Jumping Jeremiah’s Fishsticks and Sundry

Monday, September 01, 2014

…by Les Visible

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

“It never rains but it pours”, is incorrect in point of fact but applicable as a homily. I must apologize for jumping to Origami two times in a row but I am getting so many queries I pretty much have to do this, given how slow the stick internet is here in rural Italy and how long it takes me to go through the emails, respond and so forth. I’ll be here a little longer and then back to original location from whence… from whence we (hopefully) sort out the agonizing process of discovering where to locate oneself.

First let me address the hairpiece video. It was meant as light entertainment and ‘most’ people took it as such. It was my intent to include that persona as a character in an upcoming TV show production, which has 7 or 8 characters who come alive as a result of either wigs, sunglasses, hats, Christmas tree lights about the head or some combination of all of them. They then give their opinion on world events and the invisible realms. Until an unfortunate episode, beyond my control and without my knowledge took place and put an end to it I was working on a Mockumentary. I’d wanted to do a documentary. My life has been an interesting one but a spoofing, just like my upcoming next novel, is surely more entertaining.

As for my previous certitude upon a decided location, there were a number of flies in the ointment; primarily that I must have a stable and dependable environment. I can’t place myself halfway around the world at ruinous expense and expect to prosper, knowing nothing of the location and being seriously uncertain of too many things. Given what I’ve been through in recent times, I’m not budging in any direction without dependable assurances both within and without. You learn a few things from banging your head against a wall. One of them, it is to be hoped, is not to bang your head against a wall.

It is to be presumed, with all the available evidence, that supernatural forces are behind the quandaries and outrages of recent times and so… it is to be supposed that supernatural forces will be behind whatever resolution finally manifests. Surely something will manifest? Surely? Heh heh. I can see myself running out of the door and into the olive trees, the inside of my head filled with a silent scream; a sure sign of approaching madness (kidding pretty much).

There is comfort to be gained from the understanding that things are beyond one’s control, simply because everything is under control. There is no logical reason or excuse for the pass things have come to. It’s like spinning a roulette wheel and having it come up disproportionately red or black, far past what the odds dictate. You have to bend with the wind and move with the wind (metaphorically speaking) even when the wind is blowing in all kinds of directions but not actually going anywhere.

There’s really nothing more to add because there is no way for me to know if what I saw was what I was seeing and no way to know if my definition of anything is actually correct. Time will tell. It could be that this is all just an intensification of ‘rely on me’ or a further permutation of ‘rely on me only and exclusively’. That’s quite possible and… I can take assurance from that, as well as a shiver or two while trying to figure out how to actually go about that. See… there is only so much surrender anyone can engage in because the final stages have to be accomplished by the ineffable. That’s just how it is. I could put it in other terms, such as Guru Bawa did with me, when I told him I wanted to surrender. He said, “No… not you. You fight and fight and fight and then… you surrender”, whatever that means (grin).

So this posting is to say that everything is fine (so far as I know) just confusing as Hell. By now I know that things are exactly the way they are supposed to be, no matter how that may be. I know that some things are fixed but you can’t see them and other things are fixed for periods of time and you can see them and many things are not fixed at all but are in a constant state of fluidity regardless of how it may look at any particular time. You don’t have to look into a mirror with time lapse photography to see that you are temporary in your residence here. Some perishables you can observe in their stages of decay.

Never before have I found myself so consistently and relatively blameless in so many trying situations. I even have the support of some long term associates; those being such individuals that have actually been around me for any length of time. This has not always been the case simply because I have been such a mystery to them and so many things have happened that defy rational expectations.

When you find that the world around you and the people around you are like tumbleweeds and twisters you have got to figure that something is pulling the strings and doing it for a very good reason and you just have to bear with it until it resolves itself. Somehow it always does. It might take its own sweet time to do it but it gets there.

Next door to us lives this fellow Angelo. He’s such a decent and caring man and intensely spiritual, or possibly I should say, religious, because yesterday he told Susanne that he found this big snake on our property; a harmless snake and he tossed straw on it, poured gasoline on it and burned it to death. Maybe as a religious man he believes snakes are evil. What can account for a person doing such a thing?

Across the street lives Gino, an ignorant peasant. I am at a loss as to how to otherwise define him. He has been through a number of dogs, all of whom he abuses. Now he has this lovely dog, which he also abuses and who spends a lot of his time with us. My primal instinct is to deck him (the dog just this moment showed up outside the door) but you don’t correct brutality with more brutality. I don’t know what the cure for this is. I suppose it has to do with lifetimes following lifetimes.

This country is permeated with criminality and I assume this is because the government is thoroughly corrupt. You can’t leave anything outside your house cause it gets stolen when you’re not there. It’s a way of life here. I’m coming to find out that no matter where you go, that criminal element is around, side by side with decent people and I am of the opinion that the one is getting progressively worse and the other is becoming less good, staying the same or getting better, depending on their depth of conviction. Like someone once said, “these are the times that try men’s souls”.

I know I’ve gotten plenty of offers to go one place or another but they are mostly all problematic one way or another, especially those located on the American mainland. I suspect the reason I have seen such setbacks and turnarounds is to show me how things are and to warn me against further precipitate action… or to drive me in a certain direction and I think I know what that direction is and I have people working on my behalf to make that happen. It would also elevate my finances by 30% and that would be a fantastic differential given the limitations of the whole. It also instantly grants me opportunity for various employments, should I be so inclined and… I am. On the whole it seems like the right decision, even though there’s that radiation thing and the bad dog government but that’s pretty much everywhere, more or less and one is not more or less safe in one place than another. True security lies within and living in fear of anything other than offending the ineffable is not only counterproductive but a waste of time.

