Spokey the Alien: Is this Food?

After the Goldrush: The Harvest of the Fruits of Scarcity, Part One

Spokey the Alien on a fact-finding mission...

Spokey the Alien on a fact-finding mission…

…by Joska Ramelow


Having thrown my hat in the ring with an article on the safety of modern medicinals, a logical consequence is to look now at the first line of well being, namely, our everyday foods. The Chinese doctor Li Kao called it the first , and that is echoed around many systems of medical philosophy. Food is, apart from it’s material side, a matter of quality energy and thus, a matter of sanctity and a human right too.

If we recall, the Alma Ata declaration of health by the WHO of the UN did go far beyond a narrow definition of health as the mere absence of disease. It defined health as the outcome of good nutrition and well being, or levels of happiness, of a person.

Love goes through the stomach is a well-worn phrase in the German-speaking parts of the world.

Suppose an alien visitor, let’s call him Spokey, touched down from another star system and visited a normal supermarket today with shelves filled to overflowing with garish, colourfully- designed wrapping around most of the foodstuffs, he could be forgiven for thinking that this cornucopia must be paradise for the happy eater on this planet earth.

supermarketAll these mouthwatering photographs and designs on advertising placards and hoardings on the way into the parking lot and throughout the trolley-run along the aisles.
In my therapeutic conversations with clients we often have to look at symptoms of fatigue, bloating, headaches, joint pains, muscle aches, lack of libido, erratic menstrual cycles, food intolerances, erratic bowel movement, irritable bowel problems, mucus colitis and a rafter of other, often digestive function-related problems. No question that most of these are capabale of seriously impeding a patients quality of life.

However, the strange and frustrating discovery for clients is often that an appointment with a medical doctor does not yield any more than the official alternative therapy line that ”anybody thinking about leaky gut in this context has fallen victim to the ‘unproven theories’ of bogus science and greedy practitioners exploiting the gullible.”

Often enough, further searches on the internet confirm the doctor’s verdict, that actually everything is working all right and the reason for all this must be the stress of everyday life and maybe a course of anti-depressants will cure it. Even the NHS website confirms that 20% of all GP visits are due to, as they call it ‘mystery symptoms’, and their A-Z of diseases could give good information on all the other ‘real diseases’.

Having read through their ‘official’ blurb on the mystery disease leaky gut syndrome (LGS), I found it rather edifying to read through the comments section underneath, which I could warmly recommend to anybody with any of the symptoms mentioned above, as it is entirely dominated by respondents who for years were left in the lurch with varying degrees of symptoms and found their way out of this maze, one way or another.


The oft-touted line, ”it is all in the mind,” causes furtherallinyourhead disappointment and is actually a disrespectful insult to any person whose life is blighted with a condition that seems to be there due to ‘mystery’ reasons or aetiology as medics would have it.

The utterance ‘it is all in the mind’ is also too often repeated by people who themselves are in danger of sinking with the same boa,t burdened by these problems. However, ‘psychiatric’ diseases are the big growth sectors in modern medicine since the manual of psychiatry that found its way from German concentration camps to the US.  Consisting of 40 pages in the late 1940’s, it has now swollen to a tome consisting of hundreds of pages , detailing over 300  ‘psychiatric’  diseases.  These are ‘all in the mind’.

We should be very careful of what we wish for when relating our ‘mystery symptoms’ to health professionals with the power to diagnose a number of other conditions these days.

If Spokey, our alien visitor, had arrived roughly a thousand years ago and landed his craft in China of the 12th century, he would have found people with gut problems too, and into the bargain a celebrated physician of whom it was said, ”if all other help has failed this man would know the cure”.

Li Kao (Li Gao)

Li Kao (Li Gao)


The physicians name is Li Kao (1180- 1251) and he famously founded what, in our language, is referred to as the ‘Stomach and Spleen School, ‘ out of which came a book by the name of ‘Pi Wei Lun’ (Pi-Spleen, Wei- Stomach , Lun-writings).  It exclusively dealt with all sorts of digestive problems.

