Naked Transhumanism: Part Two

Frankenstein’s  Biology … by  Cara  St. Louis


- J. Robert Oppenheimer, scientist, thinker.

When last I left you, I hope the basic understanding remaining was that we live in a resonant field — part of which is the atmosphere we move around in — and that this has been changed. Dramatically and not for the better. 

It has been changed, quite frankly, such that it and we will respond to frequency in a desired way rather than in a natural or sovereign way. 

That idea not only identifies us as the respondents but begs that we dust off our algebra skills and solve for ‘x,’ the unknown. We are already intelligent and responsive, as such. In fact, we are already amazing.

So who, or what entity, would spend so much time, energy and resources to change things such that we respond to a set of variables meant to engender responses we don’t decide on for ourselves? Who exactly wants total control? This could well be the question of our time.

My understanding changes daily at this point. As one person put it, it is like a daily initiation for those who are up to that. I have said all I’m going to say now about clouds.

I am going to focus now on the trance-formation under way at all time from all angles and the evidence…the attempted theft of our sovereign selves. For people who then take up the quest of informing themselves, that will lead back to the clouds anyway.

Frequencies being deliberately aimed at our DNA are creating damage that is then replicated.

What I will continue to remind everyone of is as follows: this is a direct result of the unspeakable poisons being rained down on us from the airplanes delivering chemical payloads and much of that for the last six decades.

Yes, it can be a weapon one country against another, one control group against the other control group.  But that is the least of our worries.

We are being, in our own way, terraformed. Us, we the people. Made over into something to be used, something that cannot survive without the technology we are harboring.  It has to stop today. Ground the planes. Now. Stop the invasion of our bodies with heavy metals and nano-toxins.

The universe is already and has always been intelligent and responsive. It does not now need to be made that.  The earth is and has always been intelligent and responsive.  She does not now need to be made that.  People are already perfect; we are not broken.  We are being broken. The earth needs to be unleashed, allowed to do what she does.

And, finally, I would remind us all every minute of every day that the technologies we supposedly control? They are cheap copies — and I mean that in every base sense of that word — of capacities and abilities that people already have.

When these capacities dull and atrophy because someone has put a cheap copy in our hands and, either lazy or dazzled, we allow that cheap copy to replace our gifts and abilities, we have been robbed.  I spoke with Mike Harris a few days ago on his radio show and he asked point blank: are we being terraformed? The answer is, yes, you bet.

Sofia Smallstorm

I was also supremely lucky in that I had a conversation yesterday with the irreplaceable Sofia Smallstorm.  Much of what follows is possible because she is able to help straighten out basic understandings. So, again, we are indebted.

I would take this opportunity, though, to lead with something I would ordinarily end with: we are majestic. Spiritually mighty.

And we can stop this. It does require, more than anything else, a concerted effort to raise the consciousness.

Activists in this arena are starting to talk about the metaphysics involved, thankfully. That has been something I touch on every time when I speak in Europe but here for the first time in the USA.  This is a spiritual attack of the highest order. Why? Because we are co-creators and the opposition are not.  Lame, limping, ridiculous attempts at creating life…this is what we see.

Dead seeds, the silent forests, GMO animals, nano-life…these things do not live, they give the appearance of life.  They are cheap imitations.  The only thing we need to do is keep ourselves from being avalanched. Say no. Manifest that one act of will. Ground those planes.

And we are being separated from those connections through which our spirit vibrates and through which we create: the soil, the seed, the air, the living water and, yes, the sun.  Global dimming hit twenty percent long ago and yet they aim to keep doing it.

Right. Down to it, then. I have to keep reminding myself that I don’t need to explain everything here but rather point the way to the work of others.

First, are you aware that the Manhattan Project is still running?  I wasn’t either.  However, it is one of the things we need to get under our belts before we go on. (Thanks again to Sofia Smallstorm).  What started out as the atomic weapon testing in the 1940s transformed into the Atomic Energy Commission and then into the Department of Energy and, most recently, in July of 2011, into what’s called The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

However, much more importantly, an entity came into being that moved from testing weapons to testing the effects of frequency on living tissues, and Manhattan Project Medical Research was born.

