A Quick Rant: Update on The Black Swan Numerologically

…by Harald Kautz-Vella








MH17 can with high probability be confirmed to be victim of the fascist internationalist cabale, executed by “their” forces that took over the Ukraine.

The Ukraine General State Attorney confirmed that the Separatists had no access to rockets of the type BUK.Ukrainian radar monitoring of the event was confiscated by the state authorities immediately after the incident there will be no independent inquiries.Claims that it was done by the Separatists come from the usual suspects only: CIA sources, officials of the US Administration, published by western media.

When the cabale takes down planes, they utilize a kind of control number, the number of passengers killed:

A short view into history:

The first plane on 9/11 (9+1+1=11) was said to have 92 Passengers on board: 9+2=11

The second Plane was said to have 65 passengers on board 6+5=11

MH17, a Boeing 777, that possibly was meant to hit Berlin a day before, on July 16th 2014 (0+7=7; 1+6=7; 2+0+1+4=7), had 295 passengers on board 2+9+5=16 / 1+6=7

Apparently the attack was cancelled, maybe because it got public in advance, maybe for another reason. I guess what we saw was Plan B, a day behind schedule, still potent enough to trigger WWIII if the public falls for lies.

Remember they found the undamaged Passport of Mohammed Atta in the remains of the World Trade Center, although the plane completely turned into smoke. Like freshly printed…

There are pictures of Passports collected on the Ukrainian ground zero. All neat and nice. As if confiscated at the Airport.

Please, don’t fall for lies.