Cosmic Intelligence Agency: Part One

Activation Codes for Hyper-Dimensional Agents…


…by Christy Angelle Tietje


What is consciousness?

So many “experts” in today’s world think they truly know their field, and yet how can one know anything in this experience without knowing who they are at the deepest levels and what reality itself is? Know thyself.

What is consciousness and it’s complement, awareness?  Most people define consciousness as being aware but this is an over-simplification of the physics.  Consciousness is the aether of infinite expression…infinite intelligence itself.  This infinite intelligence called consciousness uses the fluid ebb and flow of vibrating ranges of awareness to create closed-system feedback loops of all variable, nested in a synchronistic infinite fractal of concentric connections.  This alive being (infinite intelligence, which is the consciousness of every manifested form) is The Source.  The form is simply a holographic vessel of experience providing and enabling processes at all possible levels of awareness patterns for The Source.  This is where geometry comes in, but we will discuss that in-depth during Part Two of the series.


Consciousness is the infinite still waters of all potential; it is pure being, pure observation, and superimposed on these waters are the infinite vibrations of awareness which coalesce to create form and experience.

So, why would this be created?  Why would the infinite whole superimpose infinite parts within itself?  It is here where the true story of Lucifer is hidden, as we will examine in Parts Four and Five of the series, as the connection itself is very important.

The Source, being infinite, could not know itself, could not test or process itself…it was an infinite, yet closed, system; stillness, pure observation free of process, as it has Knowing of all that it is.  The focus, or challenge, for The Source became, What could be possible for the Infinite?  This seemingly complex question is actually quite simple.  It would be impossible for the infinite to refine and expand, become more of itself, when in fact it is All…unless it could create an experience of less of itself (a sort of self-hypnosis to ultimately create amplification.

This was when the many fractal layers of amnesia barriers were created.  Each layer became form, individualized and seemingly cut off from the other parts to certain degrees (levels of awareness).  This statement should prick up the ears of those who study MK-Ultra and Dissociative Identity Disorder as there resides the Divine reason of why this aspect of the matrix is presenting itself.  We will speak of this deeply in the final portion of the series.

Science calls this levelled spectrum of vibration or awareness range the electro-magnetic spectrum but what decides which level is perceived or is radiated?  What is the method of modulation of these frequencies of vibration?

Before we can answer that question, we must describe what the stable or control point is, from whence vibration arise.  Most consider movement to be The Source and stillness to be lack of movement or lack of Source.  The true physics is more akin to the ocean.  

The global oceanic system has moving currents but, as a whole, it is still.  The oceancosmic aether, The Source itself, is a more perfect example of the oceanic example.  The cosmos as an infinite whole, closed system, is unmoving in its whole form.  It cannot move left or right because it is All and thus has no ‘other’ place it can go to.  In this, space itself is cancelled out as an illusion of fractality, as is time, which requires process…something the unmoving cannot do.

What do I mean by that?  Well, this whole-infinite-closed-system of intelligence may not move as a whole (it is stillness) but, it has fractal superimposed sections which themselves move, and these have inner fractalized parts which move, as well.  It is this system which validates all paradox, enabling simultaneous existence, thus creating a medium of infinite creation, each part acting autonomously as well as in conjunction with the whole…a simultaneous ebbing and flowing of ‘dualized’ perspective.

The dualistic perspective is perfected through the trinitized union of the manifested simultaneously true (depending on perspective) so-called opposites.  The trinity is expressed in all manifestations.  Consciousness itself is whole in each part, in the same way that a seed contains the whole tree as a fractalized energectic expression.

This is the physics of a hologram.  When you study holographic film, you realize   how the process of awareness within consciousness works.  The film has the impressions of overlapped and concentric rings, which activate to form the 3D hologram when lasers are focused through the film.

What is most interesting is that this film is cut into pieces and then activated with the laser.  Then you will see that each piece contains the whole image, with one side effect…the smaller the piece, the fuzzier the image.  The same is true for us. 

The smaller we define the self or the I, the fuzzier our picture of reality will be, christy2and in effect the fuzzier the logic based on that distorted world view will be. So your focal awareness of self is the laser activating a certain part of the film, and the consciousness is the film itself which has the fractal concentric geometric rings superimposed upon it.

This revelation of reality requires that we stop thinking of our world and all that is in it as solid. Solidity in an illusion, a limitation.

The challenge I place before you is to begin viewing your world as it actually is, energetic and NOT solid. This will release the binds which a belief in solidity creates and will allow you to see your world as interactive and fluid. This will create new neural connections which will enable you to experience this truth in your world more fully.

So with this new realization, how do we truly prove to ourselves that we do have the infinite encoded within? The answer is Zero Point Energy Modulation and Zero Point Meditation. The geometric physics of the modulation of consciousness and how to access and harness it, will be the topic of Part Two.

Enjoy the challenge of seeing your world from this new connected energetically intelligent point of view, until we delve into Zero Point Meditation.

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  1. Thank you so much! This is just the beginning!!!! I cannot wait to connect this to the MK-Ultra children and their spiritual awakenings!!! I mean the connections are extremely intense and unlock everything!

    We live in THE most exciting times!!! I am lucky enough to be aware of how be involved in its creation and to share the ability to create by being more of the true self we all are!

    My love and blessings to you!


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