Funded by Nelson Rockefeller and others (please have a look at the videos I provide below), research into the effects of radiation — or frequencies, there’s that word again — on living cells was undertaken on a colossal scale under some familiar names: the American Cancer Society, the Sloane-Kettering Institute, the Jonas Salk Institute and so on.

Please bear in mind that I am naming arms of the Manhattan Project here. Anything can be made very, very shiny with some Madison Avenue polish and a little of the social engineering we know as advertising.

I mean, the term geoengineering itself is pretty snappy, wouldn’t you say? Much of what they know now about how to affect the human cell with frequency comes from this research behemoth and its tentacles.  Radiation is simply a frequency.  The higher the frequency, the greater the damage.

The piezoelectric effect allows human energy to be harvested and used.

At this point, I want to remind you that we discussed in Part One, the Piezoelectric Effect.  This is very basic.

Heavy metal nano-particles which saturate our atmosphere are ionizable metallic salts.  These create an atmosphere that has become a conductive plasma.

Our bodies have accumulated enough of these nano-particles to become resonant to outside frequencies…all the way down to our DNA.  Additionally, in future we shall discuss the fact that this same principle allows energy to be harvested from our bodies.

We are surrounded (an understatement if I ever made one) with sources of electro-magnetic frequencies.  They are present in vast quantities and they project frequency at demonic levels.

One of any number of GWEN tower configurations, usually many of which are in our site if we stop and look. They are starting to try to disguise them, as you can see.

And this, dear Reader, is a by-product of a program called Geoengineering which is meant, we are told, to control global warming and perhaps manage solar flares.

What’s actually happening is vast, broad and deep. You can find these things out for yourselves when you are ready. I am simply trying to bring you the broad strokes because they alone should be enough.

And you will remember that we are playing host to unnatural, unidentifiable, self-unpacking and self-replicating fibers.  These fibers, among many other grotesque abilities, respond to frequency.

Well, that’ll show that Global Warming Monster a thing or two. Wait. What? Does any of this make any sense to you in those terms? Me, either.  Something else is going on and I cannot characterize it as anything but sinister.

Other than telling you that it’s time to familiarize yourself with the work of the folks who are collecting up the hard truths and the data to back it up (see links below), there are a couple of things I want to mention.

One of them is that the events at Fukushima are being and will be used to piggy-back and hide the atrocities of geoengineering.  I suspected this when all of a sudden, we were allowed all kinds of access to that subject which had been impossible to get from March 11, 2011.


Here’s why I bring it up.

I just read an article by another activist, Michael T. Snyder, called ‘What is Happening To Alaska?’ In the article he describes the most catastrophic physiological, and fatal, effects on the local animals and wonders if they are the result of Fukushima.

Obviously, the effects of Fukushima are, have already been, and will continue to be reported as staggering. What catches my attention here, though, is the lead:

“Why are huge numbers of (dead) birds dropping dead and washing up along the coastlines of Alaska? It is being reported that many of the carcasses of the dead birds are ‘broken open and bleeding’.”

Am I the only one who has heard this before…many times before..and certainly a good year or more before the event at Fukushima? Let’s recall.  January 1, 2011…ten thousand blackbirds fall dead from the sky en masse in Arkansas and are discovered in the end to have had their organs exploded within their bodies.  Massive, simultaneous, internal bleeding.

This really tends to lead me back to the physiological reality of living beings filled with accumulated nano-particles of aluminum which can then be heated by microwave weapons causing cells to explode and living beings to die of massive internal hemorrhaging.

This is geoengineering, folks. I have long, long been wary and fearful that They would start hiding what they are doing behind Fukushima because the fallout from each would be nearly impossible to untangle unless one is very, very well versed in geoengineering.

I even said to my husband several months ago, and to Jo Conrad on air…wait a minute. How come all of a sudden we have access to all these facts about Fukushima? They never just give up, throw in the towel, and start telling us the truth. There is, in my opinion, some piggy-backing going on here.

