Hello, Big Brother, We’re Coming for You.

1st International Bases Project Conference, Marlborough, Wiltshire England

Part One….Simon Parkes and John Cowie


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…by Cara St.Louis








I was privileged to attend this first ever International-style Bases Project Conference on Friday, August 8 and Saturday, August 9th.  I needed to return to London, alas, on Sunday the 10th.  There is still much to share, almost all of it fantastic!

Bear in mind, my husband and I went to the conference, which was located on the3 cnfrnce panels hallowed–ish grounds of Marlborough College but pitched a tent nearby, which we do often.  There is/was a small hurricane, called Bertha, hovering in the vicinity. Aside from a puddle or two on the floor of the tent Sunday morning, this girl was not big.


Directly in the center of the same is a sacred site, called Merlin’s Mound.

2cnfrnce Merlins mount Marlborough College




The view from Merlin’s Mound

I believe it is something of a sister site to Silbury Hill. The campus is beautiful and elite with, as one of the speakers attested from first-hand knowledge, a complex series of tunnels, basements and underground facilities large enough to house a fire truck. Elite, indeed.  Apparently, no one of the privileged students attending Marlborough College need ever feel the weather upon their umbrellas on their way to class.

Although forbidden to climb to the top of Merlin’s Mound, my husband snuck off and did so and I may have seen Kerry Cassidy headed that way, as well. There are photos from the top.

Maria Wheatley

Maria Wheatley

I was there as the guest of one of my very favourite people, and Vortex contributor, Maria Wheatley, author, mystic and master dowser.  I had established a delightful e-mail relationship with Miles Johnston, as well, and was anxious for a face-to-face, at last.


Miles Johnston

Miles Johnston

Friday night began well. The elementals (or…someone) had messed with Mile’s computer and printer both and so, my first introduction to the Great One was watching him go toe-to-toe with said machinery  to get these critical up and running just minutes before the conference began.  The gnomes live in the best laid plans; they certainly live in mine.  However, once the technology had been exorcised, everything ran like clockwork.

The site is breathtaking,not far from either Avebury or Stonehenge Monolithic Sites.   The campus auditorium is gorgeous, the facilities top-notch, and the food was quite good.  Coffee, tea, cakes…scones with strawberry jam and double Devon cream, lunch and dinner offerings, gluten free fare, and so forth.  There was a lot to take in and we needed sustenance between these guests.

There were lovely book stalls, manned by very nice people and  placed strategically but unobtrusively around the lobby.  Very much not ‘in your face.’  It’s easy to feel as if you are in a carnival when the booksellers appear.  I’ve been on panels where those things get a bit out of hand. Not so in this conference.  Very well thought out, the lobby offerings and the infrastructure of the program itself.  No doubt, the reader will be able to view these lectures as a series direct from Miles Johnston’s Bases Project soon.

Mirjam Janse and Cara St.Louis

Mirjam Janse and Cara St.Louis

Friday night began with opening remarks from The Boss (Miles), but were wonderfully pre-empted by Mirjam Jansen, a Natural Healer and Clairvoyant from Holland, who, upon the collective insistence of the women involved, grounded the facility and bathed it is positivity and hope, making it a safe place for expression.  That was a great moment.  I have been at conferences in which I was the only woman. Miles had fully half the twelve speakers in the feminine camp.  Bravo.

The Master of Ceremonies was a fellow called Busty Taylor.  He is a famous crop circle researcher and pilot and a wonderful conversationalist. I believe he might be a bit magic, as well, since he always seemed to find that extra couple of minutes for each speaker at the end of their presentation.

Sarah Goodley, Kerry Cassidy and Kieron Lee Perrin

Sarah Goodley, Kerry Cassidy and Kieron Lee Perrin


Sarah Goodley, of An Irate Woman, and her fellow radio jock, Ben Evelyn Jones , of Critical Mass Radio opened the weekend by producing a live broadcast in which as many of the weekend’s speakers as had arrived were briefly interviewed for her audience.  She also interviewed some folks from the audience, including a lovely South American woman called Constanza, who described her sixty plus years on the earth as a lifetime of knowing she came from somewhere else, somewhere not nearly so difficult, and wanted desperately to return to her true family. I think many feel that way in this age.  However, there are many volunteers at the moment who have come here only to help save our divine Sophia. It is described as tremendously difficult by these folks…those brave enough to talk about it.

One of the truly interesting tidbits mentioned by Sarah during the radio show was that we are so being changed by our environment and are so very changeable that, in fact, within two generations we can be profoundly changed. No Darwinism here.

Sarah was able to briefly touch base with Maria Wheatley, Kerry Cassidy, Mirjam Janse and, finally Kieron Lee Perrin. Kieron appeared for the very first time to talk about his implants…of which there are so many he actually calls himself a cyborg.  These have been located and documented via medical testing, including MRI, although there is by all accounts no doctor who can tell him what they are or why they would be there or, importantly, who would have done this to him and when?  He has learned to live with a great many unnerving and open-ended questions.  Kieron spoke on Sunday and so this was my only opportunity to observe him. In this case, it was during an impromptu conversation between he and Kerry Cassidy.   I could have wished, in this moment only, to hear far more about Kieron’s personal journey rather than the many others Cassidy has met who are more deeply affected than Kieron.  I will be looking for his interviews.  In the end, I believe he has stated that his mother allowed these procedures to be performed on him and that his family is complicit.  For photos and slide shows of the actual MRIs, please visit his blog:



The Trans-Generational Gene

The first speaker of Saturday morning was John Cowrie. John was a senior

John Cowrie

John Cowrie

executive with Intel Corporation. His area of expertise developed from the original intent of writing a book about semi-conductors to linking these developments with the cosmic nature of the human brain.   Tangentially, John became very interested in the energies in the area around Silbury Hill.  In the end, his beautiful book became, Silbury Hill, At The Dawning of Humanity.

