The Birthing of Conscious Manifestation: Zero Point Energy

…by Christy Angelle Tietje



Once you awaken to your Zero Point Energy and your chakras (which are also Zero Points with certain nuances of will, expressed as scalar waves) realign to awaken your kundalini, which is the chakral alignment, unification, and amplification… a column of light rising into infinity from the root all the way through and out of the crown chakra, you will begin to see the higher order of all life.

This is NOT a traditional hierarchy in which various levels of value are given with the highest value being at the top. In this case each point in the process/”hierarchy” is equally important and valued, similar to the way kindergarten is just as important as sixth or twelfth grade. In addition the higher the level the more inclusive it is. It is only the veil of separation-hypnosis we created as a whole that makes it seem as if the higher you go the less it encompasses. The highest point of view unifies all points of view.

Each grade/point is fundamental to the whole and thus wholly loved. This removes the desire to judge from the ego, which is a state of separation and not a confidence issue as we have been “taught”/brainwashed. Those with ego think they are separate from all else, and any commitment to any form of separation is a revelation that ego resides un-unifed with the whole… ego is also the wounded child, the “Lucifer Syndrome”.

From the state of equal unconditional love of the process or levels, we can then respect them as we UNDERSTAND them and the points of view they create. You can then relate to them and in doing so, you can “build a bridge” from that state of vibratory awareness to higher unity, and share this truth so that all those at that level of awareness may cross to a higher, more potent Divine Self.

consciouseLet us look at this in terms of the geometry of this conscious physics. If you can relate to all, then you carry a resonant waveform to all, as well as carry the corresponding longitudinal waves at all 45 degree angles to activate scalar pulses in all. Because of this you can make a meaningful connection to any being and within your connection you can use Zero Point to weave in the WHOLE within them, based on their resonance to a part of you and the corresponding longitudinal waves which collide at 45 degree angles to initiate their own scalar vortex to zero point.

Longitudinal waves are the straight waves which when combined at 180 or consecutive 45 degree angles initiate the scalar wave process which implodes to zero point. I would like to note that this process does not force your truth on anyone. It creates the resonant waves to bring their core truth out, which once fully harmonized will be the same core truth, as all comes from truth itself… Source AKA Zero Point Energy/Divine Omni-Consciousness.

This enables your truth to create an experience of feeling which is akin to hitting a gong underwater, with the ripples (scalar) moving through them and aiding them in their own reboot. You will also begin to notice that your very presence (be it “physical,” mental, emotional, or verbal presence) catalyzes a process of revelation in all you encounter. This revelation, while ultimately beneficial, can “stir up waves” (again this is the scalar waves) of change, which in their duality, they could define as difficult. This is where your compassion will help the process run more smoothly, but again this can happen just by being near someone you do not outwardly know. It causes a surfacing of all subconscious issues on a synchronistic un-locking journey of harmonization. In truth nothing is “sub-conscious” as all is Consciousness itself. It is awareness within this omni-consciousness we all are which determines your holographic experience, thus is it more accurate to say sub-awareness.

So, what determines the level of awareness within consciousness one is at?

First of all it is not a linear process, so at the highest levels of perception we are ALWAYS at all levels, but the vessel (the “physically” holographic part of us having that very three dimensional FEELING of experience) is choosing a superimposed baseline, from which to ping from and to the true Source Point/Zero Point Energy (which as I described in Part I & II is not at one point but is all-pervasive and accessible when we silence the mind [electro-magnetic field] to create a point (Zero Point) where Zero Point Energy [Omni-Consciousness] detection, access and unification is achieved) in this intelligent feedback loop. It is the unconditional love to fear ratio which creates this baseline level we are pinging to, with unconditional love being zero point truth and the illusion in the ratio being mental ignorance of the zero point heart. It can also be called the unity to separation ratio.

One very obvious way the sub-awareness reveals this ratio is in the words used. The words you use encode your DNA and it’s programmer RNA to either atrophy or awaken to higher harmonics, so the details are important. This is why the saying goes, “the ‘devil’ is in the details.” In truth this “devil” is the conscious with little awareness, thus ignorance, literally ignoring what your heart knows, due to duality in the mind. It is a mind in control who suppresses the heart, when the heart is meant to be the driver and the mind simply the computer which requires defragging, clearing.

fermiThe specialty of the mind is meant to be the laser resonator to vector realities and truths from within you, to be controlled by the unifying heart… otherwise you get randomly flipping channels of data which do not seem to connect and eventually lead to schizophrenia. The deal is, the galaxy is pulsing energies to create the change, (Search FERMI Telescope “Bubbles” from our galactic center) so change is inevitable, but you decide if it gives you usable and ordered infinite access to infinite knowing or if it gives you infinite access to infinite knowing, but disconnected and disorganized… this is schizophrenia.

