Fukushima Organic Farms Foster Hope

Effective New World Orderlies, or how EM’s will do the job for Co-operation and Co-prosperity

…by Joska Ramelow

A little underground Fairytale that is too good not to be told.  One day

Prof. Teruo Higa

Prof. Tuero Higa

Professor Teruo Higa, a very meticulous and creative man started his claim to fame with a sense of defeat. Beavering away in his Agricultural department at Riyukus University of Okinawa, Japan, he had his academic radar turned to enhancements and acceleration of plant growth under optimal conditions. He knew, that the little rootlets on plants were the key to unlocking this mystery. In other words, he  investigated the symbiotic relationships between soil micro-organisms and an optimized uptake of nutrients from the soil by the plants.  This same relationship is at work inside our guts  with its populations of symbiotic bacteria, also known as probiotics, doing the same job.


One day in the mid 1980’s , Professor Higa, who kept his nose stubbornly on the tracks met with his ‘eureka’ moment whilst he accidentally spilled some of his micro-organisms, now known as Effective Micro-organisms (EM’s for short)  by some shrubbery on his campus trial fields. To his own surprise the combination of several organisms in his cocktail created a booster shot to the shrubs that  made an almost immediate impact and this became the birth moment of Effective Micro-organisms, EM’s. The synergistic effects within the cocktail provided the magic key to unlock a mystery that has gone form strength to strength ever since.

That was the beginning of a story in which, as in any good fairytale, requires a monster of apocalyptic proportions. Best we have one that rolls up the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse in one, which today would come riding in on a robotic machine-like horse with a few google pack mules in tow.

Professor Higa had already proved his discovery on a massively expanded scale in, of all places, North Korea. Wikipedia is keeping  very tight-lipped about Prof. Higa and this event, but wheels out all the ‘ifs and but’s’ possible.


The North Korean government there learned about Higa’s ‘Em Technology’ and invited him to collaborate on a project there. When they saw how effective it was they did the following as is described in a paper available online.
‘With positive results, the area of farming land using EM technology was increased to 50,000 hectares in 1996. Currently the government of North Korea is implementing EM technology to 100% of farming practices in the country and using over 100,000 tons of EM/year. In cooperation with the EM Research Organization in Okinawa, Japan, the government of North Korea has built many EM propagation centres, an EM research facility, and an EM technical vocational college. ‘
These were the results of experiments that took place before one of the apocalyptic horsemen reared its head with the falling of the Twin Towers and Building Seven in down town Manhattan on September 11th, 2001.
Since then we notice an accelerated push for humanity to be ever more surveilled, irradiated and filled with fears of terror threats and such.

In other words, good old fairy tale stuff. It seems an agenda is at work ever since to close down our full set of senses and intuitions before we can fully use them for our own co-prosperity. But back to Em’s and the horseman rolled up in one. That one is sitting several thousand miles to the North of Okinawa at the other end of this beautiful archipelago of Japan on the coastline of Fukushima prefecture.

The big ‘Number One’ nuclear power plant or as is known in Japanese as

‘Dai-ichi’  has incessantly been spewing Caesium, Uranium, Plutonium and Tritium ever since this monstrosity blew up on March the 3rd 2011. It is irradiating the northern Hemisphere and never goes on holidays. Now, this is not the only nuclear threat after Chernobyl, it stands as the opening shot in a long string of failures that we will be faced with in the not so distant future.This is based on the way this apocalyptic Pandora box was set in train as a technology to create for us a dream of infinite energy supplies after the second world war.

Roughly another 450 power stations around the world are reaching their point of obsolescence since the atomic fires inside are  mercilessly pounding the metallic structures of the inner core and its tubing and pipe work and render the crystal lattice of the metals ever more brittle. So, it is just a question of time when the other cousins of this biggest of all horsemen known to man thus far, will turn up on the horizon  and demand the Faustian price of our mad scramble for power, profit and a luxury life style.

Anybody interested in finding out about the players behind this heinous scheme will have no trouble in discovering their history, names and places included. A few minutes on the Internet will reveal the extent of what has been dumped on us.


Harvey Wasserman provided a catalogue of reasons why we should stay clear of this technology.

Radiation and currents....

Radiation and currents….

The half-life of any of these substances sent up into the atmosphere and travelling with the jet streams is in the tens of thousands of years. Plutonium has 4.5 billion years to be rendered half as poisonous as it is when enriched to its weapons grade level.  This actually forms in the dust after depleted Uranium weapons have detonated  in modern warfare as bunker busting bombs. The hospitals in Basra and Fallujah as well as in the former Yugoslavia tell their own story with babies being born with massive genetic damage to their  tender little bodies. Many die within the first few days of having arrived on this beautiful planet of ours.
But back to the mysterious goings on with EM’s in the shadows of the nuclear ruins sitting on the coast of Fukushima prefecture and quietly contaminating the surrounding land, the water, the air currents and pacific sea life. (Ironic footnote ‘Fukushima’ by the way means ‘Happy Island’ ).
Unbeknownst to Professor Higa at the time of discovery of his 80 or so micro-organisms in the EM cocktail other applications have developed since discovering that it is capable of boosting plant growth on a scale that seriously rivals the promises of the green technology revolution post WW2.
Here a little list from the same academic paper quoted above. One has to remember that this paper was  created in the year 2000 and a number of other applications are now known in addition.