However he was more than an ancient gastroenterologist, since he famously postulated if…..

‘the ability to assimilate, accumulate, transform and distribute is impaired then the preservation of a normal status of the body is impaired’.

Although their foods were more down-to-earth over 1000 years ago, and the irritations were less than those of today, (also we do not exactly know what parasitical influences could have been at the root of some conditions), observations strongly resonate with symtpoms of today’s LGS.

Our alien friend stepping out of his space-time craft could impart a few morsels of wisdom had he been around when the NHS text was written on LGS, their ‘mystery disease’. This fact alone is proof positive that mankind has cultivated a long professional association with gut problems — experienced across time and in different parts of this planet — whereby the symptoms alluded to are very similar, although the triggers could be different.

Therefore, we look at today’s triggers interfering with assimilation, transformation, distribution and storage of the food on offer for us. We ask: Is there a relationship between the stuff supposed to sustain us and the symptoms that confront us?

Have our representatives in Whitehall or Brussels (or Washington DC, Ed.) not sworn to work for the public good and keep the public out of harms way when they entered their public offices? The NHS admits that ‘mystery symptoms’ account for 20% of the case load to visits of the GP.  We may add in all the other unrecorded reporting of LGS symptoms in the course of other examinations when mothers bring in children, for instance, or come for menstrual problems or in any number of scenarios. The case load could easily amount to millions of mentions of ‘mystery symptoms’ to the GP.

We note that this could constitute a veritable infinite of income for psychotropic medication to the medical industrial complex, as the Austrian philosopher Ivan Illich chose to term it in his 1976 book ‘Limits to Medicine, Medical Nemesis’

If our Spokey were to look at successful treatments of gut problems by sufferers who have overcome their plight and reported it on the NHS website, he could not fail to note that the damage was caused by inferior foods. Likewise, the cure came often in the form of wholesome foods.  It is certainly not down to very expensive and elaborate curative efforts by the medical professionals.

One patient reports about her practical treatment strategy, and for the sake of brevity, this one speaks for many others.

”* Anti-candida diet (as awful as this is, it does work)- essentially, you have to exclude ALL refined sugars, wheat, dairy and yeast (including most alcohol’)

Today we have to ask, are the carbohydrates in the flour of baking products the same as they were before the two world wars of the 20th century, i.e. over a hundred years ago? Does the same go for the fats and proteins in meat and dairy products of today? Are the sugars or sweeteners still the same as they were during the times of cane sugars, honey and sugar beet?

Is the food quality still the same as it was when the intelligence of small holding farmers created 10,000 different types of rice, which showed individual resistance and resilience to local conditions throughout Asia?
Spokey would tell us that according to their study of man, at Alien University Deep in Our Galaxy, (A-U-DOG), that, confusingly, their research efforts, seem to have made huge strides in a very peculiar direction. Instead of the old abundance, Earth seems to have scarcity written all over it.

They did discover that where is enough aerable land to feed a multitude of the present population but scientists working for large companies amongst the human population were busy investigating crisis settings of all the basic elements of life: water, air and food.

Green Revolution?

Green Revolution?

They even had developed a grain that could grow on highly aluminium infested soils. Very strange indeed! He would find that that a green revolution had been started in the 1960’s funded largely by money from a hugely wealthy oil baron that never delivered, but managed to put agriculture worldwide on a footing of monocultures that became increasingly dependent on pesticides, herbicides and even fertilizers which, in turn, were largely based on petroleum products.

And Qui Bono? Who benefited form the sale of these products? It did not eradicate hunger from this planet but seem to have increased it on balance. Books with titles ‘The Population Bomb’ (Erlich, P. May 1, 1970) helped accelerate the trend of this strange ‘green revolution’. Mainstream politicians from Washington to Brussels, who want to be up there with the movers and shakers, are toeing the same line.