On the whole, this is all amusing and made ever more so by my having to chronicle it in real time. Maybe that’s what it’s all about? Maybe it’s not. Sooner or later we find out. As Lao Tzu said, “Those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” This is something we can count on and something we can build on. We can look back the way we came and we can observe it with open eyes and we can change our course at any point. If we do not change our course it must mean we are satisfied with it and in any case we are heir to the fruits of it. Some of us have a code and some of us have no code at all. Some codes are selfish and designed for the purpose of manipulation.

Some codes are based on ancient teachings and truths and they come attended by what follows in the tracks of such a code. To each their own. Regardless of any temporary states that come and go, I’m okay with what passes through my own heart and mind and to me that is of signal importance; of cardinal importance. You have to make sense to yourself. If it makes sense to brutalize others or live in deception, this is a peace you have to make with yourself. Some people find no peace and some people eventually acquire an unshakable serenity. To each their own, to each their own.

End Transmission…….

addendum… Well, we’re back from Italy, mission accomplished, monkey off of Susanne’s back and my last responsibility around here.

Before I had returned from Italy I found a fantastic place go live at a low rent on The Big Island of Hawaii. Then, suddenly, I heard no more from the landlord. I was puzzled, everything seemed to be going well. Then I was told to go to a certain site and I saw the damage that had been inflicted upon me and ruined that opportunity. When is this kind of nonsense going to stop? I am continuously amazed at the things people are capable of. The degree of Satanic offense being leveled at me from known and unknown locations is significant but… I know that nothing happens without the permission of the almighty. I know that the ineffable sets the parameters and dimensions of both good and evil and that is why it says in The Lord’s Prayer; “lead us not into temptation”.

I’m supposed to be learning something about all of this. I’m not sure what that is but I suspect I am learning something. For several days I have become increasingly absent minded. I do things that are technically wrong, similar to being in a hotel and constantly putting your key in the wrong door; things you normally carry out without even thinking about them. This tells me that something is occupying my mind in a big way, even though I am not ‘consciously’ involved. Generally my mind functions at a fairly precise level. Is this the fruit of all the chaos I have had to pass through? Is this something other than that, having to do with changes taking place under the radar?

For some reason I am not meant to know certain things. I was once told that I was the object of bets laid upon the result of my passing through here and that certain difficulties had been placed on me as handicaps and there were limitations set upon my ability to see. I had been led to believe that this happens to some of us. We are the source of games and objects of amusement to some number of the hierarchy. Those of us who believe and who have been taken through certain experiences become objects of interest. Some of us even draw a crowd (grin). I wish I could handle the whole thing better but then I’m told that I don’t have any control over that either. Jeremiah’s Jumping Fishsticks! I wish I could get a handle on what’s going on.

I have to apologize for the kinda depressed mindset of last night’s radio show. It’s my job to inspire and seek to lift the consciousness of those who come here, not to burden them with my pedestrian challenges but I am constrained by the laws of full disclosure. I have to say what is and what was because of the purpose of demonstration and that is also key to everything that will result out of this whole experiment finally. There’s no question of failure in the long run. Not only do I feel this but I am also told this on a regular basis.

The idea of the wig came about from a story I had heard about Krishnamurti. I used to have a television show in New York, both upstate and in the city and in the upstate version there was a fellow who came on after me and produced videos of Krishnamurti speaking. There was something that bothered me about his appearance and I didn’t get it at first and then I did and I asked this fellow, “What’s going on with Krishnamurti’s hair?” He told me that the hair on Krishnamurti’s head was rewoven from the hair on the sides and the back in order to give the appearance of a full head of hair. I then asked him why Krishnamurti would do that, being a spiritual teacher. He said that it was his disciples who were responsible and that they had prevailed on him to have this done. I thought, “Hmmmm, there’s a mockumentary in there.” Not just in there but… in the lives and antics of all those followers of Papaji and assorted Goa whore Gurus and Guru whores. Probably it’s not such a good idea for me to venture too far into the area of humorous exposition. I already got one chastising from someone who just didn’t get it. Of course, that kind of thing is not uncommon here or anywhere.

Let’s not ramble on and on here. Things will come right or they won’t but eventually they will. If there are any readers out there from Hawaii, I hope you will keep me in mind should you be aware of any inexpensive rentals. I don’t want to hear about radiation and oceans filled with dead fish because I’ve looked into that and it’s not an immediate concern on the one hand and not happening on the other. Failing anything like that coming to pass I guess I’ll just get an apartment around here somewhere and wait out the apocalypse. Something has to give in this rubber band scenario at some point. Some ‘acceptable’ (for me) window or aperture has to open up and this endless circling over the airport brought to an end.

I hope to be returned to my usual consistency of expression and generally personalized,’dun da dun da da dun da dun’ at some point. In the meantime we’ll limp along as best we can (hardly limping at all at the moment). Sooner or later the spiritual sun is going to amplify its presence and all of us who care to will be the immediate beneficiaries of that; whenever it gets around to it. In the meantime, on with the show and let’s keep in mind the irony of Joan Rivers having an operation on her vocal chords so soon after her psychopathic tirade against the Palestinians. That’s just one more thing I have to be grateful for… I’m not her.

End Transmission…….