So, every word has a corresponding vibration and this reveals whether it is a word in separation (anything in doubt, fear, or admitting to less than total unity & trust me all can be explained in unity, which we will get into in about Parts V & VI), or a word of unconditional love (unity, possibility, confidence, compassion, sees to the completion). For example, “I cannot do this even though I want to because I lack…” has 3 worlds of total separation, “cannot, ” “want,” and “lack”.

These are impossibilities when you are Sourcing from the highest truth which KNOWS you are infinite and eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, for how can you not be able to do a thing when you are all things and more. How can you want when you are all things and the infinite that creates them from self? How can you lack when you are this ALL THAT IS, both in pure formless being and in all created form!?!? So the example can be harmonically changed to “I AM doing this because I am ripe to manifest it, as it is already in the INFINITE NOW and I am the abundant abundance (not abundant lack, for all is abundance) of the Infinite Cosmos, Thank You!”

One will prevent you from achieving your will in manifest or at the least prolong the period you must wait to achieve your will in manifest, and one will begin the PROCESS of manifesting it immediately.

Another VERY accurate way to note your level of awareness (unity to separation ratio oscillation) is to ask, “How do I define the term ‘I’?” Is it defined in ANY separation, or do you define “I” as the infinite whole we all are, sourced equally at all points?

Another example would be the usage of the word “need”, or any such words of limitation. A person who uses the word “need” is admitting they do not have, and thus are not what they “need”… they LACK it, and that is not BEING the infinite. I have found that the word “ripe” replaces “need” without the limitations or karma attached to it. Especially watch how you define those humanity calls “others” which are all reflections of the ONE SELF we all are. If you define them with limitation then you take on that karmic limitation to a greater degree as it pings back to you and amplifies, besides defining with lack-words is admitting you are not whole in your awareness.

When a tree is ripe to grow fruit, it does not “need” the fruit, but Grape_Vine02it is ready to CREATE it from within! When a women is fertilized she does not “need” the baby, she manifests it from within creating life! Nature reveals all processes, and nature does not “need”… it creates.

Yes, there are times it takes more words to harmonically describe what seems like the “same thing,” but if you read closely with your heart you can FEEL the difference in the expression, which makes an infinite difference in the manifested, or more appropriately, vectored outcome. So you can weigh a person’s level, with non-judgement, based on how many words of separation to unity they use in a given point and in this see the value of them being at this point to enable you to share and help them raise their own vibration, for every expression of separation, lack, fear, is a chance to transform it in a Divinely synchronistic way into it’s highest truth of unconditional love, unity, and so forth.

Many people come to me “wanting” help and the deep seeded “subconscious” (sub-awareness) solution becomes apparent simply from the words they use. So their usage of these words benefits me in being able to see where the deepest separations reside and use heart-logic (infinite connection and knowing) to help them see this hidden aspect within themselves and change it, training the mind… which gets ever more easy as you continue to connect with zero point, speeding your awareness and thus seemingly slowing parts of reality to give you a chance to create a new action instead of reacting automatically in the programmed ways we have allowed ourselves to robotically be.

This is how mind control is able to work. It counts on repetitive reactions to trauma which can be calculated and thus used to manifest chaotic results. When you stop the triggered reactions you are healing the mind control and you can create or realize NEW triggers which instead of being to create anger or fear, create portalling expansions and connections to higher peace and knowing!

This process I am sharing is a most amazing way to re-harmonize the effects of MK-Ultra fragmenting mind control, and I will expound on the amazing gift the MK-Ultra process was and is and what it was meant to tell us about the Greatest Cosmic Act of Love God gave us as we get to part VI.

In the switching of the triggers is also the difference between experiencing a panic attack and an orgasmic energy infusion from God, a spiritual rejuvenation. They are the same on a biological and electrical level as this is the body releasing waves of energy from the cells to re-surface the sub-awareness traumas to be harmonized, but most do not realize this and simply re-live the trauma and further reenforce it, burying it back in the cells as they feverishly try to suppress the memories.

