A Quick Rant: Wise Psychopaths, Honest Narcissists, Empathetic Sociopaths, & Other Virtuous Evil People

written by someone calling themselves ‘Peace’

This article caught my eye this morning as I am currently in the middle of both investigating and validating the global tyranny of the Psychopathy under which we are living. Interesting food for thought. We have got to start learning to recognize these people, primary and secondary psychopaths. They are destroying the world.  Editor

It seems that everywhere you turn these days, there’s some new study or book unveiling the wonderful qualities of dangerous personality disorders. Narcissists will simply tell you they are narcissists. Sociopaths can empathize, just like you and me. Psychopaths are necessary for the progress & betterment of humanity.

These strange claims are on the rise as psychopathy awareness spreads. Some from self-proclaimed psychopaths, some from pop-scientists seeking a piece of the action, and some from perfectly well-intentioned people who are just hellbent on seeing the good in everyone. But regardless of the source, it’s time to put an end to this misinformation.

Saying that a psychopath is “good” is like saying that someone with ADHD has great focus & attention skills. Or that someone with chronic depression is actually the happiest person in the world. And that’s ignoring the fact that ADHD & depression are treatable, while psychopathy most certainly is not. The point is, you’re literally describing the opposite of the disorder you’re claiming to understand.

Let’s review a few of the DSM criteria for diagnosing ASPD:

  • Deceitfulness, as indicated by repeated lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure
  • Reckless disregard for safety of self or others
  • Consistent irresponsibility, as indicated by repeated failure to sustain consistent work behaviour or honour financial obligations
  • Lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another

What about these qualities is Good? Wise? Empathetic?

Psychopaths aren’t just regular human beings who are able to make tough decisions because of their low empathy. Nope. Read the diagnostic criteria again. Psychopaths are characterized by the actual enjoyment of harming others.

There’s no way to twist that around into sometimes being good & virtuous. It does not matter whether they’re a Wall Street CEO or a prison inmate. High-functioning or low-functioning. It makes no difference. They’re still pathological liars who relieve their chronic boredom by hurting other people.

There are lots of disorders that have to do with low empathy, but this one specifically describes someone who actually gains pleasure from causing pain to others. If you take that element out of psychopathy, then you are no longer describing psychopathy.

The idea that psychopaths have empathy is a bunch of word salad garbage. Yes, psychopaths observe & mimic the behaviour of others. They learn to understand human behaviour because that makes it easier to manipulate it. But empathy isn’t just about “understanding” feelings. It’s about feeling those feelings. Sadness, because someone else is sad. Joy, because someone else is joyful. Find me a psychopath who has that ability, and I’ll eat my hat.

Then there are the narcissists who will tell you they’re narcissists, which seems like a bizarre thing to trust, considering that narcissists are liars. It’s odd, because most of us found that when we confronted our abusers about their hurtful behavior, we were called “crazy” and “insane”. Most psychopaths are narcissists, and questioning a psychopath’s good nature is an effective way to make yourself enemy #1 and have your name smeared to everyone you know. A psychopath’s greatest advantage is the illusion of normalcy. Do we really think an actual psychopath wouldn’t notice which questions scream PSYCHOPATH on a self-assessment questionnaire? Perhaps these studies are thinking more along the Criminal Minds type of narcissist—the blatantly arrogant womanizer who flaunts his money & flashy car for the world to see. But most of us met an entirely different monster. The person who started out exceptionally nice, as our mirror image. And that person would never admit their disorder. Certainly not in the middle of grooming a new victim.

And finally “wisdom”. Maybe I’m a spiritual nutjob, but I thought wisdom was about turning dark experiences into light, and discovering what it is we can offer to this world. I thought it took adversity & compassion to develop wisdom. Call me crazy, but I didn’t think wisdom was about working your way to the top because you didn’t feel remorse for the people you steamrolled along the way.

These theories are normalizing psychopathy in society. There’s no dancing around it. They’re redefining good & evil to make room for people who are incapable of “good” as we know it. They’re eroding our values and minimizing the damage caused by serious personality disorders. Are we really willing to sacrifice our integrity for people who have none? To change the rules so that psychopaths can get away with more than they already do?

Professionals will tell you that they feel like they’re losing their mind when they interact with psychopaths, like their entire sense of self is falling apart with every moment spent in their presence. It’s a lingering feeling that haunts you, long after the person is gone from your life. So if you really think these people are advantageous in politics, business, and relationships, then by all means, surround yourself with “psychopaths”. But to those of us who have actually encountered psychopathic evil, we know that these predators have nothing to offer to this world except pain & devastation.

So please stop the bullshit. It’s insulting to survivors of psychopathic abuse, and it’s dangerous to the general public. One really begins to wonder what the motives are behind these “experts” (and the media outlets who promote them).


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