EM technology can  be considered a natural technology and has no known  adverse effects on plants, animals, humans, or the environment after over a decade of application.

EMs works in such a broad spectrum way since the cocktail made from around 80 micro-organisms has the following profile. It contains living organisms that effect a plant and other substances in a number of ways.


The groups of micro-organisms are:

  • Lactic acid bacteria: these bacteria are found in the air and are the same ones we use to make sauerkrauts and other lacto-fermented foods.
  • Yeast: unicellular fungi, found in the air, used for thousands of years for brewing and baking.
  • Phototrophic: Bacteria that uses photosynthesis for energy production. Found in healthy forest soils, earthworms castings, and manure, among other places.


oderlies 2

The photo shows  a small-scale biofermenting plant for Effective Micro-organisms (Em’s) inside  the evacuation zone within Fukushima Prefecture


EM is useful in a wide variety of fields.

In agriculture, EM has been used to:

  • enrich the soil
  • produce quality, healthy crops at a greater yield
  • decrease pests and diseases
  • reduce the need for weeding and tilling
  • work without the use of agricultural chemicals


In animal husbandry, EM has been used to:

  • create noticeable decreases in foul smells
  • lower the incidence and appearance of sickness
  • reduce insect infestations
  • noticeably increase fertility during artificial insemination
  • to increase the quality of meat, dairy and eggs

In the environment, EM has been used to:

  • clean up polluted waters in ponds, lakes, dams, and seashores including in the clean-up of oil spills
  • make possible the recycling of water from sewage facilities into use in general cleaning
  • recycle organic waste into quality fertilizer


In industrial uses, EM applied to:


  • increase the  strength of cement with a measured rise in hardness (hectopascal)

EM has been used in the plastics and metals waste separation facility to
reduce the level of toxic fume emissions.


Put in very simple words, EM lives off our waste while we off “their waste”. Their waste simply translates to a healthy environment for us. Additionally, EM seems to induce strong antioxidation: that is, it encourages the presence of antioxidants and suppress the action or prevent the proliferation of active oxygen, also known as free radicals. Therefore, the presence of EM seems to help prevent the corrosion of inorganic materials, such as rusting, and help organic matter towards fermentation as opposed to putrefaction. A mutual existence can be enhanced between micro-organisms and humanity by the utilization of EM to our environment from agricultural fields to households and in our polluted waters and soils.

Fukushima Prefecture, similar to the US Midwest, is  part of the heartland of Japanese agriculture — the grain belt where rice, fruit, and other agricultural products are produced in great quantity for the urban centres to the South, including Tokyo.

Thus, a clutch of dedicated organic farmers in Japan committed themselves wholeheartedly to this promising new technology, well over twenty years before the nuclear power stations blew up.


Fukushima and Sendai prefecture together with Miyagi and Aomori form the northern Pacific rim of the main Island Honshu and were worst affected by the flooding from the Tsunami. An apocalyptic blanket of high radiation, mountains of debris together with a one foot solid layer of stinking salty mud dumped it’s deadly harvest borne out of greed by the ‘nuclear energy farmers’ that run the big corporations like TEPCO on the happy lands of the little guys who depend on the natural cycles of mother nature. It destroyed much of the arable farmlands around these areas of rich volcanic soil with its legendary fertility.

oderlies 3

Small trucks carry the EM brew with spraying equipment to the fields. These are sprayed, sometimes twice a week over the crops from 250 gallon tanks.

The Authorities get eaten by the Monster…

In response to this catastrophe the authorities had no better idea than to recommend to farmers  not to use their lands for at least 3-5 years, which is equivalent to a death sentence for any farmer.
The Geiger counters ran way over the upper limits and show Farmers, united they strike.
‘A conference on the subject of EM in Fukushima in  October 2013 was attended by 900 people. Scientists from Belarus reported about their research using EM to reduce radioactive radiation and the technology was also used after the Tsunami in Thailand. The October conference was looking at possibilities of using EM in the Fukushima region. The conference included visits to farms and experimental fields.
The first indication that EM might help to reduce radiation came when an organic farmer who had used EM on his fruit farm for 20 years supplied apples and pears to his cooperative last summer for the first time after the nuclear disaster. Many of his fellow farmers were unable to sell their fruit because it contained too high levels of radiation. However no such radiation levels were found in the fruit of the organic farmer using EM. ‘

A five-minute clip of the farmer Kinju Watanabe mentioned above which shows his EM results on his Fukushima fruit farm in September, 2011.