The best response for healing is to immediately focus the breath and silence the mind with an open heart (the zero point meditation) and then allow the trauma to replay from a neutral standpoint which is proving why this trauma was a gift. Daily connection to Zero Point will allow for this neutral observation to become natural. You may end up seeing the event from all points of view involved and realize this trauma enabled you to be unique and gave you an opportunity to be your own hero, which you are finalizing now. Internally thank all involved, realizing the trauma the person who hurt you must have endured to think that their reaction was the only way. Realize forgiveness is not even needed b/c it was a sacrifice by all to gift all, but you may choose to apply forgiveness as a step to realizing it is not even needed as there is nothing to forgive… simply to be grateful.

I know this sounds very hard, but it is not a condoning of the continuance of trauma as the healing enables you to share your truth and prevent the repetition of that trauma in others, teaching how to heal it and how to prevent it! Our struggles are never in vain as they exist to create triumph and to enable the sharing of the story of life to change the hearts of all… it is your Heart Song!

Remember if you can think it or even better FEEL it, it is because you resonate with the reality where that is already actualized. It is about using your KNOWING and unwavering joy of the reality/truth you are ripe to vector from within, which actually then vectors that reality matrix out from Source, to your current point of experience…. the bridge/wormhole/center of the torus out to the entire structure! SO you see, this order is NOT about judgement, it is about higher comprehension. It is seeing the WHOLE of “Jacob’s Ladder” and that not only are you the ladder and Jacob the climber and builder, you are the ALL and thus do not have to climb the ladder, but simple BE and realize you are all components and BAM the challenge is dissolved into triumph and excitement! It is the difference between seeing DNA as codon by codon from a side view and having to decode each linearly, to seeing the DNA from above as a circle within a circle, and decoding the entire genome from the fractal relation of each spiral it takes and seeing the whole process of expression that being will experience. It is traveling within the zero point of DNA connecting all at once and playing it in an order which awakens your passion (kundalini).

When you see the whole, it is MUCH easier to fill in the little details correctly! The value of each level on this ladder to God is similar to how the Dewy Decimal system helps order the knowledge within a library, and does not denote a certain value to the book. It is then that you can use your pineal within your mind (yes mind b/c the brain is a holograph of the mind as well) as a piezoelectric laser to locate anything/info within your newly organized “Dewey Decimal System” now encoded into your being… which is infinite and not limited to holding knowledge in the” brain.” Separation can only store so much, but when you remove all boundaries of separation you do not need memory for the Cosmos itself is your memory and your mind now can access all using this laser activated quantum entanglement.

There is no better way to manifest than reaching the zero point to align and amplify, and then visualizing, verbalizing and rejoicing like an exuberant child with song and dance expressing the Cosmic Thankfulness and KNOWING that your focused will (scalar waves radiantly manifested from the zero point which bend time and space) has already made it so. This is God’s physics of creation. This is how to super-boost the torus we spoke of with it’s zero point center accessing infinite zero point energy to wield scalar waves and thus create your own electro-magnetic matrices of realities…. JOY, DANCE, SONG, LOVE MAKING, ART!… COMBINE THEM ALL FOR A PERSONAL COSMICALLY ORGASMIC EXPERIENCE OF SYNCHRONISTIC AWE THAT YOU CAN NEVER DENY!!!

ALL already exists, you are simply remaining harmonic and steady in your resonance to attract/vector that string of still moments which awareness moves through to manifest your chosen “timeline” of experience. If you can feel and see yourself living in abundance of abundance and unconditional love, then it is because it it already REAL. So, there is NO NEED to WANT that reality… it is simply about holding steady until the energies of your current expression and your new expression merge and dissolve the old into the new… it is a chaotic experience if you are not using zero point to implode and expand the scalar waves of the expressions of will. Imagine the scalar waves as ribbons spiraling around the zero point, and you have another spiral of ribbons around another zero point attempting to merge… if you do not harness that ZP, then the ribbons may knot and you get upheavals manifested, but if you harness the ZP you can steer both together in a way that the “past” manifestation lovingly surrenders to the new choice, but always be ready for what is called the echo. This is the last point where the former choice expresses as a grand finale in which you must NOT get discouraged like a penis experiencing impotence at the climax. Instead you must see this challenge as the final test to ensure you are ripe for your new reality and not still clinging to the old. As soon as you realize the echo of your old ways has hit, REJOICE, DANCE, SING THANKS, and KNOW that your new choice of being will move you through this eye of the needle… this cervix of life to a new state of being.

