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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Uh Thank You… Thank You Varry, Varry Muche

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

What’s with Malaysian airlines? The odds against two in a row from the same airline are great enough to discourage thought of coincidence. Of course, these days, just about everything is enemy action. An actual accident is enough of a surprise to result in temporary flummoxing. Let’s ask Snowden what he thinks. Hey, Snowjob! What’s this Malaysian plane downings scenario all about?

“Well, first let me say that we were prepared to know what we could have known but we chose not to know it. I think Donald Rumsfield explained that. See, there’s a giganormous infrastructure of red eyes in the trees that are watching ‘every move you make, every breath you take and every leg you break’. I, in good conscience, could not stand by while all the things I really can’t go into detail about were taking place. What I can tell you is that what I don’t tell you, should be an indication of something I can’t talk about AND, if I never mention a certain child murdering central banker crime syndicate of a nation it is because I.. I… am still employed by them and have a confidentiality clause which requires me to BS you until you are short of breath. Uh thank you varry varry muche. Now I’d like to do a reggae version of Unchained Melody. Hey, sweetheart! Yeah, you in the chromium steel chaps and nothing in the back. Could I impose on you to freshen my drink? Thank you varry varry muche.”

We’re talking pretty high tech weaponry that will shoot a 777 down from cruising altitude. Something went a little wrong and they nailed it before they wanted to. In any case, like the Israelis said about those four dead kids, “At least none of them will breed now.” These days everything is just lines and numbers on paper. It’s like someone once said something like, “a single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” I think it was Smoking Joe Stalin who said that and he would know. All anyone wants to know about the potential for the mass murdering monsters, recently out of the global closet, was written in a river of blood upon the wide snows of the soviet republic.

People, I think, are confused about the nature of justice and how it operates in the cosmic sense. Maybe they think there’s some kind of wide catch all external net that eventually pulls in all the predators and freaks. The truth is, it’s an internal affair, which is why no one can escape it at any level. If you can’t make peace with it beforehand, it will make peace with you further up the road; not to imply that your particular fortunes will result in peace but rather that peace here implies being put to rest.

We have about as much personal information concerning Hell as we do Heaven, unless we are already resident in one of those zones and there are some number that fit either description. To quote that great poet Khayyam; “I sent my soul into the invisible, some letter of that after life to spell… and by and by my soul returned to me and said, “I myself am Heaven and Hell” It’s all personal and it’s all business too, kinda like Doublemint Gum in a way. I can remember a time when I had carnal thoughts about the Doublemint Twins; I’ve come a long way since, I think. This would be the perfect time to segue into doppelganger country but I will eschew that opportunity for the moment.

I posted a link to an article by Peter Duenov at the SM comments page yesterday. Strangely enough, the pictures on the site are of Mikhail Aivanhov; far as I know but I guess that’s mostly irrelevant. Anyway, here’s that link again. This kind of lines up with certain expectations I’ve had for awhile and I note the part about not one hair being harmed on the heads of the just and that leads right into why I was looking for a community of kindred spirits but… I’m just going to pretend I am already there, regardless of where I may be at any given time,like now, which I am led to believe is all any of us really have anyway.

I’ve got an image of that ideal state. It’s me sitting on a greensward somewhere in front of a raging turbulence of water with two water falls on opposite sides pouring into that roiling tumblr and the sound of the crashing is the sound of serenity being woven together in timeless space, or something like that. In other words there’s no real crashing together. It just looks like it is.

We are now in the time of serious ramping up. At this point anything can happen. Whether it will or not is dependent on the collective reinforced will of the guardians of the manifest; those who stand at the door and monitor what conditions and events pass through. I mention this because, despite appearances, everything is under control and I should also mention that the Earth is passing, or has recently passed through a malevolent cloud of pure evil from terrible events of the long ago and this has been having a major effect on life down here-out here. I also mention this because everything is under control and exhibited for the purpose of demonstration. We don’t like what we see (should we happen to be human) but there is a reason and it will not go on forever.

As difficult as it may be, should you be one of us in whom compassion has not been crucified on the cross of self interest, or cast aside for lacking a discernible bottom line, persevere my friends. We know how it hurts to feel powerless in the face of unremitting evil. Always keep in mind that your intentions, your attitude, your meditations and your focus, exert a great deal of power. Though you may not be able to see the evidence of this, keep in mind the image of a stone thrown upon the surface of a still lake. Think of that lake as the world and that stone as your best efforts toward transformation of the world and of yourself. You can do only what you can. Following that you must leave it in the hands of those cosmic forces set into motion by your efforts, in whatever way and on whatever level they came through.

Segue to the personal…….

I guess I can see now why this language has been so difficult for me. I don’t talk to anyone. Now I am doing so and it is obvious that this is the way forward. Yesterday they had a grill party outdoors; always nice for a vegetarian like me (grin) but the grilled vegetables were great and so was the potato salad. Beer and wine was to be had and in this country, oft indulged in. I’m sitting there when this man appears. I had never seen him before, or hadn’t noted him. Peter, a journalist from Leipzig is standing near. He is ALWAYS around me. He steps in for translation, which I think he sees as his job and this fellow Thomas wants to take me to this Imbiss in the park, where there is cheap beer and you can smoke. Yes, I picked up the habit again since I was told that smokers heal faster (really).

Peter tells me he has found a house around the corner that is empty. Do I want to see it? “Okay” says I. We get there and it’s a 30 degree road that runs up around a hundred meters. I tell him I think we’ll do this another time. Thomas insists on pushing me up. He’s a strong fellow, a former international lorry driver. He pushes me up and I see it’s a nice house but it is gutted inside; shades of where I just came from! We head off for the Imbiss and I start to sing a little. This often happens to me and I forget I am around other people. We get to the Imbiss and others from the institute show up and beers come and Thomas insists that I should sing and he ain’t taking no for an answer. I launch into a little, “Bring it on Home to Me” and then “You really got a hold on Me”. Wow! What a reaction, with two guys comparing their chicken skin. I’m then told that a big party is coming next weekend and I see there’s an effort to get me to perform (somehow) there.

Thomas gets fried and I’m thinking , “uh oh, a drunken wheelchair driver.” but all went well. Now he is insisting on ferrying me all the way into town so we can “look at everything”. Where did this guy come from? So… of course, I get some following communiques from the invisible, letting me know that everything is under control and not subject to remain the same for any length of time and I should further ‘rely’, rely and rely. I should forget about what happened, it’s all good and I’ll get that at some point. Man, this is a strange life. There was a deal more but it’s all Origami stuff so next up for that.

I’m left with a piercing thought, after things I heard yesterday and events I passed through and how quickly things can change around you. It’s about the varying depths of existence, going on at all times. I’ve said little to anyone but, just like that, all kinds of people come out of nowhere and it all goes into gear. I don’t know what to think. I got to find a new place to live in 3 weeks and it has been like walking through mountain laurel to get this operative. Once again; rely… rely… rely. Okay! Okay already! I’m guessing this will sort itself. I’m open to that. I’m also guessing that it’s been stone wall difficult because it just isn’t time yet. Okay! Okay already!

I’m wishing all of you a wonderful Sunday and want to close with the departure of a dear reader; James Pratt who was a real life rocket scientist, among other things. I received a moving letter from his son about how much his father loved the blogs and loved coming by. It made me think of Neil and Dadnerd; other unique individuals who have come through here and gone on to another and finer plane; much love and bon voyage to you all. I’ll be seeing you at some point. One never knows how soon.

End Transmission…….