The Why and the Wherefore of Whatever.


…by Les Visible.

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Since the 10:00 AM departure slot has been pushed ahead to 1:00 PM, it looks like I can possibly slip a post in through the aperture of time. Well, my friends, I have never seen it so weird and wack as it is now, most especially as it concerns my forward progress and next location. I am like someone standing in a room with a myriad of doors, who has tried each door only to find it inaccessible but… did I try every door, hmmm. I know it’s all under control but… this is ridiculous. It’s true that I don’t have to be anywhere at the moment except on this trip Susanne and I are taking to finalize old business. It’s a long awaited conclusion to a very bad luck action on our parts.

Never before have I been in such a quandary for such a length of time, moving from real uncertainty into what proved to be a very bad decision and onward from there with all manner of sugar plum fairies dancing about my head. We know the ineffable has very good reasons for whatever goes down. We know that everyone is where they are supposed to be, even when they are not supposed to be, for the purpose of demonstration; as I was a centerpiece for in recent times. Often when one runs into sustained opposition and recurrent calamity it is indicative of going in the wrong direction, or some behavior pattern that logically (or otherwise) leads to these circumstances but… in my case, I am hard pressed to discover or define what that is. All I’ve done is work hard and try to see my way through to where I can continue to work hard. Obviously, there is nothing to be done at this particular moment in time so we will just flow with events and conditions.

Lost in the day to day focus on what is going on around us and what is going on inside us is the idea of transcendence and ascension; of fantastic cosmic change, such as has been prophesized about across the centuries. Surely some amount of, or something similar to this sort of thing is on the menu at some point. My mind is often drawn to those ancient cave paintings about ships coming out of the sky and meetings with evolved members from other solar systems. These things HAVE HAPPENED a time or two.

History is littered (grin) with records of miracles and strange events, especially if one reads occult history, which is not only far more true to what was than the revisionist bullshit going around these days but it also contains additional information that gives a clearer meaning to why certain things happened. Occult history can be found in the writings of Hermetic scientists, alchemists and actual historians outside of the promoted mainstream of employed liars, siphoning nonsense from a river of shit. There is much to be found in ancient writings if one is persistent and diligent.

Then there is the internal record that can either be directly accessed or brought up out of the subconscious by particular meditations upon the archetype responsible for this sort of thing. The High Priestess comes to mind, as she sits upon the waters of memory. A regular knocking upon that door will generate results. It’s like anything else, you put in the time and you reap the fruits of your industry. This is a given fact, demonstrated in many lives and something each of us has seen at one time or another. If you want to learn about something, study it. There has never been a library or university to rival the internet, even though EVERYTHING can be found within, provided one has the operational means.

I marvel at the ubiquitous disconnect in the minds of so many concerning any number of simple truths that we know to be true but simply pass by, while employing ineffective efforts with inappropriate tools. It’s the same thing you see when people’s appetites get the better of them. There they are are, consumed by certain hungers, which impact on their state of being and their appearance. Sometimes they know what’s going on but feel unable to control that particular passion, due to a lack of discipline and a compromised will. Other times they fashion complex arguments in defense of their behavior, so as to be able to go right on with it.

I had a friend who was dying of AIDS. He was a nice guy (most of the time) but he was a rich kid who had been indulged by his parents and he had this sense of privilege and entitlement. What he wanted was paramount and sometimes he could be difficult to be around should you not share his ambition. Anyway, he was dying of Karposi’s sarcoma. It is a terrible disease indeed and I watched it go down through all of its stages. Toward the end, my friend was barely recognizable as the man he had been. Mucous build-up was a problem and one night he had a pizza delivered and was scarfing it down. At one point he said, “Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to eat this but if I can’t eat what I want then I don’t want to live anyway.” Shortly after that his vocal chords were removed and he couldn’t speak any longer. I was around him for the last year of his life and it was an education for me on many levels.

It seems like I’ve been in school since I got here and some of the lessons have been very painful but for me the most painful lessons are the ones where I don’t know what it is that I learned. Supposedly one’s course is meant to iron out and ease up later in life. Heh heh, I haven’t seen that yet, though I will admit that certain conditions have been much more manageable than they once were. I look at the lives of many others and their life is a walk in the park, often attended by great success and often they are terrible human beings as well. I tell myself that the ineffable gives them whatever it is they think they want and he’s given up on them getting a clue as to what is really going on. With some of us, the trials continue apace because the ineffable has not given up on us. I’m going to have to say, I prefer that, though I have no way of knowing exactly where I stand, except for what I am told at intervals.

I’m thinking that because of the degree of stress manifest in these times that we are being hothoused to a certain end. Our suffering has been amplified because the event horizon is imminent. It’s hard to know anything for sure but when I speculate (grin) I like to concentrate on the simplest conclusions for the why and wherefore of whatever. There is so much complexity in everything these days. The established religions are buried under tons of dogma and cant and operate much like allopathic medicine does, focusing on symptoms and avoiding the causal. Because the majority of them operate like a business (cue Jesse Jackson), eventually their rituals, routines and scriptural selections are chosen to enhance that sector of things. When the war machine cranks up, because that is one of the main engines of Imperialism, they genuflect accordingly and turn up “Onward Christian Soldiers”, programmed to go off and die in Zionist Banker wars. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t right but it’s how it is.

I heard it said by a great teacher that the key to everything is memory. It’s all about recall. If we could just remember back far enough, we would know who we are and what we are about and everything that doesn’t make sense would make sense. It’s not so difficult for me to see how things might have gone wrong at one point or another because of the way I was acting in the process but… once that is no longer a feature and it hasn’t been for awhile now, it’s harder to come to terms with that. Sometimes you just have to press forward despite all of the inexplicable opposition because you can’t stay where you are. Perhaps if you could then you might consider the opposition something directly related to your not doing so but… that option is off the table. Like the song says, “When the Lord gets ready, you got to move.” It’s a real trip when that is the case and your necessity to move is blocked on all sides.

We’re all used to roadblocks and ankle grabbing undergrowth, not to mention feeling our way in the dark but usually these things are temporary. In some cases they’re just not permitted and that is something else but… when it goes on and on, you have to wonder and that’s how it is from here today… wondering…

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