Our alien visitor, having left the brightly lit area of the glitzy world of the mall and it’s consumerist temptations would by now be truly scratching his head since the Siren song of happy messages on one side of the package create a landscape of misery on the flip side.

He notices that there are many overweight people on the streets with sad, unhappy expressions on their faces; something seems to appear very wrong here for our alien visitor.

When I once travelled as an alien visitor myself on a Frankfurt tram, I spotted a huge advertising hoard with the enormous heads of the five farm animals on it and a catch phrase reading ,”at first you make us sick and then you eat us”.


Obviously this was an advertisement for a charity for animals. However, this line kept returning when I read about the tens of thousands of tons of antibiotics that are routinely fed to animals in their feed lots. I think of the non-species related foodstuffs pigthey have to eat and fall chronically ill, be non-ruminating dairy cows, chicken, pigs or other such farm animals. They are often fattened so quickly with specia ‘power food mixtures’ that substances form in their chronically-inflamed body tissues that are passed on into the human food chain.

PETA, the animal charity have conducted their own research and states the following on their website:

Every time you sit down to a meal containing meat, eggs, or dairy products, you’re dining on known carcinogens, bacteria, and other contaminants that can accumulate in your body and remain there for years. Animal products are loaded with bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, dioxins, and a host of other toxins that can cause serious health problems in humans.

An extremely high percentage of all the flesh from the chickens, turkeys, cows, fish, and pigs  butchered every year in the U.S. is contaminated with E. coli, campylobacter, listeria, or other dangerous bacteria that live in the intestinal tracts, flesh, and feces of animals.

Read more: http://www.peta.org/living/food/meat-contamination/#ixzz369J4Uv

Could these depleted items in our food chain actually be the very ones that include all those funny and colourfully wrapped things on our dinner tables? Is this what provides three square meals a day to us? This would definitely constitute the regular rub with calamity and risk to our health on a daily basis.

Another website on the dietary causes of leaky gut syndrome notes:

‘Almost all doctors are of the opinion that the diet plays an important role in causing leaky gut syndrome. Intake of processed foods, vegetable and soy oil, regular salt, artificial sweeteners, refined and processed carbohydrates like cookies and candies, hydrogenated oils and fats, white flour, and pasteurized milk products should be stopped or decreased.’

We can safely assume now that the ‘green revolution’ has produced this avalanche of vast quantities of foodstuffs in our regular supermarkets that contain these tainted products to a larger or lesser degree, whether it is hydrogenated fats, fructose-glucose syrups or other such sweeteners in diet drinks and cookies. We need to become proactive in reading the backing labels very attentively to avoid not only leaky gut, but infertility and long term chronic diseases pose a similar threat. In this way the medical Industrial complex shakes hands with the agribusiness corporates.

It will now become clear why the EU-directives on ‘seed standardization‘ is nothing but a back door for the big players to ensure their market share, whist the creativity in creating biodiversity of the small holders is suddenly banned by law. We not only have a problem with food safety as regards our own physical health, but it also has become a problem of gigantic proportion as regards our freedom as humans on this planet too. We all have a right to be here and a duty to live it up to our most and brightest creative potential.

Philosophers such as Schopenhauer would be appalled if he realised how much narrower the operational window for man in general had become…if he found mankind on such a back footing that even his very being is hemmed in by the dynamic market forces of big corporate interests. The biggest sales pitch of the advertising industry in this game is that according to their narrative no one has the slightest inkling of this parlous state in the communities of man.

Our alien visitor Spokey had long begun wondering whether there are not there are predatory species on two legs involved sharing little interest in the amelioration of suffering in man and life in general.

How Spokey finds himself in China and how he visits a permaculture symposium by the World Bank and other such wondrous parts on his quest of health and food, the patient reader will find out in part two of this essay.


to be continued….