Where is Malaysian Airlines MH370?

There are a couple ‘shot down’ theories out there and certainly that is a possibility. However, my observations lead me to believe that it is more likely that the plane and passengers were taken (in one way or another, by force or willingly) to Diego Garcia. They are, because of their expertise, working for someone who wants their skills and talents badly.

Vortex: Conscious and Courageous

…by Simon Ludgate

What really happened? It was shot down – not lost in the Southern Ocean as BBC’s Horizon programme says, claims aviation documentary maker and author Simon Ludgate.


MH 370 – a Boeing 777-200

In a recent British TV documentary, the BBC Horizon strand (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b047czkj) investigated the possible whereabouts of Flight MH370. The programme was touted as having new information which would bring the actual fate of this mysterious story into clearer perspective. It did anything but by missing some glaring clues which lead to one inevitable conclusion which, if eventually confirmed as true, will be even more painful for the relatives and friends of the 239 passengers and crew on board the plane who disappeared.

My view about the lies and false trails surrounding the disappearance is that something almost incomprehensible happened to that plane and is a much more bitter pill to have to…

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