PIGGY-BACKING. I am not belittling or denigrating or showing the slightest bit of disrespect for Fukushima. Please understand that. Fukushima is not my area.  It’s that little persistent message in my heart-mind that’s whispering to me on this one. I’m just saying it would be so easy and very tempting to sweep a lot of geoengineering fallout under the catastrophe that is Fukushima. That should not be allowed.

And, the greatest irony of all? Anyone who dares point this out risks being blasted to pieces for daring to tread on sacred ground.  I have to, though, because we are all dying and because it seems like this is what I came here to do.

My theory is that it is why we are ALL here at this time.  Practically speaking, though, I wonder as I write how one would distinguish between clear radiation poisoning and the poisoning caused by heavy metal bioaccumulation and infiltration by nanoparticle sized pseudo-living fibers? And this:

“As you will see below, something is causing mass death events among various populations of fish as well. In addition, it has been reported that large numbers of polar bears, seals and walruses in Alaska are being affected by hair loss and ‘oozing sores’.” and…

“Something is causing Pacific herring to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs…Independent fisheries scientist Alexandra Morton is raising concerns about a disease she says is spreading through Pacific herring causing fish to hemorrhage.  Ms. Morton has called on the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans to investigate, saying it could cause large-scale herring kills and infect wild salmon, which feed heavily on herring.”

Now, having said this, it has been reported to me as well that there are greater numbers of salmon being caught in the Yukon River than ever before. In fact, Germany is reporting a booming population of seals and such in the North Sea.

Question: does this mean that the animal population is NOT being decimated via the chemicals in the sky and/or ocean elsewhere? Some people are trying to float that theory.  That seems to me to be extremely poor logic.

That’s like saying because lions in Africa continued to breed and sometimes in booming numbers, the radiation fallout from Nagasaki did not matter.  These things do not come with an equals sign between them.

fish-killed-by-oilPlease remember we have been down this trail before, just prior to Fukushima.  The dead fish in Arkansas came just hours after the dead birds.

If memory serves, the bleeding, injuries and physiological devastation that went to the fish in question was blamed on the Corexit poured into the Gulf after the BP disaster.

A neurotoxin? Or radiation?  From where? Both actually and from where matters in the sense that we have to eliminate all of the programs, not just the most obvious or easily blameable.

The fish are not isolated, though, so the disease appearing just at the time the bears and the birds are succumbing to horrific physical issues…well, it’s too much of a coincidence in my mind.

My thought is that sorting this out now will become very difficult and we need to get right on top of this.  My thought is that the best thing to do is keep reminding the public that these things are not ‘new’ to the post-Fukushima planet nor are they linked to nuclear catastrophes exclusively and that we have seen this very, very recently in another guise. 

The scientist charged with translating my book into German has been doing extensive investigations on the who and the how in Berlin.  The biggest companies, including the one Super User in the United States, are not even trying to hide what they are doing.

Taking a page from David Keith’s book, you know the Uber Geo-engineer, who just appeared and was sliced and diced by Stephen Colbert in less than six minutes; let’s not lose the plot of one thing by superimposing something else on it.  Apparently, this was his explanation as to why scientists who have known about geoengineering since President Johnson have been ‘terrified’ to speak about it lest we all forget to concentrate on reducing our emissions.

I have to say Keith’s arguments were the most specious I’ve ever seen and a really good example of disinformation.  I have no doubt they were terrified, though.  Up until very recently it has been hazardous to your health to talk about this.

The one thing Keith said that I can agree with is that we need to start talking about it. Yes, please! That’s the biggest open gate the other side has given us.  No more being ‘terrified,’ that lovely word we hear so often.

Directly or indirectly, radiation frequencies aimed at us are destroying our physiology as our DNA has been made to respond on command.

Terror. Terrorism. Buzz, button pushed. Reaction generated. I’d love to be able to show you the Colbert video but it’s presence on the internet has been erased if one has not downloaded it.  Imagine that.

But, yes, Dr. Dave, let’s start talking big, loud, and long because I promise you the other side is just getting started. Spin, disinformation, glamorous commercials, even movies about this…it’s all coming.

Because they know, as do many, that capturing the imagination of a people is the way to get them. They know this all too well.

So arm yourself before they get hold of you. Arm yourself with the facts.  And listen for that thin thread of a lie buried within some truth. It’s the lie they care about.

