy battle rifle,” almost totally useless in jungle warfare.  That’s ok, we had worse problems.  In Europe, where we faced a massive Soviet/Eastern Bloc military, we had no decent battle tank.  We were still using tanks developed at the end of the war.

We also went into Vietnam without a functioning fighter aircraft.  Nothing we made maneuvered or had a cannon on it.  We could bomb and run away and hope we weren’t shot down but had nothing that performed close to the Mig 17 or 21.  America went out of her way to make certain our Air Forces, we have 3 of them, were using useless aircraft incapable of performing any potential mission, unless you count a repeat of flattening unprotected German cities filled with refugees.

Did I mention nuclear submarines?  Our submarine program, led by Admiral Rickover, was more than a decade behind Russia.  Their subs were faster, larger, and much more capable.  Our program was sabotaged.

How about America’s space program?  German’s brought America, under Operation Paperclip, designs for advanced missiles and manned space vehicles.  All of the technology that took Apollo to the moon was there in 1945.  When Ike left office, America had gone backwards for more than a decade, barely capable of duplicating Hitler’s early missile tests.  A few years later, with Ike gone, we were on the moon, using 1945 technology that, strangely enough, we no longer have.

Because our tanks were outdated our early Cold War strategy was based on tactical nukes


America couldn’t put a ten pound satellite in orbit, was unable to orbit a chimp, could barely get anything off a launch pad while the Germans were, decades before, beginning to enter production with ICBM’s capable of hitting American cities.  Do you think any of them would have exploded on the launch pad?

What America did have were allies.  Here is what they got us:  In Latin and Central America, communists were well on the way to control everything.  Communists controlled most of the new nations in Africa as well.

While Israel was secretly aligned with Russia, the US held Iran, backing a hated dictatorship, while the other nations of the Middle East moved toward Russia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq and, of course India.

Yes, India is not part of the Middle East but, as the leader of the non-aligned states, was always close to the Soviets while the US backed Pakistan, but not very well.  The US was never a very good friend to Pakistan.

In Asia, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and, on and off, Indonesia, the Philippines, all “in play.”  We kept a disarmed Japan as a client state, subsidizing their economy which would later crush ours.

When Ike left office, America was besieged around the world, continent after continent, with no missiles, junk weapons, a crumbling industrial base, failing education, racial divides and cities falling into ruin.

DDT was in everything, it snowed brown across much of the nation, sulphur in everything.   American culture was ruled by be-bop rock and roll, game shows and a burgeoning pornography industry. Working conditions in factories were unbearable, men dying at machines in their 40s with millions lining up for a chance to do the same.

Free Ride


Ike gets a free ride.  His failure to lose  World War II, a man who never saw a day of combat, who lived in luxury, shacked up with his driver, has made him an untouchable national hero.  For those who remember his presidency, it was typified by his personal cowardice.  When Senator “Joe” McCarthy called Ike’s mentor, General George Marshall a communist, Ike was silent.

Ike’s solution in the Korean War still hangs around our necks, a war few will ever understand, particularly as more and more revelations come to light about China’s revolutionary leader Mao and his “backdoor” allegiance to Ike’s “friends.”

There are sick conspiracy theories about an imaginary group called Majestic and the role Ike is said to have played in an equally imaginary “science fiction” surrender to an alien race in 1953.  All of that is hogwash, nothing of the kind has ever existed.

So what if there never were landings in North Africa or Sicily and the US went straight into France in May 1943, stronger and better supplied, while the Germans were fighting well into Russia with extended lines.  Why let real military stuff interfere when TV fiction has always sufficed.

Ike had to make sure Germany was destroyed and to do that, America had to be smashed over and over until Russia could finally come into Germany on their own.  Add the supplies and men of North Africa, Sicily, Italy, of Monty’s “ghost offensives” and Market Garden.

In November 1943, when Patton would have entered Berlin, Russia was still fighting over Kiev.  The US landings and Patton’s drives would have drawn off forces allowing Russia to have proceeded to the Polish border, perhaps even half way to Warsaw.

Instead of Germany being divided, it may well have been Poland.  There would have been no Iron Curtain, no need for NATO, no Eastern Bloc for Stalin to rally to his cause, no basis whatsoever for a Cold War.

From a military standpoint, America’s handling of Europe in World War 2 was insane.  Frankly, MacArthur’s landings in the Philippines were as delusional.  He was still fighting there and New Guinea, when the war ended, with endless thousands of Americans killed over objectives any rational commander would have bypassed.  MacArthur seemed to have the same friends Ike and Monty and Stalin and Mao had.

What Ike did to the Allies in World War II, he did to America as well.

What Ike did to Germany is unspeakable.  The books are out there, no figure of German civilians murdered under 1.5 million, no figure of military dead much less.  In fact, nothing we know of World War II history can be trusted.  A simple reading about the Anzio landings in Italy, with a bit of objectivity added for balance, clearly demonstrates how hard certain groups very close to centers of power, call them “banking” or “illuminati” or whatever, worked to see to it that the worst war in history would never end, and it hasn’t.


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  1. There exist several different views concerning WW2. The predominant, by far, is the simple retelling of military actions, with brief mention to high level decisions. It is as if, with the onset of war, the entirety of events were decided merely by military necessity. This is of course, one of the greatest fictions, and one of the most damaging. Through the simplification of events, history looses all responsibility to report accurately the conditions that got us here.
    Ike’s presidency is forgotten by history. He accomplished little, as the article clearly states, in the way of making America a better place. In this he is by far simply another in a long line of mediocre war leaders who got way too much credit for a victory they did little to secure, and were rushed into office to feed another agenda.
    The dark side is all too real, the paralysis of American forces lead by Patton, the genocide on Germany, the cold blooded destruction of a starving people.
    A sobering article, for those unfamiliar with the actual deeds of the psychopathy, and a reminder for the rest of us, what kind of creature is really in charge.

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