The organic peaches, pears, grapes and apples Kinju Watanabe grows in Fukushima City have shown no detectable radiation, despite soil contamination in the area of 2,000 Becquerels per kilogram, and other farmers’ fruits testing at 40-80 Bq/kg.

Mr. Suzuki, the farmer whose fields were covered in mud, asked Professor Higa for help who recommended to plough up the fields and spray them with EM’s. Subsequently they noticed how quickly the odour disappeared and rice could be grown within the same year again. Mr. Suzuki told the authorities and they, in their arrogant helplessness had no other means to respond than to cut off the water supplies to Mr. Suzuki’s fields. Mr. Suzuki did not take this sitting down and sunk a borehole down to the water table to pump up his own water from subterranean aquifers. The soil very quickly returned to normal again and the proof in the pudding was that the use of EM’s had facilitated this almost miraculous return to the law of nature. The following two pictures show the devastated fields after the Tsunami and the growth of rice plants in the same year:

orderlies 4

Image taken of Mr. Suzuki’s farmland immediately after the disaster had struck March 2011





orderlies 5

The rice paddies after the clear-up with EM’s in 2011






What sounds like a fairy tale means real life for many people in the region left stranded, by a government stifled by corruption and constructive thinking that lacks vision. The apocalyptic horsemen could not find a better traitor at the Gates of the town to open the Gates to its devastating rule of social Darwinist impacts, and as one learns these days, in many walks of life.

The real heroes are the farmers and people who trust the land and their own abilities to combat adversity with creativity and logical thinking informed by their own experience. These are the people carrying the torch of knowledge and wisdom for humanity; the light that will show a way out of administrative delinquency with its attendant impending collective calamity. Fukushima.


A  quick glance at how the government deals with the problem to this day. It clearly shows they can only resort to  heavy-handed destructive means aided by heavy industrial equipment to even destroy the forests in order to strip off the layer of soils that is then stuffed into bags and then…..Sounds very similar to what all governments are doing with nuclear waste around the planet. There is no Plan B they have developed by taking into account any of the experiences of these dedicated people. Whist they carry on condoning wholesale destruction of our living base in typical bulldozer fashion. This thinking  is in all likelihood a recipe to spread the problem further and impact people’s health more and more, rather than contain and clear up the problem locally.

orderlies 6

Big machines stripping off a foot of the surfaces soil that ends up in blue plastic bags for further deliberation…..




Volunteers working for the local government strip the land of its trees before the soil is stripped off.

orderlies 7








As a last example of the Farmer who brews the Effective Micro-organisms EM’s. The plant, his abandoned Farmhouse, is set up inside the Fukushima Evacuation Zone and can  only be entered during the day. Some areas are so ‘hot’ that visitors only have permission to stay for 2-3 hours, since the radiation can be as high as  20-30 microsieverts per hour from the nearby Fukushima plants that create a lot of fallout 24/7.

orcerlies 8 Cosmo-Farm-Fukushima_Messungen-150x150
However, the graph shows to what extend the radiation  was inexplicably (by the experts) reduced by almost 50% on Cosmo Farm within 9 months .


orderlies 9

Here some visitors from Thailand spraying EM on Cosmo farm.

The farm has also seen visitors from Belarus, who shared their own scientific experiences working with EM in the vicinity of Chernobyl.

On this positive note the fairytale must end and one can only be hopeful that the story of courageous small people meeting many adversities on their journey will end as many fairy tales do as the last line often runs, ‘and if they have not died they will always live for ever after’….

The allusion is to the free power of creative action and a golden opportunity to resolve the big crisis on this, our planetary home. Although, I personally doubt that planet earth would be better off  without the human species who caused so much pain and suffering to its very mother ship itself.  I am deeply convinced that we are here to consciously open up to the very problems we created in sleep and spiritual blindness. Little Darwinist theories aside, If the cosmos were not interested in us humans we would not be here in the first place. The argument that our species is simply dispensable is a lazy one conjured up by the very people who made a lot of money landing us in this mess in the first place. So it is on each one of us to decide who and what we trust, the key of which lies deeply embedded inside us. It could be a big positive party all seven billion of us could share in. The best point to encourage everybody to continue to the ‘happily ever after….’

In this sense, I hope that other generations to follow will mark this turning point in history we undoubtedly are experiencing now, as the rebirth of creativity, co-operation and co-prosperity within mankind. A true move to reclaim collective sanity. This being the case the Em’s would have undoubtedly participated on all levels of the human spirit to show the way into a bountiful and peaceful future.

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