…by Simon Ludgate

Science documentary director and writer Simon Ludgate, author of The Accidental Wizard and Gabriel’s Lyre, found his life change beyond recognition ten years ago.

Ten years ago my life changed beyond all recognition. With the help of some empirical evidence in the form of photographs I took and personal experiences I started to have, I realised for the first time in my life that my belief system was all wrong and all those seemingly unconnected events joined up.

I feel we're going in different directions...

I feel we’re going in different directions…

One of the strangest effects of this realisation as I got deeper into it was a lot, and I mean a lot, of close personal friends backed away from me and sort of “unfriended” me before Facebook had even been invented.

I spent ten years as a print and radio journalist in Fleet Street and the BBC, then almost another decade as Head of Production for a big, international agency with a global turnover of $400 million. I worked extremely hard. Long hours, missed birthdays, neglected family. All the usual casualties of being a workaholic.

Because I had a background professionally as a journalist, it brought me into contact with some very starry people and some extremely powerful organisations at the top of the food chain globally. My address book reflected the journey as it became full of the names and numbers of people who had influence, power, intellect and charisma in shovelfuls.

I have always been fascinated by what makes a great leader – or a terrible one leaderherotoo. And why people are drawn to the people whose ideology and personality they embrace as their most important source of opinion and conviction.  But until around ten years ago I couldn’t see the mathematical patterns in behaviour, or how the important things are not left to chance and how the chain of command is so central.

For this to make sense you need to understand what happened to me personally to change my frame of reference so profoundly. I have been an intuitive and interpretive person for as long as I can remember.

I used this “sixth sense” in my work and it was what made me a good interviewer and story teller, which is the essence of journalism. I loved to interview people for stories as I found I had this ability to “see” into them so that the words coming out of their mouths meant far less than what was beaming out of their head, which was where their real story sat.

The longer I worked as a journalist, meeting new people every day, and eventually starting to interview them on camera for TV, the stronger this extra sense became. I realised I could tell when someone was lying – no matter how convincing or adept they were as a liar – or when they wanted to tell me a different version of events but couldn’t for whatever reason. Sometimes they were too scared or compromised to tell the truth which to mind is not the same as flat out lying for selfish gain.

sociopathI met my share of dangerous sociopaths and violent personalities. Quite often they were wearing a suit and had an expensive, official car waiting, its engine humming. When they walked in, I was getting a stronger and stronger “download” of impressions about their personality and past. When we shook hands it slowly became like plugging in a computer to their soul and I would come away with a mental imprint of their essence and lives, their future.

This was bothering me. Firstly, because I didn’t know anyone professionally who seemed to have the same experience and a lot of what I felt I really didn’t like. I’m an optimist naturally and my default position is I assume someone is good and means well until they prove otherwise. But I was meeting a lot of people who I instinctively felt did not have other’s best interests at heart and they were running large, powerful organisations or controlling some aspect of country’s future.

This contributed to an increasing sense of unease in me at work. I begun to feel I was living a lie myself and the more aware of that feeling I became, the more profound the sense of being an unwitting part of some great deception became. Interacting with my bosses and clients became more and more surreal. I felt I was living a lie but I was still not sure why that should be.

In the third phase of my working life, when I became a science documentarybermudatriangle director, pieces of the puzzle started to fall into place. The research phase of a new project, whether it was the science behind the Bermuda Triangle myth, the movement of the Tectonic Plates, or an historical story about past civilisations, led me to some fascinating places and stories. In effect I had a ten year post graduate degree course in science and history.

Along the way, I learned a lot about human interaction and the world we live in. I have an almost obsessive compulsive disorder about information. I can never quite leave it alone or find an end point, as the problem with knowledge is it is open-ended. The more you know, the more you realise you don’t know.

I felt as if I had lifted the corner of a carpet which contained everything there is to know. The personal effect of this was to start seeing and hearing things differently. What commentators said on politics programmes, or what America was doing with its overseas policy, weird things happening with global weather, even just reporting on odd stories gave me an out of body experience.