One never knows through which door one will enter and the way is unexpected and exciting.  His expertise and investigations into the nature of semi-conductors became an investigation into the very nature of humanity itself, intelligent design, nature vs. nature and so forth.  John is a very solid and competent speaker and was thoroughly enjoyable. A great way to kick off the conference!

Cowie's Book

Cowie’s Book


John talks about practical solutions and the silicon-based life forms on the horizon.  He spoke about unthinkable quantities of data available now; exabytes, zattabytes, and yottabytes.

Multiples of bytes
Value Metric
1000 kB kilobyte
10002 MB megabyte
10003 GB gigabyte
10004 TB terabyte
10005 PB petabyte
10006 EB exabyte
10007 ZB zettabyte
10008 YB yottabyte
1024 KB kilobyte KiB kibibyte
10242 MB megabyte MiB mebibyte
10243 GB gigabyte GiB gibibyte
10244 TiB tebibyte
10245 PiB pebibyte
10246 EiB exbibyte
10247 ZiB zebibyte
10248 YiB yobibyte
Orders of magnitude of data

He reminded us that none of this compares to the truly unquantifiable capacity of the human memory.  He believes there is also such a thing as a trans-generational memory gene.  Part of our confusion about who we are and our rue capacities comes, indeed, from the century filled with Darwin and Franz Boas-packed nonsense.  He also spoke at length about the power of the unconscious and characterized the conscious as that which deals with moments of transience.  That would be the short-term memory.   Cowie believes that we are slowly recovering that which was lost due to the somewhat unclear but accepted planetary catastrophe which cost us much of our civilization with the help of this trans-generational gene.

 A Foot in So Many Dimensions

Simon Parkes

Simon Parkes

Following Cowie, we were treated to a wonderful talk given by Simon Parkes.  I have watched as many of Simon’s video interviews as I can find as I find him to be extremely intriguing.  The title of Simon’s talk was “My Life as an Alien Abductee and the Intelligence Services.”  Simon has a detailed background with UK intelligence services, as Miles has said, both at home and abroad.  He presents detailed insights into that arena and that of being an ET abductee.

His encounters were frequent and mostly with Mantid beings.  He is an elected Labour Councillor here in Britain and was elected after he revealed himself to be an abductee.  He also comes from an Illuminati family and has much to say along those lines.  I met Simon after the talk and found him to be quite balanced, open, warm and genuine.

Much of what Simon discussed dealt with what happens when someone goes public. He talked about the low-level irritation he endures constantly as a targeted individual.  As a politician, of course, he has been noticed by the main stream media.  He was interviewed by The Huffington Post, quite positively, but the story was pulled and a negative story was quickly substituted. He was also interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Simon often speaks about what he calls a ‘game changer,’ which is, for him, the 9 Fylingdales earth radartour he was given of a top-top-secret site here in the UK called Fylingdale.  This is a military base run by Americans, behind closed doors, with what one might call a front made up of RAF soldiers.  The photos Simon has of Fylingdale’s, which he freely shares, are forbidden to take while on one of these very selective tours.  This is a photo of the outside of their very unique phase array.

Fylingdale's Slide

Fylingdale’s Slide

He says they used to look very much like eggs atop positioning mechanisms, much like the Very Large Array in New Mexico, but egg-shaped not giant C-dishes.  Now they have been replaced by a pyramid shape.  He also explained and showed a graphic pertaining to ‘Fylingdale’s Slide,’ which is a phase array capable of capturing something like three-fourths of the earth’s surface at the same time.  So much for line-of-site!  It can also utilize its radar into the atmosphere up to 26 thousand miles.

When Simon speaks of his interaction with what he calls his mother, a Mantid, and an extra-terrestrial, I am reminded each time of a book that was very dear to me as a child, A Wrinkle in Time. There was in this story a creature called Aunt Beast. It was one of these creatures who healed the heroine via warmth, acceptance, and nurturing.  That may not be exactly what Simon means when he recalls his Mantid ‘Mother,’ but the image always comes to me. The book, one of the most 15 Mantid Rodwellimportant ever written, deals with many of the subjects we now see as life and death. It was written by Madeline L’Engle.   Simon refers to his ‘father’ as a reptile being. He has said he bis allowed to show drawings of his mother on mainstream media but drawings of his father are forbidden.  The networks don’t want images of the reptiles shown to the public but a Mantid is just fine? How come? I am going to pull a photo from Mary Rodwell’s presentation as I am writing about the Mantids.  And, in fact, though it may be difficult to see, the ‘threads’ or veins of a light substance running through the Mantid’s head very much remind me of the networks of sacred water Maria Wheatley discussed.  In this case, Maria’s slide depicted ‘Yin Water,’ or sacred water.  It will come back up during the discussion involving Maria’s beautiful presentation.

Yin Water on the left

Yin Water on the left



Parkes also talks about those entities which, although not inter-planetary, perhaps could be called intra-planetary? Perhaps not. Regardless, he deals with the idea and the reality of both the Shadow People and the Djinn.  In fact, several drawings and photos were forthcoming. This, in particular, was disturbing. I have had experiences with both myself. I find the Djinn exist in the space between waking and sleeping in my mind’s eye and I have seen them there. I have also been frozen solid during sleep by one of these shadows and the last time was a mere two weeks ago.  It was the first time I actually managed to wake myself up and scream.

One of the other very interesting things Parkes described was what he called a DNA lock — a greeting very much like one would see when a policeman arrests a person. Hands Up! (Requires some thing that analogy).  When two beings engage in this there is established what is called a DNA lock and no extra or other entity can break into that space.

I hope very much to have lots of interaction with Mr. Parkes in the future. End Part One.

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