A Quick Rant: Majoring in Debt


…by Jack Speer-Williams

The move toward compulsory, but free, public education for American children began about one hundred years ago. So, for a century, our children have had to endure years of indoctrination — the enforcement of statist doctrines in free public (state) schools.

What has actually long been needed is the kind of education of which Mark Twain  wrote:

Education consists mainly of what we have unlearned.

But instead of following such sage advice, many of our high school graduates, who could no longer think clearly or critically for themselves, then believed they should attend college despite the outrageous personal expenses to themselves, creating debts that are likely to follow them for the balance of their lives.

In a clear bait-and-switch scheme, the social planners have enticed our students from free schooling to colleges that have mysteriously been made to be far more expensive than most Americans can afford.  Then, on cue, in stepped the US government with their usuriously high interest-bearing loans that provided the coup d’etat on America’s future.

College tuitions have risen 1000% since 1978, which is four times the rate of inflation or healthcare costs.  Can anyone explain why college tuitions have so suddenly shot up by 1000%?

No? Well, I can. High college costs were needed in order to trap young Americans in debt so heavy it would ruin not only their futures, but ours, as well.  And why would anyone want to ruin our future?  Because America, along with the rest of the world is being controlled by a dark force that is antipathetic to life.

Unless we discontinue this lethal one-two sucker punch of free public (state) schooling, that regiments students’ thinking, followed by the absurd cost of tertiary schooling, we will have generations of citizens who cannot think for themselves and will be debt-ridden for the rest of their moral lives.

Debt ridden for the rest of their lives? 

Yes, that is ensured with the galloping usury interest rates that come with all government-sponsored student loans.  Due to our failed US economy and its lack of decent paying jobs, former students are often forced to make only partial monthly payments on their loans.

Then they are quickly confronted with growing interest rates.  Not atypically, one student started off with an initial loan of $44,000, in which he paid back $31,000 over twenty-two years.  Unfortunately, his repayments were too slow to prevent his loan principal from rising to a current §128,000.

In another case, an ex-student took out initial loans which amounted to $85,000, which, thanks to an 8% variable interest rate, has since risen to $385,000.

The above two examples are not unique. There are hundreds of thousands of similar stories across America, with student loans now exceeding one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000 — a million million).

College and university presidents (some of whom are given over a million dollars a year in salary) are careful not to speak out against bthese outrages on America and her future.  They would never have got their lofty jobs had they been the type of people who placed the welfare of the whole society before themselves.

Ex-college students are certainly not the only casualties who have been suffocated by the usury-laden debt trap.  Our entire nation, from the jobless to the homeless to starving households and struggling small businesses, are all being garrotted with the sharp wires of usury, while our federal government will not even make the debt-obscenity part of our national discourse.

Throughout recorded history, the crime of overcharging borrowers has been condemned by some of our best religious and spiritual leaders. Plato, Aristotle, Seneca, Plutarch, Goethe, Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammed have all spoken out against the damage generated by usury.

Undeterred by such simple wisdom, our irresponsible spendthrifts in government have accumulated mountains of public and private debt, which can only end in hyperinflation, the most ruinous form of economic depression.

We have all been betrayed so often by our local, state and national bureaucrats and politicians that the phrase public servant has become a perjorative term, especially to the hundreds of thousands of poor citizens who made the tragic mistake of majoring in debt.

Still, in our ignorance or tolerance of self-serving people in positions of power runs the gamut of our society — from career Democrats to career Republicans, from local police chiefs to US senators, from CEOs to judges, from Federal Reserve System board members to the hierarchy of American intelligence agencies — all are ordained and managed by the banking oligarchs (crime lord) of earth.

Instead of legislating usury to be the crime that it is, the federal government is practicing its own forms of total financial asphyxiation of our best and brightest national hope — our college students.

Only Satan and his lowly minions in our government intelligence agencies, think tanks, mega-corporations, could have conceived such clever ways to destroy what was once the greatest nation in recorded history.

J. Speer-Williams