Breakfast with Eli Wallach and John Malkovich or Maybe Not.

…by Les Visible

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Most mornings I have breakfast with Eli Wallach. It’s not the Eli of “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” but rather the Eli of “The Holiday” with Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and assorted. Of course, it might not be Eli Wallach, cause I heard he was dead but it sure looks like him. When I catch him looking at me, I squint at him like Clint, hoping to jar his memory but he doesn’t say anything that I remember from the films. I don’t smile at him like Jack Black or Kate Winslett because by that time his memory and his balance were not what they used to be. I try that old high school trick where you cough and say “bullshit” at the same time, only I cough and say, “Eli” but it hasn’t worked so far.

I’ve learned some things here that I didn’t know before. One of them is that constant pain will make you very tired. Another thing is that this is not a place where old film stars go to die, or fade away, as the case may be. Most of these people do not look like former film stars. I did see John Malkovich but he didn’t react when I called him by name. Most of the people here look like what life wrote on their faces since the time when they were young and eager sprouts, with a certain amount of sexual currency to spend and a varying time span, limited window of opportunity to do it in. That window, from what I can see, closed a long time ago and someone painted it shut afterwards. God! These people eat a lot of strange mystery meats. I don’t know what parts of the animal these meats come from but I don’t want to go there. They make sausages from blood, brains and effluvia, with a certain amount of salt and other spices. Everyone eats some or a lot. I think I am the only vegetarian here.

There’s been no postings of late since I am taking a visit from a Danish reader named Tom. We’ve been sitting around and talking about the ineffable for hours each day and noting that no one else seems to be so employed. It looks like the whole visible world is indifferent to the invisible world, or else completely unconscious of it. Many people will tell you if you can’t see it, it’s not there. I tend to believe if they can’t see it, they are not there. I’m guessing that makes sense where it applies.

The entire state of Israel is writhing in paroxysms of orgasm, over the vile and unnecessary deaths of all those Palestinian women and children, sliced and diced by the state of the art war machine for Crime Syndicate Banker Nation. I need to mention a few things about all of that. I have probably said these things before but they bear repeating at this time. A reader recently pointed out that the conflict is in operation because Israel wants to steal the gas that has been discovered in Gaza. Sure, that could be a motivator. Whenever there is the opportunity for the snarling bully of the Middle East to steal anything from anyone, be it property, organs or one’s life, they will do it because it is their nature, just like it is the scorpions nature to sting you for no reason, or even itself to death.

The real and enduring reason that Israel wants to destroy Palestine and the Palestinians is because they have a genetic DNA connection to that land and the AshkeNAZI invaders have none; zero. This is what that disappearing map of Palestine is all about.

Disappearing Palestine
Disappearing Palestine

This is why they change the names of every Palestinian town and work to erase the names of every landmark, also erasing the landmark itself when it is possible. They want the world to believe that they are The Palestinians. They are not. Their thirst for world conquest is so great that they think nothing of spending many, many years taking over the infrastructure of strategic nations in order to turn the world into a massive concentration camp and to kill millions, AS THEY DID in Russia and The Ukraine and all kinds of other places. Through the profits of usury and ghost money they have bought up all of the media and information centers, publishing firms, everything critical in order to control and mold world opinion. They call themselves The Chosen People and they are. They are the Chosen People of Satan whom they worship. Shit and Fan are on their way for a visit with them at some point and the gates of Hell yawn and salivate at the thought of their entrance. Everything is under control.

The most difficult of things to see is the manner in which the present revolutionary transformations are impacting on those who have spread such terror and torment on this Earth for such a length of time. It all seems to be going their way, as everything gets worse for us and better for them. They commit outrage after outrage with seeming impunity but… never forget, evil destroys itself. This is a cosmic law and they are led by Byzantine roads to inescapable perdition. I cannot see the means and method of it but I know it is a certainty.

It is also one of the most difficult states to occupy, where one sees such horrible and nightmare conditions, created by the few, at the expense of the many and to have to feel all of the futility and impotence of one’s state, where it appears there is so little any of us can do to counteract any of it. It is an ancient adage that has no doubt been proven true more times than anyone can remember; if you want to change the world, change yourself. It is the only condition we have any power over and it should be our constant focus as often as we can call it to mind. The ONLY way to change another is by example. It is the power of inspiration that rises in the hearts of those who witness something remarkable in the actions of another that is responsible for so much that is good and transformative in this world. We must believe it is true and we must act with certitude regarding it. There is little else available to us.

I have spent many hours these last days, talking about these things with another. It is such a reassuring thing to see what can be generated between resonant and sympathetic hearts directed to a common end. The darkness is beginning to break and soon light will stream into this world through a thousand cracks. We have but to be patient and constant.

I will make this shorter than usual as I am quite tired and don’t want to find myself simply tossing words upon the page to meet some standard of usual length. My heart goes out to all of you in your different states of personal distress, some of which is operational in your lives and some of which is only what is being seen across the distance. Something tells me we are not nearly so far away as we think we are. Godspeed to your every finer aspiration.

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