Video: 20 Minutes after M17 Crashed….(Russian and German for the moment)

WARNING: this video is very explicit. Not for the faint of heart. The video was taken by a local on the ground 20 minutes or so after M17 crashed.  Bodies and body parts exhibit no…zero…blood.  There was a clear liquid resembling formaldehyde surrounding the bodies. The cavities of the plane smelled unbearably.  Shots of the bodies show very advanced cyanosis of the lips and sunken, fluidless eye sockets.  All electronic (phones, IPads, laptops) revealed date stamps no later than 2013.  The bags were full of winter clothing and the woman who made the video reports all faces seemed Asian.  There were, in her estimation, over 100 photos taken.  The narration is Russian with a German translation. Working on the English now.