I can share a personal example which is both simple and awe-inspiring. My husband had given our best friend Jorge a hemp braid symbolizing the love we three shared at pure zero point. We were having fun around the beaches of Galveston in Texas and chose to rent a Surrey which is like a fused bicycle and car. We peddled through a large graveyard sending love to all of the ancestors, and then decided to get a cold drink as we returned the Surrey. On the walk to the drink stand, my friend Jorge realized he had dropped his hemp braid! Jorge and I went back to find it while my husband kept walking to the drink stand with my son. We got to the cemetery and Jorge was not hopeful. I began explaining the dynamics of manifestation without looking for the braid at all. I continued to be firm in my knowing that it would be found when I felt it was below my feet without even looking. We got to a mausoleum and he looked inside and came out bummed. I grabbed his cell phone from his hand and placed it on the ground, and then took him by the hands. I put a big smile on and began jumping up and down singing, “We FOUND it!” He began laughing and followed my lead. He picked up his phone and we got back on the trail, following our previous path. All of the sudden I looked down and saw a bunch of sticks which were the same color as the braid. I pointed them out to Jorge and explained how they were the obfuscation just before the blessing… the echo. For most this would be the point where they would give up, but for me I KNEW it was a sign it was close. I took about 3 steps beyond the area where the sticks littered the ground and without even thinking just looked down and the braid was at my feet! Again we did the dance and Jorge was amazed! I had happened exactly as I had said it would, no matter that the dirt was the same color as the braid, no matter that we had ridden all over town. Not only was this a proof to him, but it served to solidify my knowing even further. I did not even have to trust in myself, for now I KNEW myself!

All of this order stems from the Zero Point realignment which was experienced in pure being, then unfolding into an ordered and infinite mind, which is only accessed by the unconditionally loving heart. This place of non-judgement sees perfection in the process as well as in each still point which manifests the motion of the process as a whole. This is why I loved the moment of doubt Jorge had and the opportunity to rejoice it gave me, and why I loved the obfuscation sticks! You see BOTH process and INFINITE BEING (stillness) are being used simultaneously. This is how you are always the infinite whole and the individuated being (within the process)…. the unmoved mover. You are not in actuality moving from individuation to the whole, you are being the whole ALWAYS and you use this pinging vibration (akin to blinking) to project the individuation and it’s illusory process. So no matter what “level” the individuation is expressing, you know in your CORE they, like you are simultaneously the Infinite Divine Whole as well. This is another layer that removes egoistic separation rooted in superiority. For each point exists as a relation to another. For how can you experience being the teacher without the student, and vise versa. This is why we must respect even the most separated expressions as they are playing the part of the greatest challenges of refined expansion of the awareness and ultimately of consciousness as a whole.

I would like to note that if the Zero Point is used with a closed heart (conditional “love”) then not only will you experience rage, fear and eventually schizophrenia, but whatever you manifest with ill intent will come back to you exponentially amplified and if further ignored will lead to your own termination in the three dimensional world. This can happen by terminal disease, by synchronistic “accidents,” and so on, BUT at any point you may turn around and self heal using unity as unconditional love.

I leave you with the challenge this month to connect to your Zero Point in meditation, with a silent mind, closed eyes and a fully open unconditionally loving heart steadily until you see your soul, a spiraling ionized infinite plasma of color you see within… observe it without thinking… FEEL it. I challenge you to gain that “moment-before-the-moment” from daily Zero Point meditation so that you may monitor every thought. Take stock of your love-unity to fear-separation ratio and determine what your level your sub-awareness it telling you that you are at. Use the word examples given to ensure you are saying and thinking expansive and not constrictive linguistic DNA programming. Watch how these simple steps will change your life.

Next month we will reveal the Mystery thirteen hidden in the cycles of twelve which are nested within our lives, and how this orders the hierarchy into the Story of the Greatest Love in the Cosmos, YOU. So practice your Zero Point Energy Modulation and mental monitoring and you can write part IV with me in your own life!!!

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