Must Not Miss! John Lash on Red Ice Creations

If you don’t know about John Lash and his work on Sophia, True Gnosticism and the Archontic Infection, please, take some time. I never do this but I am deeply in resonance with what he is bringing, so pure, so real.

One response to “Must Not Miss! John Lash on Red Ice Creations

  1. An extremely prescient interview.
    Mr. Lash is both a mystic and a scholar of high degree.
    The Teachings of the Great Seth are very old. The abrahamic creeds of judaism, christianity, and now islam, have always directed their paroxysms of genocide against the children of Seth, nor has this changed today.
    Thus it was that the avatars returned again and again to relight the spark, however now the wheels of the cosmos have turned, and it is for mankind to rekindle the spark, from an entirely unique stance.
    The warriors of the Goddess stir from their long slumber, and their spears are cruel.
    The people of Danu, the people of the Bright One are singing the runes that shake off the fetters of their mind control device, christianity. It is about time, the hour is already so late.


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