The Dangerous Imagination: Book Excerpt

Vortex: Conscious and Courageous

Chapter One: How They Taught Us to Submit.

Imagine. Imagine.

…by Cara St.Louis

I say submit, and that is precisely what I mean. However, it’s far worse than that. They taught us to injure ourselves and each other, quite on purpose and with a smile on our faces, convinced that we are/were doing the smartest and best thing. Voluntary self-mutilation and ultimately ‘noble’ self-extinction. Let’s dig in because the rules of the game are simple and we don’t have to play. We can always just put the toys down and walk away. It really is that simple in so many ways.

Schooling was intended to be a 5th column into the

John Taylor Gatto John Taylor Gatto

burgeoning libertarian condition.” So said John Taylor Gatto, American Educator and Philosopher. The method? Infiltration into the minds of children isolated too early and too completely from their parents. It has also been characterized as part…

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