To the best of my knowledge, the following photo is absolutely official.  A screen shot. Viewers have verified and reverified the reality of this. Have a look.

Art imitates reality

I’m not going to say anything further about this. I have simply put this there for purposes of meditation and as an example of the possible use of the media in this regard.  The Good Guy uses Chemtrails. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Having said all of the above, because it was imperative to make note of the ways in which we are constantly being hornswoggled, let us turn back to the discussion of geoengineering-induced transhumanism. They are not just terraforming our planet, they are terraforming all life on this planet…most especially us.

One of the classic markers of Morgellon’s Syndrome is the appearance of lesions, sometimes many inches in diameter and sometimes many in number, that do not heal.  This is caused by the eruption of the skin due to those hollow fibers or tubules we talked about in the first article.

According to Sofia Smallstorm, these fibers, as we said last time can be cultured and grown from tissue: saliva, blood, skin, urine…of animals as well as humans.  They bleed and they ooze and they do not heal.  I believe we just read a similar description in the article on Alaska. Hmmm…

Morgellon's fibers

The fibers themselves mock disease cells but are not.  The material inside these tubules, which, as I said previously can be cultured and grown from humans or animals, self-replicate and resemble bacteria.  Some look like mycoplasma but are not. Some look like chlamydia but are not.

These sorts of things do not happen in Nature. The three life kingdoms are eukaryotes (that’s us), bacteria, and archea.

It seems we now have all three replicating in our bodies.  Are we ‘becoming something else?’ Seems like we would be by definition.  Some are referring to this as transbiology. There are hybrids forming in us.

Again, I want to bring Clifford Carnicom and his group working in New Mexico into the discussion. It is vital.  The following are some of the conclusions from their latest, scientifically incorruptible work.  I will attach the link at the bottom of the article.

 ”It is now understood, to a relatively high level of confidence, the essential molecular and  chemical composition of the Morgellons biological filamentous material.   This knowledge is a prerequisite to understanding at least a portion of the impact to the body and human health.  It now appears, from all available research, that this determined molecular composition can be summarized in the following complex phrase:  

The structure of the filament form appears to be, based upon the best available information to date,  primarily that of an “polycyclic organo-metallic halogenated aromatic amine”.  Substantial evidence also exists for the coupling of a iron-amino acid(cysteine and histidine dipeptide complex).  The implications of such a compound and structure upon human health are profound…

It has been established, through rather painstaking processes over a period of several years, that primary constituents of the growth form are comprised of both iron and amino acids.  The methods to achieve this have been described in detail on previous reports. “

“The essence of impact to health has also been discussed at length, namely, that if these elements are used by the organism for its own growth then those same nutrients are being denied to the human host that supports the invasive growth.  Your iron is at the core of your respiration and hence of all energy transfer within your body; proteins are the structural framework that allows your body to exist and grow.

The absconding of both iron and amino acids (i.e., proteins) from the human body is by itself of sufficient damage to warrant a full and dedicated allocation of resources to this problem; this has not happened to date.”

Morgellons Fiber

Perhaps I could mention here Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?  Just a thought.

Okay, so this is one of the things that’s going on, quite definitively, within our bodies thanks to these lovely tubular nano-fibers. We are being made hosts and we are being made sick.  But we are also being made into something else altogether.

The other thing, according to the research and testimony of Dr. Russell Blaylock, is that our neurology is being disrupted and changed.  Broken.  Because the damage at the cellular level due to frequency bombardment causes our DNA to replicate the injured codes, not the healthy codes.  The DNA instructions then are made gibberish.

And that brings us full circle back to Metabiology…Frankenbiology. In essence, this is the study of ways to make biology whatever you want it to be rather than the study of what is.  Some believe that soon everything we are and do will be a result of direction, or interference, from frequencies that originate outside us but cause reactions within us.

There are some who suggest that even our medicine will evolve into a frequency-based thing.  We should add, though, that the largest share of our medical maladies themselves are not, in fact, natural but are frequency-induced.

It does not have to be this way.  We are not broken.  We are being broken.  Land the planes. Raise the consciousness. Now.

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