Vortex: Conscious and Courageous


…by Simon Ludgate

Science documentary director and writer Simon Ludgate, author of The Accidental Wizard and Gabriel’s Lyre, found his life change beyond recognition ten years ago.

Ten years ago my life changed beyond all recognition. With the help of some empirical evidence in the form of photographs I took and personal experiences I started to have, I realised for the first time in my life that my belief system was all wrong and all those seemingly unconnected events joined up.

I feel we're going in different directions... I feel we’re going in different directions…

One of the strangest effects of this realisation as I got deeper into it was a lot, and I mean a lot, of close personal friends backed away from me and sort of “unfriended” me before Facebook had even been invented.

I spent ten years as a print and radio journalist in Fleet Street and the BBC, then almost…

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