The woman who was shot by police right outside the White House when she was in a speeding car she was trying to use –allegedly – as a battering ram to attack the White House set off those alarm bells in my head like when I met very evil people masquerading as benefactors. Things were beginning not to feel right. Why did the woman speeding reportedly on a collision course with the White House have her young baby in the car with her? They still shot her dead.

Then something very strange happened to me. I started to think more and more, ”What if the sources of our news, the people I trust, the organisations I trust, the heads of government I want to believe in, were all working for some Satanic master hell-bent on conquering the world and grabbing power from the Godly.” I can’t think of a way of putting it more simply.

What if there really was a battle between the forces of good and evil? What if those stories which we were told from the Bible when I was a child actually had some merit? Not in an Old Testament, fire and brimstone way, but in a modern context with high tech stakes.

Increasingly what the media were reporting on and the way they said it sounded like a pack of lies. So I set out on a ten year journey to find out why. As part of this enlightening of my conscience, although being hit between the eyes with a baseball bat is a more accurate description, my spiritual nature which had always been there without me really appreciating it also began to bloom.

I discovered I had been photographing entities from other dimensions – ghosts, spirits, demons, angels – for years without realising it. I still do. I have thousands and thousands of photographs I have taken of them all over the world on different cameras.

dimensionalIn case you’re wondering, I did think – many times – I had taken leave of my senses. But as the process unfurled and my knowledge and awareness expanded and deepened, my conviction grew. I asked myself many times if I had gone crazy and this was what being a paranoid schizophrenic was like.

It’s what the bad guys would love me to think. I can’t really count the number of occasions since I went through this epiphany that I have seriously questioned my own sanity.

And that included a lot of my friends and professional colleagues. They simply stopped ringing or returning emails. When I bumped into somebody in this “category” they would avoid eye contact and maybe say something under their breath to the person next to them and then involuntarily glance at me, a poorly-concealed smirk on their face.

And do you know what? I didn’t mind. I understood. That was me once. steinerschoolBut I found out about Indigo and Crystal children whose DNA has leapt forward over the last few generations, and how the Steiner schools were created to accommodate them rather than fill them full of Ritalin and Seroxat I learned anthropologists have found that our DNA leaped forward in a straight line after we separated from apes without root and branching into different species in the way they have never seen anywhere else in their research.

I learned how one man who controls a powerful dynasty on earth dating back to the middle ages, the most powerful on earth, which now owns most of the banks, the energy companies, food manufacturers, the arms manufacturers, the Federal Reserve, one or two major weather prediction agencies and the new geo-engineering companies who are attempting to control our weather and mitigate climate change.

I discovered the Maya foresaw today’s events in 850 AD. That they chose maori1776, America’s year of independence from the British when America was officially founded, to start the last chapter of their nine segment calendar. Even more astonishing, without being able to communicate with each other as far as we know, it was shared in precise terms by the Incas, the Maori, the Aborigines and Native North American Indians.

They built their temples and monuments – as did others – on exactly the same line around the earth. And they knew space was three dimensional and that the earth rotated around the sun – without the use of telescopes – which put them at least four hundred years ahead of Europe.

The Egyptians, who built the pyramids of Giza, knew Orion’s Belt, the three-star line-up in the constellation of Orion which they believed the human race originated from, and which mirrored the layout of the three Giza pyramids, would appear in a narrow slit at the end of the main burial chamber of the pyramid on December 21st 2012 – the end of the 5125-year Mesoamerican Calendar system used by the Maya. How could they possibly know all that without a connection with something, or someone, who had answers?

Orion’s belt duly appeared in the slit on the appointed day – December 21st, 2012. The Egyptians predicted we would be in exactly the same place in the Galaxy on that date as we were 26,000 years ago and 260,000 before that. Again, after a massive orbit by our solar system through space, we were back in the same spot – just as they predicted.

The key piece of information was I also found out about how energy and information from the Universe is pouring into earth now, its greatest experiment. And why I responded individually to that stimulus in such a powerful way.  Funny thing is, a lot of those friends who used to look me in the eye and ask me if I actually believed what I was spouting, have returned to the fold just recently.


My reality has become their reality.  

Simon Ludgate